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Weatherlight Saga - Urza's Legacy

Rebuild, by L. A. WilliamsTen years ago, the planeswalker Urza was working on a time machine on the isle of Tolaria, where he planned to go far enough back in time, nearly 6000 years or so, to stop the ancient Thran from becoming his great enemy, the Phyrexians. After going back only 48 hours, the machine exploded and destroyed the Tolarian Academy, killing hundreds of Dominaria's to-be wizards and great scholars. Time fluctuations were sprinkled over the island. Some went very fast in excess of 25 times faster than present time or some went slow, slower than 10 times present time. Urza had come back with mage master Barrin, the silver golem Karn, and a crew of a few dozen more students and scholars who Urza hoped would rebuild Tolaria's wizard academy, and save the Multiverse from the Phyrexians.
Slow Motion, by Todd LockwoodThe Zhalfirin student Teferi had been caught in a very slow time bubble. Jhoira, a promising artificer, had wished she could do something to help, but she had seen many of her friends die horrible deaths from walking in, or accidentally walking out of a time bubble.
Tinker, by Mike RaabeOnce Jhoira had met the crew of the ship, New Tolaria she found out they had come to rebuild Tolaria. Jhoira showed Urza, who was known to the Tolarian students as Master Malzra a supposed mere human wizard, what had happened. Jhoira had seen a man on an abandoned ship ten years ago, and she had come to the ship and saved his life, but didn't tell Malzra about it, because of his strict policy against visitors for secret fear of Phyrexian sleeper agents, Phyrexians desguised in human flesh. Kerrick had stolen enough parts to create a portal and call negators from Phyrexia to destroy the people on Tolaria. He was caught, but the explosion sent Kerrick into a time bubble, a very fast one at that. But instead of dying from old age in a year or two, Kerrick was discovered to be a sleeper agent, and Urza knew from the Phyrexian outcast Xantcha he'd met millenia ago that they didn't die from old age any time soon. Fortunately, the Phyrexians were in a very deep fissure in Tolaria where it would take centuries to climb out of, and once he did, Kerrick would die from the change of time in his human structure. After the Tolarian Academy was rebuilt, a four person team with Jhoira, Malzra, and two of the best cartographers were sent above the fast time fissure to drop bombs on Kerrick and his trapped Phyrexians. Kerrick had centuries to work on weapons, but lacking steel, it was difficult to make them effective. The ornithopter was destroyed after Kerrick's forces had taken serious damage. With two casualties on Urza's side, Malzra left the falling ornithopter, but mortal Jhoira had barely survived and climbed to safety, and then went into a coma. For several years Jhoira was in the coma, but she had re-awoken and told Karn that she knew of a way to free Teferi from his time bubble. After much work, Teferi was freed using a very sophisticated device. Urza made sure the academy was well-defended from the Phyrexian army working in their fast time bubble, and then he said he was leaving to go to the land of Shiv where he would try to make something to help destroy the Phyrexians once and for all.
Ghitu Encampment, by HazeltineThe dangerous land of Shiv is home to dragons, Viashino, goblins, and humans. Urza travels the land by foot to get a feel for the landscape around him. He realizes that during the days of the war between the Thran and Phyrexians, the Thran could have traveled the same land he travels now.
Last-Ditch Effort, by Dan FrazierUrza notices goblins around, but doesn't worry. Goblins are of no concern compared to the real trouble at hand: the Phyrexians. Urza was determined to use Thran metal, the hardest known metal in all the Multiverse, to build a golem that could go back in time and stop the Phyrexians from ever existing.
Viashino Bey, by Bradley WilliamsThe Viashino have forbidden any humans from coming this close to the mana rig. The Viashino didn't quite understand what it did, but they felt attached to it somehow. The goblins were constantly invading and claiming the mana rig. When the bey saw the seemingly-mortal human Urza approach they called out their huge fire drake. Urza showed the drake that he was not a force to be messed with, as he is a mighty planeswalker. Urza makes a deal with the Viashino, so he can use the mana rig.
Rivalry, by Brian SnöddyUrza called forth Teferi, Jhoira, and a few other Tolarian students to Shiv to help him with his project: building a device that can take down the Phyrexians once and for all.
Crawlspace, by Douglas ShulerTeferi had managed to discover goblins had infiltrated the mana rig in a forbidden area. Then Urza found out the truth: goblins were meant to work at the mana rig. The mana rig was capable of making Thran crystals, or powerstones, which would be necessary to power Urza's creations in the future. But, the goblins and Viashino didn't get along quite well . . . .
Viashino Cutthroat, by Edward P. Beard, Jr. . . . But Urza made sure that they would co-operate. He'd need every ally he could get for this upcoming war . . . .
Defense Grid, by Mark TedinNo one was to interfere with the work of the mana rig. Urza needs an incredibly powerful Thran crystal to fuel something powerful enough to stop the Phyrexians, as much mana as in an entire world . . . .
Subversion, by Rob AlexanderMeanwhile, K'rrick's forces over the past 20 years have had thousands of years to gain power.
Sleeper's Guile, by Daren BaderThe Tolarian academy's defenses left from Urza were powerful indeed, but K'rrick had all the knowledge he needed to create a devastating army, even against the hundreds of young wizards and elder scholars.
No Mercy, by Mark TedinThe forces of Tolaria are continued to be overrun. Time is running out, Tolaria can bearly stand the relentless onslaught by K'rrick any longer.
Harmonic Convergence, by John AvonUrza Planeswalker had to create something that would destroy the Phyrexians. He needed help to build his weapon: a ship capable of faster than sound travel, allowed to planeshift, and can carry all the other parts of the Legacy. He hoped the natives of Yavimaya could assist him.
Multani Maro-Sorcerer, by Daren BaderA very old being in Yavimaya remembered of someone known as Urza destroying Gaea's paradise, Argoth. Urza: The Defiler of Argoth, Destroyer of Elves, Terror's Twin, the End Man, Slayer of the People of the World. Multani, the essence of Yavimaya, the rebirth of Argoth, had to protect Yavimaya from Argoth's fate.
Defense of the Heart, by Rebecca GuayAs Urza neared, Multani used the powers of Yavimaya to get Urza's attention and begin to hypnotize him. Urza walked into a deadly trap: the middle of a century-old tree. There, his body was being slowly destroyed, but he was still hypnotized by Yavimaya's magic and could not planeswalk out.

Back on Tolaria, K'rrick's forces were beginning to destroy Tolaria. Barrin broke the warning seal for Urza to return. Finally, Tolaria could stand no more. The people cried out for Urza's help, and Multani felt it. Suddenly, Urza knew who he was.

Grim Monolith, by ChippyUrza returned to Tolaria and fought his way to K'rrick. There, K'rrick used Urza's own inventions against him as the Phyrexian had re-wired them. As Urza was about to die, Multani realized the true enemy: Phyrexia. Multani gave Urza some of his power, and Urza planeswalked directly into the space K'rrick was in. K'rrick was destroyed.
Rancor, by Kev WalkerMultani, the Viashino, the Shivan goblins, and the people on Tolaria had allied to create the key to the Legacy: the device which would bring down Phyrexia. Multani showed Urza the Weatherseed, the last one in the Multiverse.
Cloud of Faeries, by Melissa A. BensonThe Weatherseed was planted and watered, and quickly grew.
Weatherseed Treefolk, by Heather HudsonUrza and the Tolarian students would help design what to do with it now.
Second Chance, by Mark TedinAfter months of work, Urza had decided on how the ship would work.
Urza's Blueprints, by Tom WänerstandThe construction of the great ship began. The Tolarian students, Multani, and Shivan goblins and viashinos would be creating Urza's ultimate weapon.
Opportunity, by Ron SpearsFinally, the ship Weatherlight was ready. Captain Jhoira de Vivre was to command the vessel with many Tolarian students in charge.
Forbidding Watchtower, by Mark BrillUrza had returned to Serra's realm. Serra fled the plane during the Phyrexian attack and Urza detected that their presence was still there. The archangel Radiant had taken command of the plane and ordered all the beings that she considered "Phyrexian" to be killed.
Peace and Quiet, by HazeltineUrza had discovered that many of these beings weren't Phyrexians, and that Radiant's methods didn't work at all.
Radiant, Archangel by Michael SutfinSo, slowly but steadily Urza had planeshifted hundreds of the refugees to Dominaria. Several thousand were on a floating plain near the edge of Serra's realm, and Urza would need the Weatherlight's help to rescue them all.
Knighthood, by Kev WalkerWith the Weatherlight, two Shivan fire drakes, several Viashinos, goblins, and Tolarian students, Urza was ready to save the many thousands from Radiant's insanity.
Cessation, by Mark ZugRadiant and her hundreds of angels would fight to the death to stop Urza. The drakes and Urza fought many and Urza took advantage of his healing spells, but after the angels got past the three, the Weatherlight was forced to have to defend itself.
Blessed Reversal, by Pete VentersThere wasn't enough power in the Weatherlight to get them back home with so many refugees on board. Suddenly Captain Jhoira got an idea: use the archangels' weapons which had the essence of all the killed citizens to power the Weatherlight. With a few of these, there may be enough power to get the Weatherlight back to Dominaria.
Planar Collapse, by Mark ZugFinally, Urza realized the plane was beginning to collapse. The Weatherlight planeshifted back to Dominaria.

Radiant had caught up to Urza and with a mighty attack had reached into Urza's skull and taken out the Thran stones which were the only thing that made Urza a planeswalker. Radiant transported herself and Urza to her throne room. She looked at the two halves: the mightstone and the weakstone. Then, the dying Urza watched as Radiant put the two together, something that she'd soon regret. The room exploded, killing the Phyrexian-controlled Radiant. Meanwhile, Urza got back the Thran stones. He regenerated his physical form and took out the powerstone from Shiv, the one to have as much power as an entire world. The planar energy filled into the powerstone and Urza planeshifted back.

The Serra's realm refugees were to live on Dominaria. Jhoira had met up with Teferi, who had helped his people in the Zhalfirin nation of Jamuraa during some bad times. Barrin and Urza went back to Tolaria and began to train the next generation of wizards.

Artists' Credit

Rebuild (L. A. Williams), Slow Motion (Todd Lockwood), Tinker (Mike Raabe), Ghitu Encampment (Hazeltine), Last-Ditch Effort (Dan Frazier), Viashino Bey (Bradley Williams), Rivalry (Brian Snöddy), Crawlspace (Douglas Shuler), Viashino Cutthroat (Edward P. Beard, Jr.), Defense Grid (Mark Tedin), Subversion (Rob Alexander), Sleeper's Guile (Daren Bader), No Mercy (Mark Tedin), Harmonic Convergence (John Avon), Multani, Maro-Sorcerer (Daren Bader), Defense of the Heart (Rebecca Guay), Grim Monolith (Chippy), Rancor (Kev Walker), Cloud of Faeries (Melissa A. Benson), Weatherseed Treefolk (Heather Hudson), Second Chance (Mark Tedin), Urza's Blueprints (Tom Wänerstand), Opportunity (Ron Spears), Forbidding Watchtower (Mark Brill), Peace and Quiet (Hazeltine), Radiant, Archangel (Michael Sutfin), Knighthood (Kev Walker), Cessation (Mark Zug), Blessed Reversal (Pete Venters), and Planar Collapse (Mark Zug). All rights reserved.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley