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Weatherlight Saga - Mercadian Masques

Crash, by Doug ChaffeeThe Weatherlight escapes out of the shadowy realm of Rath but has problems steering from just coming out of the planar wake. They just happen to hit the only tree in miles. The crew get off as they fix the wounded ship and crewmembers.
JhovallQueen, by Michael SutfinThe family tells them of a city named Mercadia and that they can ride to it on some jhovalls—beasts that the natives of this plane seemed to use for transportation.
Tidal Bore, by Frank Kelly FreasOrim is onboard with the very seriously wounded. Suddenly water comes from nowhere and takes the Weatherlight away to the Cho-Arrim forest.
Cho-Manno, Revolutionary, by Greg & Tim HildebrandtCho-Manno greets Orim and he tells how they thought the Weatherlight was a message from the sky.
Territorial Dispute, by Mike PloogCho-Manno explains how for years the Mercadians have pushed his people, the Cho-Arrim, back from their land.
Plains, by Edward P. Beard, Jr.Meanwhile, Gerrard and company go to the city of Mercadia to look for help to get the Weatherlight back.
Conspiracy, by Jeff EasleyThey meet with the magistrate, leader of the city, but he denies them help. Little to their knowledge, the magistrate isn't really running the throne...
Puppet's Verdict, by Edward P. Beard, Jr....but the highly intelligent goblin Kyren and Phyrexians are.
Liability, by Christopher MoellerTakara doesn't seem to be the helpless prisoner they were expecting.
Unmask, by rk postUnknown to Gerrard, Takara is nothing of the sort. She is really the shapeshifter Volrath!
Vendetta, by Dan FrazierWhen the others left, Volrath enacted his revenge on Starke.
Mercadian Bazaar, by Terese NielsenMercadia is a huge city full of markets, but nothing is truly as it seems.
Common Cause, by John MatsonGerrard is allowed to train some Mercadian guards to retake the Weatherlight. Gerrard accepts the deal and teaches the unexperienced Mercadians Benalish skills from the master-of-arms Gerrard.
Charisma, by Terese NielsenWithin weeks, the troops are ready. Gerrard has expertly trained them.
Cateran Brute, by Mark RomanoskiHowever, the Cateran guild will accompany Gerrard and the Mercadians. Their leader is Xcric.
Lunge, by Dan FrazierGerrard lays waste to the surprised Cho-Arrim.
Gerrard's Irregulars, by Eric PetersonGerrard's force slaughters with such efficiency he thinks he may have trained them too well.
Warpath, by Randy GallegosDozens of Cho-Arrim are slaughtered mercilessly by the fighters.
Renounce, by Carl CritchlowOrim believes Cho-Manno was killed and is furious at Gerrard for attacking the Cho-Arrim.
Cateran Overlord, by Edward P. Beard, Jr.Xcric and his fellow Caterans fight with such ruthlessness and bloodthirst that Gerrard tells them to stop. Refusing to, Gerrard attacks Xcric and kills him. Gerrard is sent back to Mercadia and is locked away along with Tahngarth and Karn in a tower.
Honor the Fallen, by Terese NielsenOrim is deeply saddened by Cho-Manno's apparent death. She leaves the Cho-Arrim and meets Sisay and Hanna.
Dehydration, by Val MayerikThe trio travel to Rishada and Saprazzo in search of the Bones of Ramos.
Soothsaying, by Pat MorriseyA soothsayer tells Sisay and company what has happened to Gerrard and where they will find the Bones of Ramos.
Arrest, by Edward P. Beard, Jr.Orim is falsely accused of murdering a guard but Sisay and Hanna manage to get her away.
Brawl, by Edward P. Beard, Jr."Takara" brings wine to Gerrard, Tahngarth, and Karn and slowly but surely Gerrard starts to realize Takara is not really herself.
General's Regalia, by David MonetteSquee is treated by the Kyren as a brother and given extremely high status. He secretly frees Gerrard, Tahngarth, and Karn and they meet up with Hanna, Sisay, and Orim.
Haunted Crossroads, by Carl CritchlowThey battle past the zombie-infested crossroads to get to the Bones of Ramos.
Ferocity, by Pete VentersTahngarth cleared the path until they finally approached the ancient dragon engine Ramos.
Henge Guardian, by ChippyRamos tells them that he was a dragon engine from the Brothers' War who escaped to Mercadia, bringing the various peoples to this world. The bones of Ramos as well as the power matrix were taken back to Mercadia to be added to the Weatherlight, wherever it may be.
Ramosian Rally, by Christopher MoellerCho-Manno leads his people and the rest of the Ramosians against the oppressive Mercadia City.
Insubordination, by Andrew GoldhawkMeanwhile, Squee with his high-level access, goes down to the depths of the city and discovers the kyren and Phyrexians working together on a fleet of warships!
Subterranean Hangar, by Matt CavottaAn endless number of Phyrexian ships await unknown orders, many far stronger than Weatherlight, although it is also among them.
Energy Flux, by Qiao DafuHanna, Karn, and the others are led by Squee to the underground hangar and manage to free Weatherlight, now with numerous upgrades.
Cave-In, by Mark TedinVolrath appears and battles it out, warning them that even if they manage to destroy all the ships here, it was but a small fraction of the Phyrexian forces.
Mercadia's Downfall, by Pete VentersWeatherlight narrowly escapes from the hangar, crushing all the Phyrexian ships and defeating the powerful ship commanded by Volrath, the Recreant.
Tranquility, by Heather HudsonFinally, the crew of the Weatherlight, after facing the horrors of Rath and Mercadia, are ready to return home. Volrath's message startles Gerrard, hoping they're not too late to defend Dominaria . . . .

Artists' Credit

Crash (Doug Chaffee), Jhovall Queen (Michael Sutfin), Tidal Bore (Frank Kelly Freas), Cho-Manno, Revolutionary (Greg & Tim Hildebrandt), Territorial Dispute (Mike Ploog), Plains (Edward P. Beard, Jr.), Conspiracy (Jeff Easley), Puppet's Verdict (Edward P. Beard, Jr.), Liability (Christopher Moeller), Unmask (rk post), Vendetta (Dan Frazier), Mercadian Bazaar (Terese Nielsen), Common Cause (John Matson), Charisma (Terese Nielsen), Cateran Brute (Mark Romanoski), Lunge (Dan Frazier), Gerrard's Irregulars (Eric Peterson), Warpath (Randy Gallegos), Renounce (Carl Critchlow), Cateran Overlord (Edward P. Beard, Jr.), Honor the Fallen (Terese Nielsen), Dehydration (Val Mayerik), Soothsaying (Pat Morrisey), Arrest (Edward P. Beard, Jr.), Brawl (Edward P. Beard, Jr.), General's Regalia (David Monette), Haunted Crossroads (Carl Critchlow), Ferocity (Pete Venters), Henge Guardian (Chippy), Ramosian Rally (Christopher Moeller), Insubordination (Andrew Goldhawk), Subterranean Hangar (Matt Cavotta), Energy Flux (Qiao Dafu), Cave-In (Mark Tedin), Mercadia's Downfall (Pete Venters), and Tranquility (Heather Hudson). All rights reserved.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley