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Weatherlight Saga - Urza's Destiny

Thran Golem, by Ron SpearsAs part of Urza's agreement with the Viashinos, Urza obtained many Thran Golems which he hoped could go back farther in time than his silver golem Karn. However, there were still many problems with the Thran Golems. Thran metal actually grew, unlike others, and Urza didn't want to experiment with travelling back through time.
Rayne, Academy Chancellor, by Matthew WilsonBack on Tolaria, Barrin had married Rayne and lived in a slow time bubble.
False Prophet, by Eric PetersonThe refugees from Serra's realm tried to adapt to Dominaria, but their long lifespans made the others suspicious. They started a town called Devas.
Urza's Incubator, by Pete VentersUrza thought up a plan to create Dominaria's soldiers: the metathran. After this, he decided to get an heir, in case he couldn't help during the invasion.
Opposition, by Todd LockwoodMany of the Tolarian Academy's teachers and students left after learning that Urza was experimenting with different groups' bloodlines for centuries to have an heir if Urza can't help Dominaria in the invasion.
Treachery, by Matthew WilsonGatha had left the Tolarian Academy to work on the bloodlines independently in Keld.
Twisted Experiment, by rk postHe had many failures in his bloodlines experiments, but had created one very powerful Keldon: Kreig.
Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary, by Michael SutfinMeanwhile, in Yavimaya . . . Rofellos had taken over Multani's position and helped Yavimaya learn defense for the upcoming invasion.
Rofellos's Gift, by Pete VentersMultani became friends with Rofellos but went away as ambassador to help others in Dominaria.
Ancient Silverback, by Paolo ParentePhyrexian negators attacked the sentient forest of Yavimaya, but found the forest had created great defense to stop them.
Yawgmoth's Bargain, by Michael SutfinYawgmoth ordered the Inner Circle member Croag to kill the planeswalker Urza. Croag went to Rath where the Coracin native Davvol was to work on Rath and kill Urza.
Carnival of Souls, by Brian SnoddyDavvol was put in charge of Rath for his great mind. His jobs were to keep the Vec, Dal, and Kor workers from rebelling, increase flowstone production, and eradicate the elves.
Eradicate, by Kev WalkerDavvol's Phyrexian troops continued to wipe out the elves from the plane.
Phyrexian Negator, by John ZeleznikDavvol had created specialized negators which were sent out to kill the planeswalker Urza Only with all of Urza's might, could he destroy them.
Keldon Champion, by Mark TedinKreig had become the strongest man in all of Dominaria, no one could defeat him. He fought for all of Keld when he fought against the Phyrexian forces in Keld. He even dueled with the Phyrexian Inner Circle member, Croag. Croag managed to kill the champion, but took great damage in doing so.
Encroach, by rk postDavvol became Rath's first evincar when Croag was severely wounded during the attack on Keld.
AEther Sting, by Pete VentersGatha realized the Keldons were losing and decided to destroy his research, for Dominaria stood no chance at all if Phyrexia obtained it. Gatha and his work was destroyed in a huge explosion. In Rath, Davvol had died when he tried to kill Croag and a new evincar was chosen.

Artists' Credit

Thran Golem (Ron Spears), Rayne, Academy Chancellor (Matthew Wilson), False Prophet (Eric Peterson), Urza's Incubator (Pete Venters), Opposition (Todd Lockwood), Treachery (Matthew Wilson), Twisted Experiment (rk post), Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary (Michael Sutfin), Rofellos's Gift (Pete Venters), Ancient Silverback (Paolo Parente), Yawgmoth's Bargain (Michael Sutfin), Carnival of Souls (Brian Snöddy), Eradicate (Kev Walker), Phyrexian Negator (John Zeleznik), Keldon Champion (Mark Tedin), Encroach (rk post), and Æther Sting (Pete Venters). All rights reserved.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley