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Quick Status — Slivers
FoundPlanes of Dominaria and Rath
Average LifespanUnknown

Written by member Evercursed

Dominia is home to millions of strange and terrifying creatures. The orcs and goblins of Dominaria, the homarids and thallids of Sarpadia and the spikes of Rath are a just few of those creatures that rely on numbers and variety to survive in their harsh environments. However, of all the creatures that rely on numbers to win the day, few are as diverse and deadly as the slivers of Rath.

Crystalline Sliver, by L.A. Williams "Slivers are evil and slivers are sly;
And if you get eaten, then no one will cry."

—Mogg childrenís rhyme

The origins of the slivers remain unclear and even to this day, scholars spend time to study this much disputed topic. Some claim that they were the result of years of experimental mutation by Volrath, the sixth evincar of Rath, while others argue that they were brought to Rath as a part of Davvolís planeshifting experiments. However, the truth had been lost to the test of time and it is highly unlikely that it would ever be revealed. It is known though, that by the year 4205 AR, a large colony of slivers found home in the depths of the Rathi Stronghold.

Winged Sliver, by Anthony S. Waters An ordinary sliverís body usually consists of a beak-like head mounted on a small and flexible body. They normally have two razor sharp talons and a pair of whip-like tails for additional defense. Slivers are generally weak by themselves, but once they are in close proximity of another sliver, they have the ability of "reading" the other sliverís abilities and developing the other sliverís attributes for themselves. Slivers are known to be highly adaptable and there are documented cases of slivers surviving in the blazing lava of the furnaces of Rath.

Sliver Queen, by Ron Spencer Slivers are highly territorial creatures dominated by the presence of a single hive mind—the Sliver Queen. Unlike the other slivers, the Queen has a developed sentience and has complete control over her brood. The other slivers would defend the Queen at all costs. That was one of the many reasons why Volrath entrusted the Sliver Queen with the pilfered pieces of the Legacy. In the years leading up to 4205, Volrath sent several artificial slivers into their nest to further his influence on the unsuspecting creatures. Eventually, his dark influence spread, like a stain on a clean sheet.

When Gerrard Capashen and the crew of the Weatherlight came to Rath to rescue their kidnapped captain Sisay, they were forced to cross a tunnel filled with dozens of slivers. With their mind reading abilities, the slivers grew stronger each time a new sliver joined the battle. However, the slivers only shared their abilities in close approximate and Gerrard managed to weaken them by separating the slivers from each other. After the crewís escape, the silver golem Karn entered the sliver lair. It was there that he negotiated with the Sliver Queen over the release of the pieces of the Legacy. By relating the pieces of the Legacy to himself, just like the slivers to the Sliver Queen, Karn was able to secure the release of the Legacy artifacts.

Metallic Sliver, by L.A. Williams In the great planeshift, Rath overlaid onto Dominaria, bringing millions of Phyrexian reinforcements into areas such as Urborg and Koilos. The Rathi Stronghold overlaid onto an Urborg Volcano and the slivers suddenly found themselves subject to the intense heat of the lava. Doubtlessly, hundreds of the slivers perished and it was likely that the Sliver Queen was among the dead. When the god Yawgmoth materialized in the form of a death cloud over Urborg in the third phase of the invasion, the sliversí fates were sealed. On that day, the slivers became extinct.

Riptide Replicator, by Doug Chaffee One hundred years after the Phyrexian War, the nations of Dominaria continue their struggle to rebuild what was destroyed in the invasion. On the tiny continent of Otaria, Cephalid Empress Llawan founded the Riptide project, a cooperative effort between human and Cephalid wizards to research and resurrect creatures lost in the invasion. Traveling to the land of Urborg, the Riptide researchers found the remains of a sliver in the ruins of the Stronghold.

With much experimentation, the Riptide researchers managed to restore the sliver. By exposing the sliver to a variety of different environments, the researchers created dozens of new types of slivers. What they didnít do was to revive the long-dead Sliver Queen.

Synapse Sliver, by Thomas M. Baxa Without the influence of their Queen, the Riptide slivers ran amok. The researchers tried to put an end to their experiment but in a matter of time, the slivers were immune to the researcherís spells. They quickly overran the island within weeks, destroying research facilities and killing researchers. A few slivers even escaped to mainland Otaria, where the mutating effects of the Mirari started to alter their forms. When the false god Karona was created, the blast that created her also fused several of the slivers together into the Sliver Overlord.

Sliver Overlord, by Tony Szczudlo Soon, more slivers would arrive from the grounds of the doomed Riptide project and answer the Overlordís call. With a new hive mind, the slivers would find a new home on Otaria and adapt to their newest environment. Only time would reveal their true intentions for the people of Otaria.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley