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Author Listings

Magic has had a number of novels published, and the new generation of novels started out with the epic tale of Urza and Mishra's rise, and fall, in The Brothers' War. Since that time, numerous other authors have contributed to Magic, writing short stories in anthologies or even writing entire cycles of novels (Jeff Grubb's Ice Age Cycle, J. Robert King's Invasion Cycle, Clayton Emery's Legends Cycle, etc.). Below is a listing of each author or editor's Magic: The Gathering novels in which they wrote, edited, or contributed to (such as in an anthology) in alphabetical order. All of the books are available at the Phyrexian Bookstore.

Authors involved directly in five works or more:
Jeff GrubbJ. Robert KingJess LebowWill McDermott
Scott McGoughVance MorePaul B. Thompson

List is updated as of all Magic novels so far published in 2004.


Abbey, LynnPlaneswalker (Sep 98)Lives in Florida, which she says is nice, though she misses snow. She's made a career out of writing moody fantasies, starting with her work in the best-selling Thieves' World anthology series and more recently in TSR's Forgotten Realms (The Simbul's Gift) and Dark Sun (The Rise and Fall of a Dragon King) milieux. When Lynn's not exploring the pitfalls of magic, betrayal, and immortality she can usually be found doing embroidery or talking to her cat.

Archer, PeterRath and Storm (Jul 98)Edited the first Magic anthology, Rath and Storm, setting the epic Weatherlight Saga into motion.

Athans, PhilipRath and Storm (Jul 98)
Myths of Magic (Aug 00)
Secrets of Magic (Mar 02)
The David Hasselhoff of computer game novelizations, has lately been dealing with the petty nuisances of advancing age. Hair loss and bursitis aside, he's heard of no one currently being played on MTV (except Aerosmith, of course), and was left in stunned silence when he realized that babies born when he was in high school can now buy beer. He is a father, husband, author, editor, gamer, and all-around swell guy.

Belkom, Edo vanDragons of Magic (Aug 01)Winner of the Bram Stoker and Aurora Award, as well as the author of the Dragonlance novel Lord Soth, and the horror/mystery Teeth. Some of his 175 short stories have been gathered into the collections Death Drives a Semi and Six-Inch Spikes. His books of nonfiction include Northern Dreamers, a book of interviews, and two how-to writing guides, Writing Horror and Writting Erotica. His website is located at

Bishop, JimSecrets of Magic (Mar 02)Lives in Edmonton, where he works for BioWare and writes stories. He'd like to thank his editor for making him use his powers in the service of Good.

Bolme, EdwardDragons of Magic (Aug 01)A veteran of fifteen long years in the gaming industry trenches, previous works include the award-winning supplement Six-guns and Sorcery and the novel Title Deleted for Security Reasons. At various times he has kept a heron in his bathtub, had chewed-up bread spit in his ear, and been served with a warrant for his arrest for not mowing his lawn. In spite of all this, he still considers himself a pretty normal guy. Really.

Braddock, HannoviRath and Storm (Jul 98)Born in Tucson, Arizona. In college, he changed his major five times, probably out of frustration that there was no major called Fantasy Studies. He finally settled for a B.A. in Humanities, which was the next best thing. He's the author of a Magic: The Gathering novel from HarperPrism, Ashes of the Sun. He lives in Eugene, Oregon, where you can't swing a cat without hitting a science fiction or fantasy writer. (Not that Hannovi would swing a cat who didn't want to be swung.)

Byers, Richard LeeColors of Magic (Feb 99)
Myths of Magic (Aug 00)
The author of numerous novels and short stories. His books include The Vampire's Apprentice, Dead Time, Dark Fortune, and, most recently Dark Kingdoms and X-Men: Soul Killer. His short fiction can be found in Tales from the Eternal Archives: Legends, Realms of Mystery, Tales of the White Wolf, Excalibur, Grails: Visitations of the Night, Sword of Ice and Other Tales of Valdemar, and many other anthologies. A resident of the Tampa Bay area, the setting for many of his stories, he spends much of his free time fencing foil, epee, and sabre, frequently competing in local tournaments.

Coleman, Loren L.Colors of Magic (Feb 99)
Bloodlines (Aug 99)
Lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, Heather, and three children. He writes fiction and freelances for game companies. He has published in Dragon magazine, done source material work for TSR and FASA and to date has written five novels.

Dupree, TomDragons of Magic (Aug 01)
Monsters of Magic (Aug 03)
Tom Dupree is a former newsman, adman, critic, and editor. His work has appeared in a number of science fiction, fantasy, and horror anthologies, including The Dragons of Magic and the Forgotten Realms collections Realms of Magic and Realms of the Arcane. He lives in New York City. You can say hi by emailing

Emery, ClaytonJohan (Apr 01)
Jedit (Dec 01)
Hazezon (Aug 02)
An umpteen-generations Yankee, Navy brat, and aging hippie who grew up playing Robin Hood and War in the forests of New England. He's been a blacksmith, dishwasher, schoolteacher in Australia, carpenter, zookeeper, farmhand, land surveyor, volunteer firefighter, and award-winning technical writer. He's written fifteen-odd fantasy-adventures, mysteries in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, and other works. He lives in New Hampshire with his doctor wife and hulking son, spends his time restoring a 1767 house and garden and a 1942 Jeep, and reenacting the American Revolution with various colonial militias. Read some more of his stories for free at

Graham, Denise R.Dragons of Magic (Aug 01)
Monsters of Magic (Aug 03)
Denise R. Graham lives in the desert with her husband Ron and their polysyllabic cat. Clan motto: dry heat my eye. Her tales of fantasy and mystery have appeared in such publications as Wizards of the Coast's Dragons of Magic anthology, and Woman's World magazine. Her hobbies include hiking, travel, and mental instability. She is a grateful member of East Valley Writers.

Grubb, JeffThe Brothers' War (May 98)
Colors of Magic (Feb 99)
The Gathering Dark (June 99)
The Eternal Ice (May 00)
The Shattered Alliance (Dec 00)
The historian of Dominaria, beginning with the acclaimed The Brothers' War and continuing through the Ice Age with The Gathering Dark, The Eternal Ice, and now The Shattred Alliance. In addition to his definitive work in the world of Magic: The Gathering, he is one of the founders of Faerûn (the Forgotten Realms) and Krynn (Dragonlance) and can be often found wreaking havoc in those worlds as well. Jeff Grubb is currently working and living in the Seattle area, where he is mapping out the varied planes of existence as his day job. He is kept sane in these matters by his wife and oft-times cowriter Kate Novak and by his three cats. He doesn't regret any of his alliances.

Herndon, Cory J.Secrets of Magic (Mar 02)
The Fifth Dawn (May 04)
Cory J. Herndon is a freelance writer and editor currently providing content for and the official Star Wars RPG web site, among others. He has edited numerous Star Wars roleplaying game books and is the author of the Magic: The Gathering Starter Game Strategy Guide, the Magic: The Gathering Official Encyclopedia Vol. 5, the short story "Like Spider's Silk" in The Secrets of Magic anthology, and the Star Wars roleplaying game title Ultimate Alien Anthology (co-author).
All this makes him well qualified to explore the farthest reaches of Mirrodin, where, despite being pursued by levelers, vedalken, and other fearsome creatures, he is at least safe from the depredations of editors.

Holliday, LizRath and Storm (Jul 98)Has written the novelizations of the British television series "Cracker" and is editor of Odyssey a U.K. science fiction magazine. She lives in London.

Horner, MirandaRath and Storm (July 98)Lives in the state of Washington, where she edits projects for the Dragonlance: The Fifth Age roleplaying game. In her small amount of spare time, she loves to read, visit local areas of interest with her husband, play games, and write.

Johnson, KijRath and Storm (Jul 98)Has published short stories in various science fiction magazines (including Asimov's, Amazing, F&SF, Weird Tales and many others), for one of which she won the 1994 Theodore A. Sturgeon award for best short story of the year. She is the coauthor of a Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, Dragon's Honor. An original novel titled The Fox Woman is due as a hardcover from Tor Books in late 1999. She got involved in writing Magic: The Gathering by generating flavor text for cards in the game. She figured that it make be a pleasant change to be allowed thousands of words in which to describe something.

King, J. RobertRath and Storm (Jul 98)
Colors of Magic (Feb 99)
Time Streams (May 99)
The Thran (Dec 99)
Myths of Magic (Aug 00)
Invasion (Oct 00)
Planeshift (Feb 01)
Apocalypse (Jun 01)
Dragons of Magic (Aug 01)
Secrets of Magic (Mar 02)
Onslaught (Sep 02)
Legions (Feb 03)
Scourge (May 03)
Monsters of Magic (May 03)
J. Robert King is the author of many Magic: The Gathering novels, including Invasion, Planeshift, and Apocalypse. In addition, he has written Heart of Midnight and Carnival of Fear for the Ravenloft setting, Vinas Solamnus set in the world of Dragonlance, and the award-winning Blood Wars Trilogy set in Planescape. He is currently working on the third in a trilogy of Arthurian novels from TOR Books. King lives in Wisconsin with his wife, three sons, and many, many cigars.

Lassieur, Allison L.Dragons of Magic (Aug 01)
Monsters of Magic (Aug 03)
Allison Lassieur has published more than forty books, including a novel with Wizards of the Coast—Legend of the Five Rings: The Unicorn. She lives in a one-hundred-year-old Pennsylvania house with her husband Chuck.

Lebaron, FrancisRath and Storm (Jul 98)
Colors of Magic (Feb 99)
Mercadian Masques (Sep 99)
Myths of Magic (Aug 00)
Lives in Seattle area with his wife, daughter, and a cat who hopes desperately to prove someday that she really could catch birds if she were allowed to do so. A contributor to the Magic: The Gathering anthology Rath and Storm, Francis dislikes any machine more complicated than a toaster oven and firmly believes that in a future life he will be reinarnated as a cat, in which case all the cares of daily life will be reduced to the problem of how to find the warmest spot in the house in which to go to sleep. Mercadian Masques is his first novel.

Lebow, JessColors of Magic (Feb 99)
Myths of Magic (Aug 00)
Dragons of Magic (Aug 01)
Secrets of Magic (Mar 02)
Monsters of Magic (Aug 03)
Darksteel Eye (Dec 03)
Jess Lebow has lived in Washington State all his life and can prove—with the help of anecdotal evidence—that he is indeed a fourth-generation Seattleite. On a good day, you may find him running near the waterfront, scuba diving in the Sound, or looking for the best happy hour within a four-block radius of his tiny apartment. He considers himself somewhat of an expert on the subject of fine tequilas, and his friends generally humor him in this area. He supposes that's why they're still considered friends. The Darksteel Eye is his third novel.

Leupold, ThomasColors of Magic (Mar 99)Lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a freelance writer, columnist for five Northern California newspapers and works in the editorial department at the Palo Alto Daily News. His interests include music, Egyptology, art, travel and, of course, Magic. He can be reached at

Levin, NateSecrets of Magic (Mar 02)A freelance rock-and-roll critic, a serious amateur photographer, a part-time revolutionary, and an ersatz role-playing geek. He likes his free time and spends it wisely. Currently, he delivers bread to pay the bills. He lives in Seattle, Washington.

McDermott, DaneenMyths of Magic (Aug 00)No author biography available.

McDermott, WillMyths of Magic (Aug 00)
Secrets of Magic (Mar 02)
Judgment (May 02)
Monsters of Magic (Aug 03)
Moons of Mirrodin (Sep 03)
Will McDermott has clawed his way from total obscurity to relative obscurity in just a few short years. The Moons of Mirrodin is the second Magic: The Gathering novel for the former editor-in-chief of Duelist and TopDeck magazines. His other credits include Judgment, book three in the Odyssey cycle, and three Magic short stories: "The Lady of the Mountain" in The Myths of Magic anthology, "Journey Home" in The Secrets of Magic anthology, and "Ach! Hans, Run!" in The Monsters of Magic anthology. Will lives in Hamburg, New York, with his wife, three young ruffians, and one large, insane dog.

McGough, ScottMyths of Magic (Aug 00)
Dragons of Magic (Aug 01)
Chainer's Torment (Jan 02)
Secrets of Magic (Mar 02)
Assassin's Blade (Dec 02)
Emperor's Fist (Mar 03)
Monsters of Magic (Aug 03)
Champion's Trial (Nov 03)
Scott McGough tends to move around a lot. He's lived in New Jersey, Baltimore, San Pedro, and most recently, Seattle, where he's spent the past ten years with his wife, Elena, two cats, and two psychotic lumps of muscle (a.ka., dogs). He is the author of Chainer's Torment, Assassin's Blade, and Emperor's Fist, all set in the world of Magic: The Gathering. In his spare time, he enjoys single malt whiskey, swearing at bothersome inanimate objects, and watching any movie with monsters in it.

Moore, VanceColors of Magic (Feb 99)
Prophecy (Jul 00)
Myths of Magic (Aug 00)
Dragons of Magic (Aug 01)
Odyssey (Sep 01)
Secrets of Magic (Mar 02)
Monsters of Magic (Aug 03)
Vance Moore was born in Sunnyside, Washington, in 1967. He learned to read at an early age and devoured the childhood classics of the fantastic—Dr. Seuss, fairy tales, Dr. Dolittle, Oz. He is an avid theater patron and regularly pilgrimages to Ashland and San Francisco. He lives in Bellingham, Washington. His other interests include singing, history, and smattering of debate. He has written the novels Odyssey and Prophecy as well as several stories for Wizards of the Coast.

Perrin, DonColors of Magic (Feb 99)Lives in Wisconsin with wife and fellow author Margaret Weis. They have just finished work on Brothers in Arms, a Dragonlance book about Raistlin and Caramon during their mercenary years. Perrin is currently working on a new RPG called Sovereign Stone, based on a world designed by artist Larry Elmore, to be published by Corsair in 1999.

Pramas, ChrisSecrets of Magic (Mar 02)By day he is the Creative Director of Miniatures R&D at Wizards of the Coast. He co-designed WotC's first miniatures game, Dungeons & Dragons Chainmail, and created the game's setting, The Sundered Empire. By night he runs Green Ronin Publishing, a market leader in the d20 field. He authored the RPG adventure Death in Freeport, which won a prestigious Origins Award in 2001. In his "copious free time" he foolishly takes on freelance writing projects and occasionally tries to relax.

Ryan, Michael G.Rath and Storm (Jul 98)
Myths of Magic (Aug 00)
Gave up his dream of having the definitive Harrison Ford collection—Indiana Jones pinball machine and all—after he realized that Harrison Ford, by definition, has a better one. Now he's working on the definitive Michael G. Ryan collection (sans the pinball machine), though he still wears the Ford fedora.

Ryan, TimDragons of Magic (Aug 01)
Monsters of Magic (Aug 03)
Little is known about Tim Ryan, but several anecdotes are generally accepted as fact. He lives a nomadic life, shuffling between the frenetic lights of Manhattan and the pastoral pleasantness of Indianapolis. He was once snubbed by a French waiter in the Gare du Nord and thrown out of a McDonald's in Frankfurt. He cannot properly pronounce the word "croissant" and refuses to eat burned food. His wife is on the pope's short list for canonization.

Schend, Steven E.Dragons of Magic (Aug 01)
Monsters of Magic (Aug 03)
Born and raised in Wisconsin, Steven Schend has found new home among the wooded mountains of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. This is Steven's third published short story. He has been an editor and designer for TSR, Inc., Wizards of the Coast, Bastion Press, and Green Ronin over the past twelve years, accumulating more than fifty writing, design, and editorial credits. He's worked on everything from superheroes to science fiction and space opera to high fantasy worlds. For now, though, he's quite content to live in this world and try to make his little corner of it better.

Stein, KevinColors of Magic (Feb 99)The author of Brothers Majere in the best-selling Dragonlance series. In addition to stories in the Dragonlance anthologies, Stein will also be part of the Tales from the Eternal Archives, edited by Margaret Weis. Stein works part-time as a graphic designer and screenwriting consultant.

Sullivan, Stephen D.Monsters of Magic (Aug 03)Origins Award-winning novelist Stephen D. Sullivan has a basement full of projects that he's worked on over the last twenty-plus years. The stacks include Dungeons & Dragons, The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horrors comic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dragonlance, Speed Racer, Chill, Darkwing Duck, The Twilight Empire, and many, many others. He wrote three of the original sevel L5R samurai fantasy novels: The Scorpion, The Phoenix, and The Lion—the last of which garnered a nice trophy (Best Game-Related Novel, 2001) to add to his clutter. Steve's newest book is Dragonlance Crossroads: The Dragon Isles. Check out and

Thompson, Paul B.Colors of Magic (Feb 99)
Nemesis (Feb 00)
Myths of Magic (Aug 00)
Dragons of Magic (Aug 01)
Secrets of Magic (Mar 02)
Monsters of Magic (Aug 03)
Paul B. Thompson is the author of a dozen novels, including Dragonlance collaborations with Tonya Cook, and many shorter works. His newest works include a solo Dragonlance novel, The Middle of Nowhere, and the beginning of a new trilogy on the Ergoth Empire, A Warrior's Journey. He likes to return when he can to the Magic universe, as it gives him a chance to explore the darker dimensions of his imagination. Paul lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with his wife, Elizabeth, and new baby daughter, Sara.

Thomsen, Brian M.Dragons of Magic (Aug 01)
Monsters of Magic (Aug 03)
Brian Thomsen, former director of TSR's books and magazine division, has previously authored over forty short stories, two Forgotten Realms novels, and various works of nonfiction. He has edited collections of the works of Abrose Bierce and Theodore Roosevelt, and a criticially acclaimed compendium of American literature, The American Fantasy Tradition. He resides in Brooklyn.

Tweet, JonathanColors of Magic (Feb 99)
Myths of Magic (Aug 00)
When he's not writing fiction, Jonathan spends his time playing and designing games, researching language, writing speculative and analytical essays, participating in a secret society, compiling notes for a future web site, teasing his wife, amusing his daughter, pestering his co-workers, collecting plastic dinosaurs, and taping public access TV. He would like to thank his wife, Tracy, for her help with The Mirror of Yesterday.

Wilkes, Jennifer ClarkeRath and Storm (Jul 98)AKA the "Goblin Editor," is a displaced Canadian currently living outside Seattle, Washington, where she is employed as a mild-mannered Magic: The Gathering editor. By night, she is a crusader for neglected games, a puzzle fiend, and a reptile groupie. She has the usual complement of cats.

Rath and Storm, Colors of Magic, Myths of Magic, Dragons of Magic, Secrets of Magic, and Monsters of Magic are all anthologies and have multiple contributing authors. All bios are from the latest book in which that author wrote.

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