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Quick Status — Mirri
BirthplaceDominaria, forest unknown
Borncirca 4181-4185 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
Died4205 AR
Lifeform TypeCat warrior

Mirri was rejected from her own kind because of her differing colored eyes—an ill omen to her race. Things got better when she became a student of the maro-sorcerer Multani where she befriended the elf Rofellos and human Gerrard Capashen. They were a good team until Rofellos died defending Crovax's estate from Phyrexian minions. Gerrard left the Weatherlight crew for Benalia, and Mirri left for Llanowar to tell Rofellos's family of their loss.

Vitalize, by Pete Venters Mirri remained with the Llanowar elves for three years until Gerrard and the Weatherlight returned bearing news of Captain Sisay's abduction into the plane of Rath. She fought off the Rathi minions until she got to the evincar's stronghold. Inside, the Urborg nobleman Crovax was defended by Mirri from an attack by the dark angel Selenia. Seriously wounded, Mirri was taken aboard the Weatherlight for healing along with Crovax.

Curiosity, by Val Mayerik Mirri, Cat Warrior, by Daren Bader Crovax had been cursed to becoming an undead vampire once killing Selenia, and had begun his transformation. Tired but curious, Mirri followed Crovax as the nobleman left the sickbay. Upon discovering his plans for sabotaging the Weatherlight, Mirri had attacked Crovax. With his new vampiric powers, Crovax had managed to defeat Mirri after the two fell overboard. Gerrard and the Weatherlight managed to escape the plane of Rath because Mirri had sacrificed her life.

Slaughter, by Pete Venters When the Weatherlight had landed on a new, strange plane, they had a ceremony where the rescued Captain Sisay and crew had a ceremony for Mirri's courageous death. Mirri was a mighty warrior and died defending her friends from the forces of darkness.

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