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[an error occurred while processing this directive] The Predator

Quick Status — Predator
FoundPlanes of Rath and Dominaria
OriginPhyrexian design
Created3360-4150 AR
Destroyed4205 AR

Written by member Chainer

The skyship Predator was the flagship of the Phyrexian fleet of Rath. It was commanded by Greven il-Vec and Vhati il-Dal being second in command. The Predator was much larger than the Weatherlight at 500 feet long; it's most distinctive feature being the two massive sails spreading out beneath its main hull, seeming to resemble dislocated bats' wings. The hull itself is aerodynamic and shaped like a wide split needle.

Tempest, by Mark Tedin & Anson Maddocks The first encounter of the Predator by the Weatherlight was during its first entry into Rath. The Weatherlight came to rescue it's abducted captain, Sisay, and Greven and his crew were ready for the weaker Dominarian ship. As soon as the Weatherlight entered above the Skyshroud Forest, the predator descended from the clouds and crippled its prey with the first surprise volleys. The Predator then closed and the vicious crew prepared to board.

Cataclysm, by Jim Nelson The captain, Greven, immediately boarded along with his crew to personally capture the ship's current commander, Gerrard Capashen. While he was battling the Benalian, the Predator's second-in-command, Vhati il-Dal, saw his opportunity for personal advancment. When the bulk of the Legacy raided and brought onboard to the Predator, Vhati fired a mogg cannon at the Weatherlight, hoping to kill his captain with a flying goblin. His aim was off and the goblin kept going, and once Gerrard had been flung overboard Greven returned to his ship. Greven threw Vhati overboard for his insolence, and he cut the ley lines tying Predator to the Weatherlight, setting course for the Stronghold, while the Weatherlight plummetted into the dark forest below.

Once the ship had returned to the Stronghold, it was repaired and powered up once agin. The Legacy was handed over to evincar Volrath. After repairs of its own, the Weatherlight infiltrated the Stronghold, recovering both the Legacy and Sisay, with Greven in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, the mage Ertai had been preparing a spell to open a portal that the Weatherlight was heading for at top speed. Even though the Predator was larger, faster and in better condition, it is unable to reach the fleeing ship before it had reached the portal. The portal collapsed immediately thereafter, and the Predator smashes into the sheer rock behind it. It's still able to fly, though, but badly damaged. It limped back to the stronghold with the magical help of a new passenger: Ertai, who had missed the jump onto his own ship.

Predator, Flagship, by Mark Tedin When the ship returns Greven is astonished to find that Volrath has gone missing and a Phyrexian ambassador named Belbe has arrived to oversee his replacing. Greven turned down the post, insisting that he prefers to be in a position of following orders. Crovax and Ertai instead compete for the leadership of Rath. At the same time, Eladamri and the various races of Skyshroud have decided to mount an attack while the Stronghold is weak and the Predator was undergoing repairs. The Predator is damaged further by the rebel assault.

Crovax had lead a massive assault party on a pre-emptive strike into the forest, and ordered that the Predator is to follow as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the attack fell into an ambush and failed miserably, with Crovax only just managing to teleport himself back to safety. The Predator had gone out to see if any troops could be salvaged, and picks up a party, unknowingly carrying the elven leader Eladamri in disguise.

Predator throughout the Rathi overlay of the Invasion, the critical second phase.

Hull Breach, by Brian Snoddy Once the planes have merged, it once again came into battle with the Weatherlight, which had now been drastically enhanced. The two ships battle over the Stronghold, now located in Crovax's home of Urborg, during a daring attack by the Weatherlight. Sisay is able to use the reinforced hull to physically ram the Rathi ship, fatally crippling it. The crews now came in contact with each other one final time, with the hulking Tahngarth and Greven squaring off. Greven's fortune changes as Tahngarth gains the upper hand and kills him. The crippled ship that had been the bane of Rath fell free and smashed into the Stronghold, with Gerrard and Squee on board. After a long reign of terror, the great skyship Predator, once glorious flagship of the Phyrexian fleet in Rath, is destroyed.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley