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Weatherlight Saga - Tempest

Gerrard's Battle Cry, by Val MayervickAs the Weatherlight enters Rath, they are immediately attacked by Volrath's flagship, the Predator. Gerrard orders the crew to prepare to defend the ship.
Invulnerability, by Brain SnKarn is invulnerable to the subrace of goblins called moggs. He is quickly recognized as a Legacy artifact by the moggs and attacked.
Pacifism, by Adam RexThe silver golem, Karn lashes out at the moggs and they die instantly. Karn is struck with pacifism as he remembers killing an innocent bystander. He offers no resistence as the moggs carry him to the Predator.
Legacy's Allure, by Daren BaderAs the moggs go through the Weatherlight they find pieces of the Legacy, and take it back to the Predator.
Legerdemain, by Daren BaderSquee cowers deep inside the Weatherlight as he hold's his "toy" he found a few days ago. He doesn't know why it's so squishy or warm, but he's hr, Volrath goes to his torture chambers where Tahngartha and Karn are being kept.
Commander Greven il-Vec, by Kev WalkerCommander Greven il-Vec starts a bloodbath and human and mogg blood flies from the Weatherlight and Predator as the crews fight. Greven and Tahngarth stand as landmarks representing their group.
No Quarter, by Doug ChaffeeGreven and Gerrard meet and prepare to duel. Greven's artifical spine gives him extra strength, while Gerrard's skill in the Benalish army gives him extra agility.
Sadistic Glee, by Pete VentersGreven cuts Gerrard's lip—a sign of his likely victory.
Vhati il-Dal, by Ron SpencerGreven il-Vec's second in command, Vhati il-Dal gives the order to fire on the Weatherlight to accomplish two goals: destroying Gerrard and the Legacy, and his own secret goal: kill Greven to become commander. The mogg cannons fire away!
Capsize, by Tom W„nerstrandThe Weatherlight capsizes from the blast of the mogg cannons.
Sudden Impact, by Alan PollackAs Gerrard and Greven were fighting, the blast interrupts and blows Gerrard off the deck of the Weatherlight. Greven, however, starts to go back to the Predator. He's accomplished his goals: Gerrard is surely dead and the Legacy is theirs.
Abandon Hope, by Alan PollackHanna tries to grab Gerrard as he plummets towards the forest. She abandons her hopes of getting Gerrard, as his hopes of being saved are surely futile.
Tahngarth's Rage, by Hannibal KingTahnarth can't let Gerrard take the Legacy so easily. As the Predator starts to fly away from the damaged Weatherlight, Tahngarth jumps onto one of the loose cables of the Predator. His rage builds as he remembers Karn being taken by the moggs and Gerrard plummeting below.
Repentance, by Ron SpencerCommander Greven il-Vec rushes ahead of the moggs to Vhati il-Dal. "Sir, I just thought...," explains Vhati. "Don't think," interrupted Greven. "It doesn't suit you". "The cannon wasn't aimed at you!" pleaded Vhati. "I'm not sure which is more pathetic," replied Greven, "your judgement or your aim."
Diabolic Edict, by Ron SpencerGreven lifts Vhati off his feet. "The fall will give you time to think on your failure", Greven says as he tosses Vhati overboard.
Skyshroud Forest, by Rauger RauppGerrard plummets towards the forest called Skyshroud. The dark angel, Selenia, grabs on to him. He strangles feriously. A bolt of lightning stabs Selenia and she loses her grip. Gerrard falls through the trees, where Selenia cannot get through. She flies back to the Predator.
Broken Fall, by Zina SaundersGerrard hits the ground with a thwack. He is dazed, but alive.
Stun, by Terese NielsenJust as he gets up he is attacked by ugly merfolk from below Skyshroud, called Rootwater. These Rootwater merfolk look so ugly, it almost appears like a orc/merfolk hybrid. All of the sudden a rootbreaker wurm appears and scoops up the merfolk in seconds. Gerrard runs away as fast as he can.
Oracle en-Vec, by Dan FrazierAs Gerrard grows tired of running he meets a group of humans called Vec. Their Oracle tells Gerrard she has the gift of proficy, and tells her fellow Vecs the Korvecdal has arrived, and the humans cheer. Gerrard is puzzled by this.
Anoint, by Eric David AndersonThe en-Vec help Gerrard and explain how Gerrard will unite the Vec, along with the other two human groups: the Dal and Kor.
Mogg Conscripts, by Pete VentersAboard the Predator, Karn and Tahngarth are hiding. The moggs quickly discover them and they are forced to fight—but alas, Karn will not.
Hand to Hand, by Carl FrankTahngarth and Greven il-Vec discover each other and fight. Greven wins the fight and knocks Tahngarth unconsious. Greven thinks Tahngarth will make an excellent first mate—once the proper inplants are put in.
Giant Strength, by Pete VentersCrovax saw Selenia in the fight between the Weatherlight and the Predator. Selenia used to guard his family in Urborg, but disappeared, and then Crovax realized the shocking truth: Selenia now works for Volrath. Crovax is determined to meet Selenia, no matter what gets in his way.
Elven Warhounds, by Kev WalkerThe Rathi elves release their warhounds to sniff out the ship that landed in their forest. Little does the crew of the Weatherlight know of these elves, as they count their losses in crew and cargo.
Mirri's Guile, by BromHanna and Mirri are away from the Weatherlight, both looking for Gerrard. Mirri does it out of loyalty, while Hanna does it for love. Everything is fine until...
Unstable Shapeshifter, by Terese Nielsen...they encounter a shapeshifter (Rath's full of 'em). The shapeshifter tries to take both Mirri's and Hanna's form at once and turns into something horrid. The shapeshifter attacks and Mirri defends Hanna, but the shapeshifter does damage.
Gallantry, by Douglas ShulerHanna pulls out her sword and defeats the horrific shapeshifter. Mirri now trusts Hanna, as much as Gerrard.
Natural Spring, by Susan Van CampHanna and Mirri find a spring and drink from it. It gives them the energy they need—to fight off the attacking Rathi elves.
Elvish Fury, by Quinton HooverThe Skyshroud elves fight Mirri and Hanna. Just in time for Gerrard to walk by, along with the en-Vec.
Eladamri, Lord of Leaves, by Ron ChironnaEladamri, the lord of the leaves, and master of the Rathi elves comes by.
Insight, by Ron ChironnaGerrard tells Eladamri that he wants to destroy Volrath. Eladamri tells Gerrard how he just ordered an attack on a foreign ship that landed. Hysterically, Gerrard tells him that's his ship. Eladamri immediately orders the attack to be aborted, but it may be too late for the Weatherlight...
Respite, by Rebecca Guay...and maybe not. The elves were notified of the cancellation—luckily for the Weatherlight, just in time.
Reap, by Ron ChironnaGerrard, Starke, and Eladamri plan the invasion of Volrath's Stronghold. They will get back-up from the en-Vec, en-Dal, and en-Kor.
Duplicity, by Dan FrazierStarke realizes that the Oracle en-Vec knows him and then it hits him—she knows he's il-Vec. If she tells anyone, he thinks, his whole plan will be ruined. He gets a dagger and prepares to kill her. The Oracle talks with him, and buys enough time for the guards to show. Starke walks away, regretting his mistake of not killing the Oracle.
Helm of Possession, by Janet AulisioMeanwhile, at Volrath's Stronghold...Volrath is looking through the Legacy artifacts. He searches for the Thran Tome and scans the pages eagerly. He then asks Greven il-Vec what was Gerrard wearing. Gerrard says he doesn't know, and Volrath tells him to plan for an immediate invasion.
Coercion, by Pete VentersWhen Greven tells Volrath how Gerrard was not captured, Volrath gets very angry. He makes Greven's artificial spine grow white hot. Greven screams with agony.
Torture Chamber, by Thomas GianniThe evincar, Volrath goes to his torture chambers where Tahngartha and Karn are being kept.
Volrath's Curse, by Daren BaderTahngarth lunges at Volrath as soon as possible, trying to kill the evincar. Unfortuneately, Volrath is very powerful, and bats Tahngarth unconcious.
Propaganda, by Jeff MiracolaVolrath goes towards Karn's cage, and tells Karn of what a failure he is.
Soltari Emissary, by Adam RexBack at the portal...Ertai realizes he is not alone. In the corner of his eyes he sees a creature. Then it shows herself. She says her name is Lyna, of the Soltari.
Shadow Rift, by Adam RexLyna shifts Ertai in her dimension where the shadows live. Ertai is very angry.
Reality Anchor, by Randy GallegosErtai has a few tricks up his own sleeves. Using his Tolarian magic, he zaps Lyna into the real world. The world of Rath. Lyna tells Ertai that her people, the Soltari, were trapped here many centuries ago, along with their enemies, the Dauthi, and a race that got caught in the middle of the war, the Thalakos. Ertai tells Lyna she is in Rath and his friends are going to destroy the evincar of Rath, Volrath. Lyna starts speaking in cryptic messages, and Ertai suspects something is keeping her from telling him something.
Cinder Marsh, by John MatsonThe Weatherlight passes through the cinder marshes of Rath. Unknowingly, the Weatherlight accidentally stumbles upon a nest of slivers. The slivers awake, and attack the Weatherlight.
Clot Sliver, by Jeff LaubensteinThe Weatherlight crew fights back to back for protection, but it seems no use: the slivers are nearly invincible. Every time a sliver takes a blow, it can heal itself. The crew split up in a desperate atempt at saving the ship from the slivers onslaught. As the slivers split up, they lose each others powers, and the crew defeats the slivers. Their next obstacle, is the burning furnace.
Furnace of Rath, by John MatsonAs the Weatherlight passes through the furnace of Rath, the ship is nearly destroyed by the flames...
Kindle, by Donato Giancola...and apparently so is the crew. Gerrard and Crovax witness fellow crew members being burnt to a crisp. Orim, the crew's Samite healer, volunteers to put a lightning rod at the tip of the Weatherlight to avoid further damage.
Havoc, by Donato GiancolaAs Orim attempts to put the lightning rod at the tip of the Weatherlight, the furnace attacks with blinding fury. Luckily, the Weatherlight survives to go further on their trek to Volrath's stronghold.
Death Pits of Rath, by Joel BiskeAs the Weatherlight crosses into the Death Pits of Rath, they notice a black ooze that seems to animate the skeletons sproon across the surface. Before the crew can realize it, the skeletons have already climbed onto the Weatherlight. The crew prepares to, once again, fight to save the ship.
Hero's Resolve, by Pete VentersGerrard fights with all his fury to stop the skeleton menace. Gerrard is nearly killed, but Squee activates his "toy", accidentally preventing the fatal damage. The crew defeats the reanimated skeletons, and sails on towards their goal: Volrath's stronghold.

Artists' Credit

Gerrard's Battle Cry (Val Mayerik), Invulnerability (Brian Snöddy), Pacifism (Adam Rex), Legacy's Allure (Daren Bader), Legerdemain (Daren Bader), Commander Greven il-Vec (Kev Walker), No Quarter (Doug Chaffee), Sadistic Glee (Pete Venters), Vhati il-Dal (Ron Spencer), Capsize (Tom Wänerstrand), Sudden Impact (Alan Pollack), Abandon Hope (Alan Pollack), Tahngarth's Rage (Hannibal King), Repentance (Ron Spencer), Diabolic Edict (Ron Spencer), Skyshroud Forest (Rauger Raupp), Broken Fall (Zina Saunders), Stun (Terese Nielson), Oracle en-Vec (Dan Frazier), Anoint (Eric David Anderson), Mogg Conscripts (Pete Venters), Hand to Hand (Carl Frank), Giant Strength (Pete Venters), Elven Warhounds (Kev Walker), Mirri's Guile (Brom), Unstable Shapeshifter (Terese Nielsen), Gallantry (Douglas Shuler), Natural Spring (Susan Van Camp), Elvish Fury (Quinton Hoover), Eladamri, Lord of Leaves (Ron Chironna), Insight (Ron Chironna), Respite (Rebecca Guay), Reap (Ron Chironna), Duplicity (Dan Frazier), Helm of Possession (Janet Aulisio), Coercion (Pete Venters), Torture Chamber (Thomas Gianni), Volrath's Curse (Daren Bader), Propaganda (Jeff Miracola), Soltari Emissary (Adam Rex), Shadow Rift (Adam Rex), Reality Anchor (Randy Gallegos), Cinder Marsh (John Matson), Clot Sliver (Jeff Laubenstein), Furnace of Rath (John Matson), Kindle (Donato Giancola), Havoc (Donato Giancola), Death Pits of Rath (Joel Biske), and Hero's Resolve (Pete Venters). All rights reserved.
Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley