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Quick Status — Sisay
BirthplaceDominaria, continent of Jamuraa, Femeref
Borncirca 4170-4175 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
DiedNot dead.
Lifeform TypeHuman

There is little known about Sisay's past. The Lord of the Wastes had her village destroyed. Thus she began a lifelong goal to destroy the Lord of the Wastes.

It is unknown why or how Sisay got control of the flying ship Weatherlight. She became the captain of the ship and goat a good crew. She began to search for the Legacy artifacts in her quest to destroy the Lord of the Wastes.

Sustenance, by Qiao Dafu She met the young Talruum minotaur Tahngarth. Tahngarth eventually became a trusted and loyal first mate, working along with the Tolarian artifact expert Hanna and the Samite healer Orim.

Sisay met the Benalian Gerrard Capashen who joined her crew along with his friends Rofellos and Mirri. Sisay believed that Gerrard was the heir to the Legacy and vital to destroying the Lord of the Wastes.

When a new crewmen, Crovax, had his family's estate attacked by Phyrexian agents, the elf Rofellos was killed defending Crovax's home. Mirri and Gerrard left the crew for several years.

Abuduction, by Colin MacNeil The Rathi native Starke promised Captain Sisay the Legacy artifact null rod but betrayed her to his master, Volrath. Sisay was then abucted by Volrath, the evincar or governor of Rath.

The Acting Captain, Tahngarth, went to Benalia to request for Gerrard Capashen to help search for the kidnapped Captain Sisay. Gerrard agreed and was to be the captain until Sisay was rescued.

The Weatherlight picked up some new crewmen, as well as some old friends.

Fugue, by Randy Gallegos Journeying to Rath, the Weatherlight was ambushed by Volrath's flagship, the Predator. Gerrard went ot Volrath's stronghold and freed Sisay, who had been there for months. Sisay and the remaining crew got on the Weatherlight and went to a portal leading to an unknown plane.

Traveling through a portal in Rath led the Weatherlight to the plane of Mercadia. Captain Sisay and the crew got some powerful artifacts from an ancient dragon engine named Ramos. Combined with the Legacy artifact of the Juju Bubble which Sisay had gotten several years before in Terisiare's Adarkar Wastes. With the more powerful ship and better trained crew, Captain Sisay used the Weatherlight to planeshift back to their home plane of Dominaria. To be continued . . . .

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