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Quick Status — Volrath
BirthplaceDominaria, continent of Jamuraa
Born4174 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
Died4205 AR
Lifeform TypeHuman (shapeshifter)

Written by member Eidtelnvil

His name is synonymous with fear and death among the denizens of the plane of Rath. He is responsible for millions of deaths. Rathi children bolt upright every night, screaming into the dark from countless nightmares because of him. He is intelligent, strong, and ambitious to the point of greed. More, he is the figurehead of four races’ fears. He is Volrath.

Volrath was born Vuel, son of Sidar Kondo of a North Jamuraan warclan. Vuel always strove for excellence, always wanting to be the best among his peers. Seldom was he disappointed. Vuel lived a harsh life under the blaring sun, but was a friend to many despite his zealous attitudes. Soon to be the heir of the sidar, nothing could go wrong for Vuel. That is until the arrival of the golem.

Fleeing the horrors that the Lord of the Wastes and visited upon the natives of Benalia, the silver golem Karn arrived during Vuel’s early years. The sidar welcomed Karn with open arms and allowed his charge, the infant Gerrard, to be granted a place in his own family. Vuel was mad with envy. However, as the two boys grew to adolescence, there existed no friendship greater than that of Gerrard and Vuel. The two were intensely alike, for both shone forth an inner fury that would propel them through any challenge. However, Gerrard had one thing that Vuel would never possess: the Legacy. Karn had carried with him a collection of artifacts housed in his frame that could only be utilized to their full potential by Gerrard Capashen. The artifacts were rumored to have been created for the sole purpose of destroying the Lord of the Wastes. Such powerful novelties were of great interest to Vuel. However, Gerrard didn’t seem to care about them at all. Indeed, the youth shirked away from these items that had caused the deaths of his parents. For now, Gerrard was content to play with Vuel under the blaring sun.

The Duelist #23, by Kev Walker As the pair grew into their final adolescent years, a wandering dishevel of a man came to the warclan, seeking shelter from the ravages of Jamuraa. This man took little notice of the pale-skinned Benalish, but took great interest in the young Vuel. The man, Starke il-Vec, whispered countless tales of glory and power into Vuel’s ears. Worlds would bow at his feet should he come with him to a faraway land. Vuel listened with great interest, but soon dispelled Starke’s rumors as though they were but bothersome fairy tales. Vuel could not imagine how futile his will would be in achieving his destiny.

At last the day that Vuel has long anticipated had come to pass. His father was growing old and withered and it was time for a new sidar to be chosen. Vuel couldn’t contain his delight. Let Gerrard possess his worthless Legacy. Vuel would soon possess a nation. The contest was simple. Vuel must climb alone to the top of a rocky plateau. If aided by anyone, Vuel would fail the competition and would be branded an outcast for all time. Kondo would be left a dishonored man, and the warclan would soon fall to ruin. Vuel was not hindered by these facts, however. A strong young man, Vuel knew had no doubt in his mind of his abilities to prove himself to his clan, his father, and his adopted brother.

His ascendance was not to be. As Vuel had nearly completed half the climb, he began to feel woozy and dizzy, almost to the point of nausea. His condition soon worsened. Vuel was unable to hold himself much longer and began slipping, fumbling for a handhold. Gerrard, always the compassioned of the pair, ran to Vuel’s assistance, quickly climbing the rock slope. Below them, the warclan moaned in utter dread. Gerrard climbed atop Vuel and offered his hand to pull him to safety. Vuel refused, but Gerrard could not let his brother die. Despite his struggling, Gerrard pulled Vuel to safety. At that moment, Vuel’s brother had died in his mind. In his place stood an enemy he would hound to the ends of the multiverse.

The warclan soon exiled Vuel from the clan. Vuel’s father would not even deign to speak to his son. Gerrard felt utter despair, knowing that he had ruined his brother’s chances for happiness. Starke il-Vec quickly left the warclan.

In the Jamuraan wastes, Vuel sat alone, contemplating suicide. His place in the world had been denied. Never would he be a leader of men. He would always be alone, discarded as trash from the people he had come to love. Thoughts of vengeance fluttered into his mind. Against Gerrard. Against his father. Against the golem. But these thoughts were soon dispelled as the strange man from the wastes entered. Starke il-Vec had apparently come to comfort Vuel in his time of need. Vuel quickly threatened Starke for interrupting his solitude, but Starke came forth with tales of power. Why should Vuel be an exile from a weak warclan when he could raise his own warhost and conquer all Jamuraa? Vuel was certainly wily enough to do this. Vuel listened intently to every word Starke spewed forth from his lying throat. Vuel began his descent into evil.

Vuel soon rounded up a group of barbarians and mercenaries the likes of which Jamuraa had not seen since the days of Johan and Kaervek. Storming into his former home during the middle of the night with a host of warriors, Vuel stole the most sacred thing his brother possessed: his Legacy. All he was left with was his home, his guardian golem, and his father. Vuel soon promised to do away with these as well. However, Vuel soon came to the realization that the golem Karn could easily defend the warclan against a host of invaders. Vuel would have to do away with it. With a sad heart, Vuel sold away many pieces of Gerrard’s Legacy in order to raise an even more powerful army. Vuel bided his time, conquering small towns before his final strike into the warclan’s land. Vuel gathered his armies in the small harbor town of Albuito, where he gave in to his bloodthirst in a way he hadn’t dreamt of doing before. Taking the local blacksmith, Vuel slashed his belly apart, spewing his intestines onto the wood stained floor. Vuel then grafted pieces of the Legacy inside the man’s very body, renaming him “Karn” after his brother’s silver golem. The Legacy’s new host was kept alive only be Vuel’s healers.

This horror would not go on forever, it appeared, as the actual Karn appeared in the village one night during a festival celebrating Vuel’s victories. Vuel baited Karn into slaying the fake “Karn” and retrieving the Legacy for his charge Gerrard. Karn could not bring himself to slay an innocent man, however. The fake “Karn” would be utilized by Vuel no longer. He soon ripped apart his own body, spilling to bloodstained pieces of the Legacy. In frustration, Karn knocked over a wagon, which landed on a small child, crushing his tiny body. Karn was struck down by the horrors he had committed. He vowed never again to take a life, even if it meant saving the life of one he loved. Karn would not get a chance to do much else, however, as Vuel froze the golem into place using the Legacy’s Touchstone.

Vuel and his warriors left the ruined town soon afterwards. Convinced that the warclan could not defend themselves without the golem, Vuel attacked almost immediately. Vuel’s forces defeated the warclan almost effortlessly, killing every last inhabitant. Vuel’s own sword bit deeply into the throat of his father, Sidar Kondo. However, Vuel was not pleased in the slightest. Gerrard was nowhere to be found.

Vuel sought counsel with his longtime mentor Starke il-Vec. Starke was pleased that Vuel had done so many horrors on such a grand scale and soon stated that Vuel was ready for the next step in his ascension. Starke told Vuel that he was a ruler of a nation now, but soon he would be the ruler of an entire world. This world, however, was not Dominaria, but the violent plane of Rath. Eager to prove himself to the multiverse, Vuel stepped through Starke’s portal, leaving his mentor and his world behind. What he found in his place was nothing any mortal could possibly imagine.

Vuel had arrived in Rath. His feet stood upon not solid ground, but a thick sludge of flowstone. Gazing upwards, the lad saw the constant storms that enveloped the plane. In the distance was a huge forest, the only natural vegetation apparent. However, it was the site in front of him that gave him the most wonder: a volcano, nearly two miles high that spewed forth flowstone. Vuel smiled at the wonders he had beheld.

Vuel next heard the voice of Yawgmoth. Starke was nothing. The rulers of this plane were nothing. He was nothing. Yawgmoth was everything. Vuel was soon transported to another plane, Phyrexia, and educated in the ways of the Ineffable. Vuel’s body was horribly distorted, but he soon learned that it was but a temporary farce. Vuel could alter his body as he saw fit, assume any shape he wished. Should Vuel need to become stronger, a mere thought and it was done. Should Vuel need greater endurance, a mere thought and it was done. Vuel had become a Phyrexian, and in Phyrexia all names except Yawgmoth’s meant nothing. Vuel ceased to exist that day. Yet, the monster that stood in his place could not help but wish to have something for his future subjects to call him. On that day, Volrath was born.

Volrath was told of Urza Planeswalker, Yawgmoth’s greatest nemesis. He was told of the true meaning of the Legacy, created by the Planeswalker to be used by Gerrard Capashen in order to bring about the death of the Ineffable. He was told of Rath’s true purpose, to overlay its flowstone surface onto Dominaria in the second wave of the Phyrexian invasion of Dominaria. None of this concerned Volrath in the least, however. He was told of his place as ruler of Rath. This caused the monster to smile.

Volrath left the ash-filled plane of Phyrexia for the stormy horizons of Rath. Volrath contested the evincar of the plane for rulership in mortal combat. The former evincar made a worthy champion, but could not stand up to the power of Volrath. Volrath was compleated by Yawgmoth’s own vision. Nothing could stand in his way. Volrath soon took his place upon the throne of the Stronghold, contained inside the huge mountain he had once saw in the distance. Volrath quickly became the most calculated and determined ruler Rath would ever have. He quickly further enslaved the denizens of the Dal, Kor, and Vec tribes. His torture chambers saw no lack of “willing” subjects.

Dominate, by Scott Hampton Volrath eventually began experimenting with Phyrexia’s control spines. Grafting them to hundreds of hosts, Volrath soon realized only the strongest could survive this gruesome enhancement. However, one man rose to the challenge and would take his place and Volrath’s second in command: Greven il-Vec. Volrath, together with the Phyrexians, enhanced Greven to superhuman levels. Still, Volrath was less than appreciative of his new toy. Indeed, he spent years upon end humiliating and controlling Greven until the tortured man came to despise the evincar.

The monster that once had been Vuel was true to his character, however. In the year 4204, Volrath contacted his old master Starke. Starke had been instrumental in Volrath’s ascendance, but the evincar could not forget the pain he had suffered along his road to power. He blamed Starke for every bit of it. Taking Starke’s daughter Taraka en-Dal captive, Volrath ordered Starke to journey back to Dominaria and gain the trust of Sisay, captain of Urza’s flying ship Weatherlight and friend to Volrath’s brother Gerrard Capashen. As Starke began to spin the tales of the Legacy’s true purpose, Sisay began to delve deeper and deeper into the horror and mystery that was the plane of Rath. Soon Volrath was able to create a portal between his realm and that of Dominaria’s Weatherlight. Volrath soon took Sisay captive, and had only just begun his true adventures.

While Sisay’s lurked in Volrath’s dungeons, the evincar knew that Gerrard and the crew of Weatherlight would come to the aid of their friend and captain. In the year 4205, he was proven correct. Weatherlight succeeded in shifting into the turbulent skies of Rath. However, no sooner had they arrived than they were attacked by Greven il-Vec’s flagship, Predator. Greven soon returned to the Stronghold, bearing the missing pieces of the Legacy that Sisay and company had painstakingly retrieved. Volrath was ecstatic. His enemies were dead, he controlled Gerrard’s Legacy, Weatherlight was incapable of leaving Rath with their damaged Thran Crystal, and soon he would be no longer a mere ruler. He would be a god. With the artifacts designed to destroy Yawgmoth in hand, he felt assured that soon he would be complete ruler of Phyrexia and the Dominarian invasion would be his masterpiece. His joy was short-lived, however, as the evincar asked what face Gerrard wore as he was killed. Greven explained that the young Benalish had fallen into the Skyshroud Forest and was presumed dead. Volrath used his control over Greven’s spine to cause untold levels of pain to the commander. Gerrard was alive. Volrath knew it.

Volrath's Curse, by Daren Bader Volrath’s dungeons soon greeted new prisoners, as Weatherlight’s first mate, Tahngarth of the Talruum mountains, was brought aboard. Volrath immediately charged his Phyrexian priests with the task of enhancing Tahngarth to serve as first mate to Greven. However, it was the second captive of Weatherlight that made Volrath truly ecstatic. The silver golem Karn was now Volrath’s newest plaything. Volrath set up an elaborate torture mechanism for Karn, who had been freed by Sisay after the young Vuel had frozen him in place. Volrath fed on Karn’s pacifistic nature by forcing him to slay hundreds of moggs, a sub-goblin race that the Stronghold bred in an endless supply. Volrath sat in wait for his greatest enemy to arrive.

Volrath did not have a lengthy repast, as the forces of the Skyshroud elves, along with the disloyal Dal, Kor, and Vec tribes stormed the front gates of the Stronghold. Volrath’s forces were more than capable to defending their home, however. Volrath began to wonder why in the nine hells would they throw their lives away in such a frontal assault. It was then that Volrath knew his enemy had arrived. Volrath watched as Gerrard, Starke, Mirri (Gerrard’s cat warrior friend), and Crovax (and Urborgan noble) began their infiltration into the Stronghold. The quartet succeeded in freeing Karn, then the minotaur Tahngarth, who had been physically mutated into a creature worthy of Greven’s right hand. However, when the group met with Volrath’s angel Selenia, they quickly had to retreat and regroup. Tahngarth and Karn took the wounded Mirri and Crovax back to Weatherlight while Starke and Gerrard opted to further infiltrate Volrath’s kingdom. Volrath could not have planned it more perfectly. His oldest enemy and his hated mentor were coming to play. And what a game they would have.

Dream Halls, by Matthew Wilson Gerrard and Starke managed to gain entrance to Volrath’s Dream Halls, where Volrath awaited. The evincar faced off against Gerrard, sharing his vision of the coming invasion with himself at the forefront. Starke managed to sneak up behind Volrath and stab the evincar in the back. This was merely a pinprick to Volrath. Volrath fled the room, taking upon himself the form of Starke’s daughter, Takara en-Dal. Gerrard and Starke chased in pursuit, finding the disguised Volrath standing beside the brainwashed Sisay and a shapeshifter in his own form. As Gerrard and Starke approached, they were horrified by the realization that they must square off against those they each valued most dear. While Gerrard battled with Sisay, Starke faced Volrath in Takara’s guise. Just then Tahngarth burst into the room, slamming the Volrath shapeshifter into a nearby pillar. Volrath’s control over Sisay was weakened, allowing Gerrard to convert his captain back to his side. Volrath feigned ignorance however, and slashed at Starke’s eyes, blinding his “father” for the rest of his life. As the form of “Volrath” slowly melted away, the company realized they had been duped. Volrath, still in the guise of Takara, fled the scene with Gerrard, Sisay, Starke, and Tahngarth.

As the company fled to Weatherlight, Volrath began to realize the uncomfortable nature of his plan. While he was still in Takara’s guise, he would have to assume the role of guilt-laden daughter, ashamed of blinding her father. Still, anything was worth regaining the Legacy, which Volrath learned the golem Karn had recovered from Volrath’s controlled Sliver Queen. As the pair neared Weatherlight, Volrath discovered Predator hovering nearby. Overcoming Volrath’s pursuing ornithopters, the crowd knew they must reach Weatherlight in a short time and hope to escape Predator’s clutches. This was not to be, however, as the forms of Crovax and the cat warrior Mirri burst through the overgrowth to land in the forest. Crovax had apparently become a vampire after slaying his angel Selenia and was now attempting to convert Mirri to his dark cause. The group began climbing up Weatherlight’s escape ladder, while Commander Greven il-Vec landed nearby. Gerrard was faced with the decision of staying and attempting Mirri’s rescue or escaping with his crew. With a heavy heart, Gerrard put his crew’s safety over that of his dying friend. Volrath smiled in delight. Gerrard’s strings were becoming very easy to pull.

Scapegoat, by Daren Bader Weatherlight screamed through the sky away from the pursuing Predator. Activating a new Legacy artifact, Weatherlight was able to escape the plane of Rath through an ancient Phyrexian portal that Volrath had all but forgotten about. The crew sadly had to leave behind their wizard adept Ertai.

Weatherlight crash-landed amongst what appeared to be a vast, struggling farmland. Volrath quickly realized the ship’s new location: the Phyrexian-controlled realm of Mercadia. Volrath’s influence was great here, and soon he would regain the Legacy and destroy his hated enemy. But for now, Volrath had to take care of his mewling “father.”

Weatherlight’s crew made peace with the controllers’ of this land, quickly learning about Mercadia’s caste system. As Volrath already knew, the Magistrate of Mercadia sat in control of all the land. The neighboring Cho-Arrim, Rishadan, and Sapprazzan nations were of miniscule importance. The crew had little idea that Mercadia’s wealth was due to Phyrexian influence.

The crew had short time to recover from their ravages in Rath when the ship was attacked by the Cho-Arrim race. Using their water magic, the Cho-Arrim were able to float Weatherlight away from her crew’s control, taking the ship’s Samite healer captive. This was a minor annoyance to Volrath. Instead of simply killing the ship’s crew he would now have to mount an expedition into the Rushwood Forest to regain Weatherlight. Volrath began to gain Gerrard’s trust, claiming that “Takara” had suffered at the hands of Volrath as much as Gerrard had. The two began to exchange their hatred for the evincar. Volrath manipulated Gerrard into acting more brashly, allowing his hatred to cloud his judgment.

As Weatherlight’s crew began to make decisions as to their future plans to recover Weatherlight were, the chief guard of Mercadia City attacked. Using “Takara” as their guide, the group attempted to negotiate with the guards. This was short-lived, however, as the group was put under arrest. After a brief skirmish, the crew was taken to Mercadia City, a huge metropolis which sat nestled on top of an inverted mountain.

After arriving in Mercadia City, the crew managed to escape, quickly gaining access to the Magistrate’s chambers. The Magistrate and his Kyren supporters, who were the thriving force behind the throne, would not be dissuaded from their role. That is until, “Takara” managed to make his one-time subjects realize who she actually was without alerting Gerrard and company to Volrath’s presence. The Kyren and the Magistrate were quickly humbled and agreed to allow the crew all the freedoms they wished. Gerrard expressed his need to regain Weatherlight, but the chief guard of Mercadia City was woefully inadequate to aid in this request. Gerrard was allowed to train a core group of guards under his own battle techniques, while the rest of the crew made a rest to regain their strength. Volrath had only to look after his “father.” Things would soon have to change.

After a time, Gerrard, Tahngarth, and Sisay departed Mercadia City with a host of soldiers and the mercenaries of the Cateran guild. During this time the goblin cabin boy Squee became as influential as the evolved goblin Kyren, rising to their ranks to be treated as the highest class of society. Volrath bided his time.

At last Gerrard and company arrived back in Mercadia City, only this time there were no banners flying as they approached. The group arrived in shackles with the rescued ship’s healer in tow. Only one thing mattered to Volrath, however. They had recaptured Weatherlight. The rest of the crew, Volrath included, was soon rounded up with Gerrard and the rest and awaited their execution. Apparently, Gerrard had ordered the deaths of the Cateran guild after they had attacked the Cho-Arrim people in a frenzied bloodlust. Volrath considered himself in no danger, but waited to see how things would play off. Squee managed to intervene, however, quickly rescuing the group and slaying Xcric, commander of the Cateran mercenaries.

After this show of force, the crew was granted another audience with the Magistrate. The crew requested to be granted leave to negotiate with the controllers of Saprazzo, in order to gain control of the Power Matrix, a national treasure of the Saprazzan nation. As it played out, the Power Matrix was an intricate part of the Legacy, as were the Bones of Ramos hidden somewhere in the Deepwood Forest. Volrath could only wonder how these artifacts had arrived on such a backwater plane as Mercadia. However, the Magistrate and his Kyren would not be so foolhardy this time. Sisay, Orim, and Hanna were granted leave to attempt to speak with the Saprazzan. Gerrard, Tahngarth, and Karn were to stay under close locks. “Takara” had only to attend to her father. Things must certainly change.

During the trio’s imprisonment in Mercadia City, Volrath poisoned their minds with hatred and their bodies with wine. Forcing the crew to drink a hearty brew that brought out repressed anger in Tahngarth and Gerrard, Volrath began dismantling the crew of Weatherlight piece by piece.

Vendetta, by Dan Frazier The time of Volrath’s secrecy was at an end. In a horrendous display of power, Volrath had the Magistrate killed by his own Kyren advisors. Volrath then took on his true form, shedding the guise of Takara for the first time in months. Volrath made plainly clear to Starke just who had led him around all these months just before delivering the killing blow. Volrath had slain his father first, and now he had slain his mentor. Soon he would slay his brother.

Volrath’s spies in Saprazzo had stolen the Power Matrix from the Saprazzan vizier. Volrath anticipated Sisay’s, Hanna’s, and Orim’s return within days. However, this did not matter. Volrath was one step closer to constructing the completed Legacy and ensuring his place as ruler of the multiverse. Volrath was distraught that the Power Matrix was inactive, however. It needed the Bones of Ramos in order to power it. Just then Mercadia City was attacked by legions of Cho-Arrim followers, now loyal to Sapprazzo and the crew of Weatherlight. The crew managed to escape, splitting into three core groups. Gerrard, no longer trusting Takara, escaped with Sisay and Tahngarth and began heading with a group of Weatherlight’s lesser crew for the forest of Deepwood. Meanwhile, Orim and the leader of the Cho-Arrim would gather near Mercadia City and plan their final attack on the symbol of oppression for their land. Hanna, Karn, and Squee would remain in Mercadia City, gathering news and planning for their compatriots’ return. Volrath would not be discarded so easily. The evincar of Rath followed Gerrard’s group like a jackal. With a heavy heart, Gerrard allowed “Takara” back into the group.

Gerrard’s team advanced steadily toward Deepwood, while Volrath spat lies of Ramosan assassins that had killed his “father.” After a brief skirmish with a horde of the undead, Gerrard and company came upon the ancient ruins of the dragon engine Ramos. The party fought valiantly against the dryad guardians of Ramos’s tomb, eventually coming to an understanding with Gerrard. The hero was possessed by the spirit of Ramos, and began spouting a tale of Ramos’s origins as a Phyrexian dragon engine reprogrammed by Urza Planeswalker in his mortal years. After convincing Ramos to give up his Bones to empower Weatherlight, the crew made the final preparations for their return to Mercadia City. The shadow of Volrath fell upon the party, however, as the evincar escaped with the Bones of Ramos.

Volrath returned to Mercadia City, quickly discovering the hiding place of Karn and Hanna. It was then that “Takara” revealed herself to the pair. The Masquerade had ended. Volrath stood before them. Volrath took Hanna and Karn prisoner, forcing them to work on incorporating the Bones of Ramos into Weatherlight’s newly harnessed Power Matrix by threatening the life of Squee.

Volrath’s victory was almost complete when the forces of the Cho-Arrim, Rishadans, Ramosans, and Saprazzans attacked Mercadia City in a hellish frenzy. Gerrard and company had arrived in the subterranean hangar beneath Mercadia City by following a series of forgotten caves. Inside, they beheld Volrath’s personal armada, hundreds of Phyrexian ships, the smallest of which was larger by far than Predator. A series of explosions rocked the hangar as Gerrard’s party began their assault. Phyrexian ships were destroyed in scores. Gerrard and Sisay managed to smuggle themselves aboard Weatherlight only to be captured by Volrath’s armed guards and Phyrexian servants. Gerrard’s death, however, belonged to one man. Volrath and Gerrard engaged in a tremendous battle, with Gerrard gaining the upper hand by employing tactics Volrath had lacked when he was a child. Gerrard and crew left Volrath in the crumbling hangar and departed the caves via Weatherlight’s new Phyrexian ray cannons. Volrath was left for dead. But as long as hatred gripped his heart, he could never truly die.

Volrath mounted his huge warship Recreant with his Phyrexian crew and began his escape from the ruined hangar. Gerrard had managed to destroy a huge fleet of Phyrexian ships, but this would not affect the invasion in the slightest way. Weatherlight and Recreant battled in the skies over Mercadia City, with Recreant gaining the upper hand. That is, until Weatherlight employed a new tactic and rammed the ship, completely destroying Recreant. As the ship burned around him, Volrath had no choice but to abandon Mercadia and flee to the safety of Rath.

But in Rath, things are never what they seem. Volrath returned to the wastelands of Rath with the intent of regaining his throne in time to see the Phyrexian invasion commence. Talk on the road soon put the ease of Volrath’s return in doubt. Apparently, Volrath’s absence had forced the Phyrexian Inner Circle to create a contest to see who the next evincar would be. The favored victor was Crovax, the Urborgan noble that Volrath had last seen battling the cat warrior Mirri. The only other contestant was the young wizard Ertai, also left behind in Weatherlight’s escape. Volrath was furious, but calculated. He had one single card left to play that would gain him the game: Commander Greven il-Vec.

Volrath took upon himself the form of a Kor nomad, taking up the name of Furah. Furah made his way through the Skyshroud Forest, coming upon the camp of Eladamri, the elven rebel leader who had so notoriously stormed his front gate months ago. Furah revealed to Eladamri that Predator was completely destroyed after slamming into the ancient Phyrexian portal after Weatherlight escaped Rath. This was a chance Eladamri could not pass up. He began to make plans to infiltrate the Stronghold immediately. All was as Volrath wished it.

Volrath the Fallen, by Kev Walker Furah next made his presence known to Greven il-Vec, who was busy safeguarding the rebuilding of Predator. The evincar made his true identity known to Greven, who began making preparations from Volrath’s return.

At last the day of the coronation had come to be. Just as Crovax was to be crowned the seventh evincar of Rath, second only to the Ineffable, Greven strode into the room, announcing that one candidate had yet to be considered. Furah casually walked into the center of his former throne room, snickered at by the soldiers who once had dreaded his very name. Furah let his guise fall, revealing to the astonished crowd the face and form of Volrath. One by one, the surrounding soldiers knelt at his feet.

Topple, by Daren Bader Belbe, the Phyrexian ambassador to Rath, set a challenge forth. Volrath and Crovax would fight to the finish. Whoever emerged the victor would become the next ruler of Rath. As the two battled, Volrath quickly made short work of the would-be evincar. However, Volrath inexplicably fell to his knees, allowing Crovax to strike the final blow. Volrath had become the Fallen.

Dark Triumph, by Adam Rex Volrath was led to his own torture chambers, where he stood distraught over his loss. He had lost Gerrard. He had lost his throne. He had lost his godhood. Volrath had his Phyrexian pieces dismantled, revealing the form of a sickened Jamuraan man who had not gazed at his own body in decades. A creature he could only suppose had formally been Ertai the wizard injected Volrath with some form of poison or another. He didn’t care. Nothing mattered now. Volrath had lost everything. As his body fell apart piece by piece by some design of the Ineffable’s priest, Volrath, now Vuel, gazed at the starry sky of Dominaria. Vuel had arrived home. Then he died.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley