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Quick Status — Rhammidarigaaz
BirthplaceDominaria, continent of Shiv
Borncirca 3260-3360 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
Died4205 AR
Lifeform TypeDragon (Primeval)

Written by member Richard Brown

What is known of the legend, and later hero of the invasion, and the great leader of the dragon nations of Shiv, Rhammidarigaaz, is more based in lore than in reality. Like all mortal dragons, he was hatched from the brood of a firedrake. The mother, Gherridarigaaz was a native to the fiery realms of Shiv, a volcanic and tempestuous land that harbored the dragons, goblins, and a few small tribes of Viashino. It is with these lizardfolk that Rhammidarigaaz spent his time, much to the anger of his mother. Eventually, when the planeswalker Urza came to the land to restore the ancient Thran mana rig, now kept in working order by the Viashino, he had to go through Gherridarigaaz, and only by allowing her to reclaim her son did Urza get his Tolarian scholars and wizards past the indignant lady dragon. Of Rhammidarigaaz's middle years, there is little knowledge, only that he was tutored as the king of dragons by a particular dragon, a planeswalker by the name of Tevash Szat.

Darigaaz, the Igniter, by Mark Zug With the creation of the skyship Weatherlight, and the creator, Urza, aboard, the planeswalker came to Shiv to call upon his all Gherridarigaaz, in an effort to save an army's worth of angelic soldiers from the failing realm of Serra. It was here that Rhammidarigaaz's mother gave up the selfish style of a dragon and rode with the Weatherlight into the realm of the angels. During the battle, Gherridarigaaz was forced to sacrifice herself to keep the planeswalker alive, an act that from the information, gave Rhammidarigaaz a kinder, gentler ideal for how to rule the dragon nations.

"Rule through fear, Darigaaz, only when the dragons know fear will they truly be your servants." —Tevesh Szat

When the Phyrexian invasion finally came to fruition, Darigaaz was first to reawaken the pact his mother had made with the millennial planeswalker, and with him, Darigaaz took the dragon nations of Shiv into battle at Koilos, to win a victory that sealed the last of the portals from phyrexia to Dominaria. But this was merely the beginning. Minus the previous general, Tsabo Tavoc, the phyrexians came back undaunted as the artificial plane of rath overlaid itself into Dominaria, and with it literally billions of the biomechanical warriors bent on total domination or obliteration. It was here that one of the nine titans, the very tutor of Rhammi himself took action. As the other members of the desperate but unbowed coalition phased with their respective planeswalker, the dragon nations followed Tevash Szat into their homeland, only to see the havoc the Phyrexian scourge had beset upon the goblin and Viashino tribes that lay in disorder. In his dragon form, Szat led Darigaaz and several faithful courtiers into a large, ancient volcanic cave, where signs of the prophecy were to unfold. To their misfortune, the first of what the planeswalker had called 'primevals' had been decimated, or rather, his inlaid icon had been desecrated, and therefore useless in its resurrection. It was here that Szat 'walked the dragons to Yavimaya, and promptly left them to deal with the kavu and treefolk as he set out for Phyrexia to take place in the dissolution of the homeworld of the invaders. Inside a great and ageless Magnigoth tree, the acting monarch of the dragon nations felt a warm, feminine, purring voice call to him. It led him to the cleft heart of the tree, and inside, another engraved image of a dragon. This dead end prompted a young Drake who looked more like Szat than his own sable chromatic kind to question the very nature of Darigaaz's leadership. This led to a fight, as urged by the feminine draconic voice inside Rhammidarigaaz's mind, and the use of the long forgotten 'volcanic desire' a fiery attack that left the black dragon lord impaled upon a thorny magnigoth outgrowth. With this sacrifice, the heart of the ancient tree shuddered and split, and from the cleft and image came a speckled green and brown lady dragon, Rith. She explained little to Darigaaz, only that he and the dragon nations must follow her in her quest to resurrect the primevals whom humanity had banished by stealing the various arts associated with each's respective color in the mana cycle. The next to rise from the prison was Treva, the renewer, whose art was knowledge written down.

Invasion, by Stawicki "Writing is the knowledge of magic, the magic that can make the dead speak to the living with their thoughts recorded, to pass on to those after them." —Rith, primeval

With the two feminine Dragon primevals in flight ahead of the dragon nations, the once proud Darigaaz flew as if in tow, with each sacrifice weighing heavily on his heart, for the next test was soon to come. Over the seas of Vodalia, Rith instructed the others to follow her and Treva as they descended to awaken the fourth primeval, whose name means adulthood, and whose throne had been given gems that would cost mortals more than a lifetime's wages to acquire: Dromar. His undersea necropolis was guarded by not only the fierce pressures at such depths, but the zombies of the merfolk that built the palace for their eternal lord. It was only after sacrifice at the hands of the zombies did the primevals, Darigaaz, and several dragon lords escape into the ruined square of Dromar. There, Rith instructed Darigaaz to channel his energies with the elder dragons, and break the seal on Dromar's underwater tomb. The act ended the lives of all the elder dragons, yet Treva and Rith were unashamed in their act. This infuriated Rhammidarigaaz, yet he remained silent. For now the fourth, he blue primeval was to be lured away from the throne of greed. By plucking a jewel, Rith drew the attentions of the overly and ever watchful dragon who, for millennia, had guarded his horde from all interlopers, slaying every who dared touch his glorious pile of gems and gold. Yet Rith, aware of her brother's rage, calmed his mind, and the four broke the surface to reunite with the dragon nations, prepared to find the final, and most deathly primeval yet. It was here that Darigaaz broke out and fumed at the primeval of agriculture, and Rith paid him no heed.

Insolence, by Carl Critchlow "The sacrifice of mortal dragons to sate your immortal hunger ends here!" —Darigaaz, to Rith

In the mires of Urborg, where none of the living could last more than they could fight, lay a massive tar pit, and it was here that Darigaaz found the truth.

"It is the cycle, my friend. The Shivan primeval represented conception, and I, childhood. Treva is youth, and Dromar is adulthood. Therefore, this last primeval is death, and his name is fitting in your tongue: Crosis." —Rith

Realizing the truth and glory of the primeval dragon rulers, once sent by the Ur-dragon to enslave the world, his own name was called into discussion. The ancient Draconic word for conception was "Rhammi-darigaaz", thus proving that he was the only primeval with the capability to be reborn. So, without thought, Darigaaz plunged into the tar, believing himself tricked by Rith and cursing his own stupidity. But a new sensation awoke in his mind: power. Power so unimaginable that even he, the dragon son of Gherridarigaaz, could not fathom. Rith arose from the tar, clad in emeralds and amber, Darigaaz, a fiery dragon of ruby, swathed in flames. Treva was as pure as a diamond, feathery wings fluttering like those of a serran angel; and Dromar arose like a maelstrom, flapping his sole wings furiously to break free of the tar. At last, a great black wyrm, with a head like a cobra, arose, his leathery bat like wings fluttering as the primeval of death and decay came to life. The cycle was complete, and the primevals were once again free to control the races. Their first target: the Weatherlight. However, the escape of the first Primeval was not completely unnoticed. For when Rith herself had been freed, the great magnigoth treefolk elder that had imprisoned her for countless centuries awoke, and with it, the entire Magnigoth forest, kavu and all, and together they descended into the ocean to track and reclaim their prisoner. It was in Urborg they surfaced, just as the Weatherlight needed the help the most, and it was here, atop the fabled skyship, that Darigaaz found it painfully obvious that he was turning on the people he once sought and strove to save, the very "mortal flaw" that Crosis warned him of: compassion. When the Weatherlight's engineer; Karn, the silver golem, reached out to the primeval of Shiv, Darigaaz's last thought was "What have I done?" With this, he left the hull of the skyship and plummeted into the volcanic caldera that had phased in with rath, wondering what his last journey had been for.

Terminate, by DiTerlizzi "Just like his mother before him, Darigaaz gave his life defending Dominaria from the tyranny of the self styled 'gods.'"

With each less primeval, the other's strength waned, and soon the great Magnigoth trees reclaimed the awakener, Rith. The disarray sent the morbid Crosis into a spiral back into the pit of tar from whence he had come, and the fearful Treva and Dromar left, never to be heard from, even in the Apocalypse.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley