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Weatherlight Saga - Stronghold

Volrath's Stronghold, by Kev WalkerAs the Weatherlight approaches the stronghold, Mirri sees one of the guards is about to sound an alarm.
Leap, by Kev WalkerMirri jumps off the Weatherlight and kills the Phyrexian guard quickly and swiftly.
Amok, by Dermot PowerThe Weatherlight sends a group to Volrath's stronghold consisting of Starke, Mirri, Gerrard, and Crovax. Hanna, Orim, and Squee will stay on board with the others. As the group goes deep into the stronghold, Crovax sees the dark angel Selenia. He jumps on her and starts tearing her to shreds. Moments later, all that is left is blood and feathers, and Crovax realizes that it is just a shapeshifter. ΓIt had no right to be in Selenia's form.Δ he said to the group. Nevertheless, the group is still startled by Crovax's sudden display of violence.
Megrim, by Donato GiancolaAs the group approaches the map room, Crovax starts feeling pains in his head. Gerrard tries to comfort him as best he can.
Invasion Plans, by Pete VentersGerrard looks closely at the globe, and then his eyes widen with fear, ΓIt's Dominaria!Δ he shouts! Volrath is planning an invasion!
Skyshroud Archer, by Jeff MiracolaOutside the stronghold, the Vec and elves are about to launch their attack.
Awakening, by Dan FrazierThe Lord of Leaves, Eladamri, prepares to give his speech before attacking. ΓThere are times when destiny calls forth a people and demands an action. Now is the time. We are the people. This is our action. Charge!Δ. Countless elves and Vec go up the mountain, only to be blocked by countless moggs. The bloodbath begins here.
Intruder Alarm, by Donato GiancolaMirri is startled by Volrath's form appearing. An alarm goes off, that there is trouble outside the stronghold.
Contemplation, by BromGerrard prepares to go on further, but little does he know that Volrath is watching his every move...
Ensnaring Bridge, by Pete VentersGerrard and company prepares to cross a bridge, but are unaware it is made of flowstone. The bridge itself attacks but everyone manages to escape its wrath.
Torment, by Paolo ParenteAs the group approaches the torture chambers, to see Tahngarth, horribly mutated. Tahngarth is determined to kill Volrath.
Ransack, by Ron SpencerAs Gerrard and Mirri go deeper, they spot Sisay in a tank. Gerrard and Mirri destroy the laboratory, and free Sisay...
Volrath's Shapeshifter, by Ron Spencer...only to discover it isn't Sisay, but a shapeshifter! The two kills the shapeshifter, and Mirri and Gerrard move on.
Provoke, by Terese NielsenMirri and Crovax go down a hall, and there the dark angel, Selenia, attacks. Mirri jumps in the way of Crovax, to avoid injury to him, yet gets hurt badly.
Death Stroke, by Colin MacNeilCrovax pulls out his sword, and Selenia freezes for a second. Too late. Crovax slams his sword into her, and she explodes. Crovax's curse has been fulfilled.
Crovax the Cursed, by Pete VentersCrovax feels his mind collapse. He starts growing fangs, and claws. His eyes change color. He is now an accursed human. No, not a human...but a vampire.
Conviction, by Paolo ParenteTahngarth goes down the hall to see Mirri and Crovax both unconscious. He picks them up and carries them back to the Weatherlight.
Hesitation, by Pete VentersStarke and Gerrard split away from the rest of the group to go into Volrath's gardens. Gerrard looks up to see the Predator. He hesitates, and the future freezes for a sharp moment, as the Predator passes by, not detecting the two humans.
Spike Soldier, by Randy ElliotAfter nearly getting spotted by the Predator encounter strange creatures called spikes. Just as they survive one deadly encounter...
Brush with Death, by Stephen DanieleThe plants make their attack. Starke is nearly killed by his own knife, but the two get out of their alive.
Sift, by Pete VentersKarn comes back from the Weatherlight, and searches the stronghold to retain the Legacy.
Sliver Queen, by Ron SpencerKarn finds the Legacy, but it is guarded by the titanic-sized sliver queen.
Change of Heart, by Ron SpencerKarn shows the sliver queen how the Legacy artifacts are a piece of him, just as how the slivers are a piece of the sliver queen. Reluctantly, the sliver queen gives him the Legacy.
Shifting Wall, by Michael SutfinGerrard and Starke prepare to go up to the dream halls, but there is no way of getting there. Gerrard and Starke are forced to climb the flowstone walls.
Dream Halls, by Matthew WilsonBut little do Gerrard and Starke know that Volrath has plans in store for his guests...
Temper, by Matthew WilsonGerrard's fury rises as he sees Volrath. He took the Legacy, Karn, Tahngarth, Takara, and Sisay, and now Volrath is going to pay.
Reins of Power, by Colin MacNeilVolrath doesn't intend on fighting Gerrard and uses his powers to make Sisay and Takara (Starke's daughter) fight for him.
Contempt, by Val MayervickStarke has no intention of dying today, so pulls out his knife and stabs Volrath in the back. Volrath laughs at the Starke's assault, and bats him aside.
Heat of Battle, by Matthew WilsonSisay fights Gerrard, while Takara fights her father, Starke. Gerrard defeats Sisay, but only knocks her out—not killing her. Starke has no weapons, and his daughter slashes his eyes with his blade—blinding him for life.
Bandage, by Rebecca GuayVolrath retreats when Gerrard is free to fight and immediately Takara is freed from Volrath's control. She bandages her fathers eyes, plagued with the guilt of the last thing her father saw: her sword flashing through his eyes.
Seething Anger, by Val MayervickTahngarth returns from the Weatherlight, sword drawn, wanting to make Volrath suffer for causing his hideousness mutilations.
Smite, by Daren BaderGerrard runs to fight Volrath and corners him. Volrath and Gerrard fight and finally Gerrard gets the upper hand—and fatally stabs Volrath. The evincar is dead!
Scapegoat, by Daren BaderOr is he? As "Volrath" dies, the shapeshifter in Volrath's form turns back to it's original self, and Gerrard burns with agony, as he finds out how Volrath tricked him.
Portcullis, by Kev WalkerOutside of Volrath's stronghold, a fight for freedom is going on, the en-Vec and Skyshroud elves fight hundreds of moggs. Will they be successful? Or will Volrath's reign of Rath stay, and his planned invasion of Dominia be carried out?

Artists' Credit

Volrath's Stronghold (Kev Walker), Leap (Kev Walker), Amok (Dermot Power), Megrim (Donato Giancola), Invasion Plans (Pete Venters), Skyshroud Archer (Jeff Miracola), Awakening (Dan Frazier), Intruder Alarm (Donato Giancola), Contemplation (Brom), Ensnaring Bridge (Pete Venters), Torment (Paolo Parente), Ransack (Ron Spencer), Volrath's Shapeshifter (Ron Spencer), Provoke (Terese Nielsen), Death Stroke (Colin MacNeil), Crovax the Cursed (Pete Venters), Conviction (Paolo Parente), Hesitation (Pete Venters), Spike Soldier (Randy Elliott), Brush with Death (Stephen Daniele), Sift (Pete Venters), Sliver Queen (Ron Spencer), Change of Heart (Ron Spencer), Shifting Wall (Michael Sutfin), Dream Halls (Matthew Wilson), Temper (Matthew Wilson), Reins of Power (Colin MacNeil), Contempt (Val Mayervick), Heat of Battle (Matthew Wilson), Bandage (Rebecca Guay), Seething Anger (Val Mayervick), Smite (Daren Bader), Scapegoat (Daren Bader), and Portcullis (Kev Walker). All rights reserved.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley