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[an error occurred while processing this directive] Tocasia of Terisiare

Quick Status — Tocasia
BirthplaceDominaria, continent of Terisiare
Born-70 to -10 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
842-902 PF (Penregon Founding)
Died10-30 AR
Lifeform TypeHuman

Written by member Eidtelnvil

The name of Tocasia is but a footnote of the long and violent history of the Brothers’ War, but its importance is certainly not in doubt. A master artificer before the continent of Terisiare became enveloped in lunacy, Tocasia will forevermore be remembered as the loving mother figure of two of the world’s most notorious madmen.

Tocasia began her life’s work in the Fallaji lands, unearthing ancient artifacts built by the Thran. It was upon one such expedition that she was given charge of two young boys, Urza and Mishra. With the children’s father on his deathbed back in Penregon, Tocasia had little choice but to enlist the two youths in the study of artifice. She soon came to realize that two young men possessed a genius intellect the likes of which Tocasia had never before encountered. She also became aware of the constant bickering and upstaging attempts both brothers constantly attempted.

The years passed and Tocasia was amazed at the level of brilliance the two youths possessed. Urza was capable of understanding any mechanism with but the slightest glimpse and was even able to improve upon the Thran’s design under many cases. Mishra was host to an unfathomable understanding of people, constantly able to gain what he wanted no matter how concrete the opposition. Although the two young men quarreled constantly, whenever a problem reared its head they would always combine their talents and overcome any obstacle before it had even begun.

Upon one of her more famous expeditions, Tocasia unearthed a complete relic: a flying machine of Thran design known as an ornithoper. Within weeks, the two young men had grasped each and every secret the ornithoper possessed and restored the machine to working order. While flying the machine, Mishra made a discovery. In the distant desert, ancient runes lay sprawled about, possibly indicating a clue to the mystery of the Thran’s fate. Urza made several calculations, and proved to Tocasia that the runes geometrically pointed to a central site, one that would undoubtedly be the resting place of not only many Thran but also many of their artifacts. Tocasia agreed and together set out with the two brothers via ornithopter for Koilos, the Secret Heart of the Thran.

The Brothers' War, by rk post After an ill-fated run in with a rukh, Tocasia, Urza, and Mishra began excavating the ancient lair of the Thran. In the fabled Hall of Tagsin, the party discovered a fist-sized powerstone still possessed of untapped power. As the brothers reached for the powerstone, it split in twain, each brother grasping his own half. The untold energies trapped within the ancient relic soon proved too much or either brother to handle and both soon fell unconscious. Tocasia managed to wake them, but only moments before Thran mechanical defenders had awakened. Urza tried using the power of his stone on the machines, but it only seemed to increase their might. Mishra’s stone, however, had the opposite effect and weakened the machines. Tocasia and the two brothers escaped the caves of Koilos, but a squabble between who should own the halves of the powerstone soon brought the brothers to a short battle. On that day, the brothers’ trust in each other was forever sundered and Dominia would pay the price.

Tocasia and the youths returned home to their camp, but arguments between the brothers continued to escalate. Tocasia feared that soon one of the brothers would try to take the other’s stone by force. Indeed, her darkest fears were realized one night as a drunken Mishra openly battled his brother using the strange power of the powerstones. Tocasia tried to interrupt the brothers’ quarrel, but their power was now out of control. The resulting battle caused Urza’s cabin to collapse atop Tocasia, ending the old artificer’s life. Tocasia will always be remembered as the first of the countless casualties of the Brothers’ War.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley