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Weatherlight Saga - Exodus

Ertai, Wizard Adept, by Terese NielsenBack at the portal, Ertai and the Soltari emissary, Lyna have struck a bargain: the Soltari will help Ertai open the portal, if he would let them go into the portal, thus getting out of their shadow world and back into their dimension.
Oath of Lieges, by Mark ZugEladamri, and the leader of the Vec, Dal, and Kor unite to bring down Volrath's reign.
Pandemonium, by Pete VentersThe Skyshroud elves and the en-Vec get reinforceements from the en-Dal and en-Kor, but are trapped inside the stronghold with the moggs.
Convalescene, by D. Alexander GregoryOnboard the Weatherlight, the Samite healer, Orim, heals the cat warrior, Mirri. Crovax is a lost cause, for his soul will never heal.
Treasure Trove, by Michael SutfinA few decks higher, Hanna and Karn stand over the recovered Legacy artifacts: the skyshaper, the null rod, the touchstone, the thran tome, and more are all tucked safely inside the Weatherlight. Hanna notices the Legacy artifact, the skyshaper, and attachs it to the thran crystal to boost up the power to the ship's engines.
Cataclysm, by Jim NelsonThe Predator discovers the Weatherlight as it is about to leave from Volrath's stronghold. The Predator fires several harpoons to lock-on to the Weatherlight. Hanna makes the Weatherlight twist and turn, as the Predator crashes into the stronghold, taking severe damage.
Hatred, by BromGreven il-Vec is furious, and orders the harpoon lines to be severed, to take no more damage. The Predator follows the Weatherlight, making sure no one will leave Rath alive. Greven orders two ornithopters, guided by moggs to follow the Weatherlight.
Fugue, by Randy GallegosIn the dream halls, Gerrard wakes Sisay up. ΓMy ship...Δ she mumbles, ΓintactΔ Gerrard replies, Γwhich is more than I can say for you, my friend.Δ Sisay laughs.
Onslaught, by Paolo ParenteAs the Predator's mogg-driven ornithopters come close to the ship, a killer whale jumps from the waters, devouring the ship and the mogg whole. Tahngarth jumps off the Weatherlight, and onto a tree in Volrath's gardens. He jumps onto the ornithopter, throws the mogg off, and jumps back to the ship. Unfortuneately, the ship crashes into the Weatherlight causing severe damage.
Curiosity, by Val MayerikThe vampire Crovax, continues to be driven insane from voices in his head, and finally, the last bit of humanity is drained from his soul. He gets up, and starts to walk up to the deck that holds the ships engine, the thran crystal. Mirri jumps onto Crovax when she realizes he is about to sabotage the Weatherlight.
Maniacal Rage, by Pete VentersGerrard and Sisay can't be picked up by the Weatherlight in the dream halls, so Gerrard and Sisay go to the gardens to be onboard. The Weatherlight prepares to pick them up, and Greven prepares to get onboard, thus ordering the Predator to get as close as possible, to the Weatherlight. Commander Greven il-Vec jumps into Volrath's gardens—right in front of Gerrard. Now Gerrard is forced with a hard decision: he can either help Mirri defeat the insane Crovax (risking his crews life and the Legacy), or go to the Weatherlight.
Slaughter, by Pete VentersGerrard makes the hard choice of leaving Mirri and Crovax to their fight, only so he can save Sisay, himself, and the rest of the Weatherlight's crew. Greven il-Vec is furious for not getting a fight from Gerrard.
Seismic Assault, by Dermot PowerThe Weatherlight gets as far away as possible from the Predator and rushes towards the portal—uncertain if it is open or not.
Erratic Portal, by John MatsonErtai and the Soltari have opened the portal, and just in time—the Weatherlight and the Predator are rushing for it.
'ther Tide, by Andrew RobinsonThe Weatherlight uses its skyshaper to go faster than the Predator and speeds up, as Greven howls at losing his prey. The Soltari and Weatherlight fly into the portal—and back home to Dominaria.
Mind Over Matter, by Keith ParkinsonThe 4205 year old planeswalker, Urza, sits by the Soltari emissary, Lyna, and waves his hand to slam the portal closed—right as the Predator hurtles itself towards it—thus, crippling Volrath's flagship. Lyna asks Urza what are they going to do next, and Urza simply says they'll wait. Ertai is left behind, and Greven il-Vec captures him.

Artists' Credit

Ertai, Wizard Adept (Terese Nielsen), Oath of Lieges (Mark Zug), Pandemonium (Pete Venters), Convalescene (D. Alexander Gregory), Treasure Trove (Michael Sutfin), Cataclysm (Jim Nelson), Hatred (Brom), Fugue (Randy Gallegos), Onslaught (Paolo Parente), Curiosity (Val Mayerik), Maniacal Rage (Pete Venters), Slaughter (Pete Venters), Seismic Assault (Dermot Power), Erratic Portal (John Matson), Æther Tide (Andrew Robinson), and Mind Over Matter (Keith Parkinson). All rights reserved.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley