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Gix's Lair: Monthly News
February 1999
Written by Matthew H. Manley

WebmasterWelcome to Gix's Lair, the monthly column by the webmaster of, Matthew Manley. In this column, Magic issues, the site's past and future, and The Duelist will be talked about.

After taking two weeks offline helplessly, I'm now back and prepared to give you, the viewer some of the best Magic content around. I have all kinds of stuff planned, but I'll tell you about those later on. Two of the biggest planned projects are the spoiler-pluses and the electronic magazine, Gate to Phyrexia. The spoiler-pluses are just plain amazing and like nothing you've ever seen. After hundreds of hours, literally, of typing, about half of the sets are already done. Images of some of the top 20% of all the artwork for the set will also be on them to give them their "betterness" than those official WotC ones. I've gone to great lenghts to include the most accurate information, including flavor text, artist, rarity, color, name, casting cost, power/toughness, and latest Oracle text (including all post-November 1998 errata). You have got to see these when they make their debut on February 15 with Urza's Legacy, the 16TH expansion and first sequel to the very popular Urza's Saga stand-alone set. However, there will be no art for this set for a few weeks. The second item is Gate to Phyrexia ezine, which, was created in an effort to bring great material. There have been many great ezines in the past: M:tic Magazine, Beyond Dominia, Vault Magazine, Conquest, and more, but I'm sure GtP will be the best of them all. If anyone would like to write an article on almost any topic, email the webmaster.

In the Magic community, there has been much talk about the brand new foil premiums in Urza's Legacy. These cards are in about 1 of every 6 packs and all merely foil copies of the regular cards, except much rarer and of course, made of foil. They will be allowed in tournaments and are made to give collectors a challenge. In fact, these premium foil cards are so rare, a common premium will be more scarce than a regular rare of the same set and a rare premium will be more rarer than any of the early Beta Limited cards, such as Black Lotus, Chaos Orb, Time Walk, etc. Also, there is much controversial anger over the banning of favorite freeware programs Apprentice32 and NetDraft. What will happen? No one knows . . . .

In The Duelist, there is much excitement over a Japanese game called Pocket Monsters (or more commonly referred to as Pokémon) being made by Wizards of the Coast. The game will supposedly be a stepping stone for younger people to get into the trading card games and eventually step up to more difficult games like Magic. On the cover is the adorable Pikachu. Will Pokémon become the beginner's Portal? recently became able to update its banners, copyrights, and navbar extremely quickly due to the .htm extension to .shtml. This will eventually give me more time to focus on other stuff in the not too distant future.

See ya next month,

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