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Legendary Enchantments
Written by Ulrich and Helva

My favorite set has always been Legends. Even if you don't have gobs of money to throw around for Mana Drains and Mirror Universes, there are lots of other useful cards in the set. Most of them can still be found at a reasonable price. Here's a few I particularly enjoy.

Some people don't like non-basic land but I'm a fan of the Legends lands. Each color gets an uncommon land which not only produces the appropriate type of mana, but also has another useful ability. Take the black version, Urborg. You can tap it for a black mana or to remove first strike or swampwalk from a target creature until the end of the turn. That ability has saved me many times, particularly against zombie decks or other swampwalking hordes. The red land, Hammerheim, takes that ability one step further. It can either produce a red mana or remove all landwalking ability from a target creature until end of turn.

How about Equinox to stop land destruction decks? It's an Enchant Land which costs W to cast. Once enchanted, you can tap the land to counter a spell that destroys one or more of your lands. The "one or more" clause gives you the ability to stop a lot more than a Stone Rain.

Another interesting card is Darkness, a black instant which costs B. It works just like Fog, which is an unusual ability for black to have. Since lots of black decks rely on relentless attacks, which opens you up to counter attack, the ability to cause all creatures to not deal damage in combat for a turn is quite useful.

How about Avoid Fate, a green instant (which used to be an interrupt) which costs G to cast. It can counter a target instant or enchantment which targets a permanent under your control. That's right, a green counter spell. Where else are you going to find one? Sure it's not as good as the blue counter spells, but if you need time to build a lock, Avoid Fate might be enough to give you that time. Related is the other green counter-ability spell, Rust, which is another instant that costs G to cast. It counters a target artifact effect which requires an activation cost. Are there a few artifacts you'd like to have not work, even once?

OK, one more. One creature I've always liked is Hyperion Blacksmith, a 2/2 red creature which costs 1RR to cast. If you tap him, you can tap or untap a target artifact controlled by your opponent. This was a lot more useful under pre-Classic rules, where a tapped artifact was no longer in effect, but it can still be quite useful to neutralize one of your opponent's artifacts. Sure, you could pack a Shatter, but sometimes more finesse is called for. What if you've enchanted the artifact with Living Artifact? Now your opponent has an artifact that they can't use but keeps you alive.

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