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Quick Status — Orim
BirthplaceDominaria, continent unknown
Born4180 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
DiedStill alive.
Lifeform TypeHuman

Orim (pronounced Oh-reem) has a mysterious and unknown past. She went to the Argivian University, where she met Hanna.

Intuition, by April Lee Since then, Orim has worked on board the Weatherlight. She has a variety of jobs, but as a healer, she tries to keep each crew member in one piece. She is one of the most spiritual people on the ship.

Orim is a rather quiet person, but she has learned to speak many languages.

Orim, Samite Healer, by Kaja Foglio When the Weatherlight was on the plane of Mercadia, she was captured by the Cho-Arrim people and met the leader, Cho-Manno, who she came to love. When the Commander, Gerrard, attacked the Cho-Arrim to retrieve the Weatherlight, Orim thought Cho-Manno had died, and refused to speak to Gerrard.

Mercadian Masques, by Kev Walker Cho-Manno and Orim reunited but she decided to leave Mercadia so that Cho-Manno and the Ramosians could rule Mercadia City.

Orim is currently on the Weatherlight in Dominaria. To be continued . . . .

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