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Weatherlight Saga - Weatherlight

Ancestral Knowledge, by Colin MacNeilCaptain Sisay of the Weatherlight is browsing through the Thran Tome.
Abduction, by Colin MacNeilCaptain Sisay is abducted from the evincar of the plane of Rath, Volrath.
Benalish Missionary, by Pete VentersThe Weatherlight crew goes to Benalia to find Gerrard.
Gerrard's Wisdom, by Heather HudsonGerrard goes to the Weatherlight, and says he will get Sisay back.
Redwood Treefolk, by Phil FoglioGerrard and Squee go to the Llanowar forest to find Gerrard's friend, the cat warrior Mirri.
Call of the Wild, by BromSquee goes on a scouting expedition through the Llanowar forest.
Llanowar Druid, by Pete VentersGerrard, Hanna, and Tahngarth search Llanowar for Mirri.
Nature's Kiss, by Scott M. FischerMirri is at the tombstone of her dead kin.
Vitalize, by Pete VentersMirri is caught hanging out with her Llanowar elven friends.
Null Rod, by Anson MaddocksWhile on board the Weatherlight, Gerrard discovers many of the relics that Sisay has already collected for the Legacy....
Aboroth, by BromThe elves say that the aboroth has ripened and will tear havoc on their land until it dies on itself. They say an aboroth is a creature that grows in the forest until the day it is fully grown and starts tearing down everything in its path. Gerrard has an idea to help save the elves. He gets the Legacy artifact of the touchstone and the thran forge, and strengthens the aboroth with it and turns it into an artifact creature. Everyone cries an shock, thinking Γyou idiot! You strengthened the aboroth, not weakened it!Δ. Then Gerrard used the touchstone to shut down the artifact and the elves destroy the now-statue aboroth.
Avizoa, by Paolo ParenteAs the Weatherlight is leaving Llanowar they remember they need a sorcerer to cast spells in Rath, and a native to guide them. Hanna suggests her dad, Barrin. They go to Tolaria, where Barrin lives. Barrin is too busy so he sends his apprentice, Ertai. Just as the crew leaves the floating isle of Tolaria, they are attacked by avizoas.
Abyssal Gatekeeper, by Mark TedinIn order to cross Urborg, the Weatherlight must cross the Abyss. Gerrard reasons with the gatekeeper.
Haunting Misery, by Gary LeachThe crew sees Crovax hanging with his rotting family. They were all killed when the estates angel left them, and two minions from Rath: Morinfen and Gallowbraid attacked.
Shattered Crypt, by Gary LeachThe crew asks Crovax to join them. He accepts.
Desperate Gambit, by Pete VentersThe crew sails to Bogardan only to find Volrath's personal warlord, Maraxus. Maraxus is a former Keldon Warlord but was banished for being too chaotic—even for them. Gerrard and Maraxus battle it out. In the heat of battle, Maraxus fails to notice Starke (a native of Rath) behind him...
Debt of Loyalty, by Pete Venters"Ahhhhh!!!" Maraxus dies as Starke stabs him in the back. Gerrard learns to trust this traitor (he betrayed Sisay to Volrath), even though he doesn't know Starke's past.

Artists' Credit

Ancestral Knowledge (Colin MacNeil), Abduction (Colin MacNeil), Benalish Missionary (Pete Venters), Gerrard's Wisdom (Heather Hudson), Redwood Treefolk (Phil Foglio), Call of the Wild (Brom), Llanowar Druid (Pete Venters), Nature's Kiss (Scott M. Fischer), Vitalize (Pete Venters), Null Rod (Anson Maddocks), Aboroth (Brom), Avizoa (Paolo Parente), Abyssal Gatekeeper (Mark Tedin), Haunting Misery (Gary Leach), Shattered Crypt (Gary Leach), Desperate Gambit (Pete Venters), and Debt of Loyalty (Pete Venters). All rights reserved.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley