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Gix's Lair: Monthly News
May 2000
Written by Matthew H. Manley

WebmasterWelcome to Gix's Lair, the monthly column by the webmaster of, Matthew Manley. In this column, Magic issues, the site's past and future, and The Duelist will be talked about.

School is almost out and Phyrexia is beginning to catch up with its updates. There's not much to say except that there is a new forum moderator and another storyline poll (that's what this site is about).

In the Magic community, Nemesis has been out for a few weeks and collectors can enjoy collecting the set, or 143-card foil set if they have enough time and money. Nemesis is mainly a bad guy set and I think visitors should enjoy it. The interesting book by Paul Thompson introduces a new evincar who will help out in the Phyrexian Invasion of Dominaria, this October.

In TopDeck, there was an article on a possible new design for the future of Magic cards which was recently decided not to be used. The next issue will give readers a chance on a Prophecy preview. That's all for now!

See ya next month,

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