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Quick Status — Taysir
BirthplaceRabiah the Infinite
Createdcirca -1500 to 200 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
Died4205 AR
Lifeform TypeHuman (circa -1500 to 200 AR)
Planeswalker (-1500 to 4205 AR)

Written by member Yldal

Taysir originally hails from the far-off plane of Rabiah, a desert plane full of magic. He started out as five separate people, a city bazaar merchant of white, a desert nomad of red, a forest dweller of green, a young babe of blue hidden in a city in a bottle, and a wicked man of black under the tutelage of the evil Sorceress Queen Nailah. Nailah’s hidden intent was to kill Taysir and steal all his intended power, but after she bode the black Taysir to slay the green Taysir, the two Taysirs merged painfully, and the wicked black Taysir saw the world through new eyes. When Nailah ordered him to find the white Taysir, and kill him, Taysir instead betrayed Nailah and told the white Taysir of the Sorceress Queen’s intent. Nailah, furious, imprisoned the Black and Green Taysir when she found out, but the white Taysir escaped, and with the newly learned information about himself, he set out to locate the other Taysirs. He found the first Taysir in the desert—the nomadic Taysir of red. The two stroke a deal, and merged, becoming more powerful.

Arabian Nights #1, by Acclaim The Red and White Taysir then headed to the City of Brass, where the blue Taysir lived. Walking through the city, Taysir fended off various guardians, and eventually found the city in a bottle. He magically transported himself into the city, and located the blue Taysir, a tiny baby. Crying for having to end such innocent life, the Red and White Taysir merged with the Blue, changing into a being with even more power. At last he sought the lair of Nailah in the bogs of Rabiah. There, he battled with the powerful Sorceress Queen, but even though her powers were fierce, Taysir’s combination of different powers overwhelmed her in the end. Forgetting about her broken body, Taysir released the trapped Black and Green Taysir, and the two of them merge, finally finishing their destiny to become one of the most powerful planeswalkers in Dominia. The dying Sorceress Queen’s final spell was to seal Rabiah off from the departing Taysir, so that he could never return to his home plane.

Centuries after the events that transpired on Rabiah, Taysir arrived on Dominaria, and decided to stay to explore the plane’s bountiful mana resources. He has arrived just prior to the final sealing of the Shard, and ended up being trapped within the twelve planes of existence within the Shard.

Arabian Nights #2, by Acclaim While exploring the small content of Corondor, Taysir happened across Kristina of the Woods, a planeswalker native to the area. Her seeming innocence and zest for life awoke feelings in him he never knew he has, and Taysir forgot his homesickness to Rabiah for the first time since Nailah banned him from his home plane. Kristina, in turn, responded positively to his affections.

During their many years trapped together, Taysir and Kristina explored all of the Shard's planes. They tried to find out what could possibly weaken or shatter the Shard in order to break free of their planeswalking prison. During this time, Taysir became involved in the affairs of the various civilizations struggling for survival. Both Taysir and Kristina became great heroes to many, and he couldn't help but fall ever more deeply in love with her.

Eventually, Taysir witnessed the full bloom of Kristina's power. During lengthy discussions, he realized that Kristina, of all the magicians he'd come across, had the power to return him to his home plane of Rabiah, should they ever break free of the Shard. Taysir's love will slowly grow into an obsessive determination to use Kristina's power to return home.

Taysir and Kristina were summoned to the null moon’s Shard Council by Faralyn, to discuss the problem of the Shard. Chaos ensued, and after Faralyn has escaped through the portal to Shandalar, Taysir helped a well-meaning Kristina cast a spell of resurrection to revive the fallen Ravidel.

After Freyalise had cast her world spell and dissolved the Shard, Taysir revealed his wish that Kristina use her powers to take them both to his home world of Rabiah. After some thought, Kristina realized that, while she could indeed do this, it would trap her and Taysir on Rabiah forever.

Unfortunately for Taysir, Kristina did not wish to spend an eternity on a single plane now that she could finally explore the Multiverse.

Ice Age #3, by Acclaim Frustrated by Kristina’s refusal, and mad in his desire to return to Rabiah, Taysir eventually found the resurrected Ravidel, and took him on as his apprentice. Taysir’s tutelage caused Ravidel to grow in power exponentially. Taysir sought a way back to Rabiah, and Ravidel reminded him that one way of doing so was to expend the life energy of another planeswalker, as Faralyn did on the Null Moon.

Ravidel kept pushing Taysir to act on this notion, and finally Taysir agreed. He decided to avenge the breaking of the Treaty of the Shard by pursuing Leshrac and Tevesh Szat, and executing them. He would use their energy as a by-product to return to Rabiah.

Wayfarer #5, by Acclaim Taysir and Ravidel found Leshrac on Shandalar, and trapped him by means unknown in the clockwork hell of Phyrexia. Unfortunately the conceived prison would not render the required power to Taysir, who abandoned the trapped Leshrac. Of Tevesh Szat there was no sign.

Taysir, discouraged, eventually tired of his plan and cut Ravidel loose to continue as he saw fit. Ravidel left to explore Dominaria for powers, but would return only every few decades to learn once again at the feet of Taysir.

When Ravidel disrupted the meeting of the Sages of Minorad, and banished Kristina to her beloved woods, there is a distinct possibility that Taysir played a hand in the matters, isolating her from the remainder of Dominia as he was isolated from Rabiah.

Whilst exiled in the White Woods, Kristina befriended the traveling Sandruu, an Anaba Minotaur from the world known as Ulgrotha, and eventually took him as her lover. While searching the cosmos for signs of the marauding Tevesh Szat, Ravidel discovered this blooming romance. The sinister Ravidel then led Taysir to one of Kristina trysts with Sandruu in hopes that the elder planeswalker would kill them both. Taysir, still obsessed with Kristina, became furious, and attacked the surprised Sandruu, who fled.

Homelands, by Acclaim Taysir pursued Sandruu back to Ulgrotha, and engaged the Minotaur in a magic duel. At the duel's climax, Taysir banished Sandruu to a plane so desolate and remote, that it would take the minotaur a thousand years to find his way back.

Taysir was then engaged by Feroz, the planeswalker guardian of Ulgrotha and friend of Sandruu, who broke a vow of peace to avenge his lost Minotaur companion. Taysir was physically annihilated in this duel, and his spirit was exiled to the plane regarded as the afterlife by the Anaba Minotaurs of Ulgrotha.

There, over a course of two hundred years, he was taught redemption by the Ancestors, and he learned once again to be humble and compassionate. Eventually, he resumed his corporeal form, the remains of which had been guarded in a cave by the Anaba. His body had withered and looked much older, and although Taysir could have changed this, he chose to keep his new form as a reminder of his follies. Even though he returned to the planes of the living, because of Feroz's Ban, Taysir was locked on the plane of the Homelands for decades thereafter.

Many years later Feroz died from a horribly miscalculated experiment, and the Ban he had created began to disintegrate. Taysir took on a pupil named Daria, but with the ban's final collapse Taysir chose to remain to complete Daria's education rather than take to the planes. He had, however, never forgotten his caring for Kristina, his vow to bring justice upon Tevesh Szat, or his desire to go home. Eventually, when he felt Daria was mature enough to look after herself for short periods he began to take tentative steps back into the Multiverse.

Taysir's first visit was to Leshrac in Phyrexia. Seeing that Leshrac had not rehabilitated (and indeed had seemed to go mad), Taysir left him in his prison and continued his search for a way back to Rabiah the Infinite. Unfortunately, Taysir had all but forgotten Ravidel, who was still in the process of launching his mad scheme in Taysir's name. Taysir would come and go from Ulgrotha for the next couple of years, but eventually Daria was ready to accompany him. She had reached her fourteenth year and her planeswalker spark was blossoming.

Taysir arrived to Dominaria in response to Ravidel's Mox Beacon, and later settled in a small cabin on the hills outside Hurloon, with his daughter and fellow planeswalker Daria. He was selected as one of the Nine Titans who invaded Phyrexia, and he brought Daria with him as a replacement for the phased-out Teferi. Taysir could only watch in silent horror as first his one-time lover Kristina, and then his adoptive daughter Daria were slain by the brutal Tevesh Szat. Taysir had grown mutinous of Urza’s suicidal attack on Yawgmoth’s plane, and when he found Urza allying with the forces of Phyrexia, Taysir went on an all-out assault on the other planeswalker. Urza, sensing the opposition, activated the soul-seeping controls of Taysir’s titan engine, ending the life of one of the oldest planeswalker in history. The Urborg planeswalker Lord Windgrace scavenged Taysir's heart so that a piece of him would continue to survive.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley