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Quick Status — Selenia
BirthplaceSerra's Realm
Createdcirca 2500 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
Died4205 AR
Lifeform TypeAngel

The angel Selenia was created by the planeswalker Serra. Selenia and several thousand other angels lived in Serra's artificial plane of beauty, purity, and hope. Then came Urza.

Urza was rescued from Phyrexia by Serra. After he spent five years healing, the Phyrexians had caught up with him and attacked Serra's realm. Radiant led Serra's army and Lady Selenia was Radiant's finest warrior, but she was taken into Phyrexia as a prisoner of war. Hundreds of angels died that day and the Phyrexian invaders had took heavy damages.

Persecute, by D. Alexander Gregory It is not known how Selenia escaped Phyrexia, however, she later became controlled by a rich family in Dominaria. Selenia became the guardian of an estate in the swamplands of Urborg. The oldest son of the estate once discovered that she was imprisoned in an artifact and the young man promised he would one day free her once he was owner of the estate.

The young man, Crovax, ran away from Urborg with the artifact and joined Captain Sisay and the crew of the Weatherlight. One day, two Phyrexian agents—Morinfen and Gallowbraid, along with several other monsters—attacked Crovax's father's estate. They killed Crovax's father and murdered his family. Crovax and the crew of the Weatherlight fought back the monsters. Crovax summoned Selenia to fight the creatures.

Gerrard's Quest: Initiation, by Dark Horse Comics Selenia and the crew were triumphant. Crovax loved her, so he destroyed the artifact binding Selenia to him, so that she would be free. However, she was still binded to yet another controller, and she was sent to Rath.

Selenia, Dark Angel, by Matthew Wilson Crovax and the crew of the Weatherlight went to the plane of Rath where Selenia had gone. Selenia could always tell where Crovax was and she had been transformed by Volrath—the evincar of Rath—to a dark angel. She led Volrath's flagship, the Predator in an attack on the crew of the Weatherlight.

Death Stroke, by Colin MacNeil Finally, in Volrath's stronghold, they met. Selenia was controlled by Volrath but her will was great enough to let Crovax destroy the angel he loved. The artifact was cursed and so, in the end, was Crovax.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley