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Written by member KillTheVec

The plane of Mercadia has a rich history and a varied geography. To the east lies Rishada and the Outer Sea, where the city-state of Sarprazzo is located in. To the south is the Deeplands, dark swamps where unspeakable horrors lurk. In the center lie the plains and Mount Mercadia. To the southewest, lies the Rushwood and the the west, you can find several mountain ranges. The sky itself is an oddity: it is lemon-colored to orange at times.

Mercadian Atlas, by Dan Frazier Its oldest people, the Mercadians, are desendants of the Thran themselves. The Mercadians reside on an inverted mountain centered in the middle of the plains.

High Market, by Carl Critchlow Another three civilizations are known as "The Children of Ramos." Supposedly desendants of Dominarians rescued by the great dragon engine during the brother's war, these people split into three seperate cultures.

The Cho-Arrim are forest-dwellers who live in the great forest known as the Rushwood. Itself a living entity, it allows the Cho to live a peacefull life within the woods. The Cho are desendants of Urza's injured human fighters, possibly Argivian, Yotian and Korlisian, with maybe a Fallaji within the group. These people believe a person's soul goes into the Great River, which flows through the Rushwood with no apperant beginning or end.

Rishadan Port, by Jerry Tiritilli The Rishadans are the coastal pirates of the plane. Their main city resembles Mercadia City, but has a more seaside feel to it. These people are desendants of the crew of a pirate ship saved by Ramos during the Sylex blast. Before uniting with them, the Rishadans constantly killed the Sarprazzans, calling them "a nuisance."

The Saprazzans are the the merfolk people of Mercadia. Living on a small island in the greenish-colored seas of their plane, the merfolk have possibly the most socially advanced civilization in their world. With vizziers and judges and the like, justice can always be applied to those who are found guilty. They are desendants of a school of merfolk saved by the dragon engine.

Alongside the Mercadians live the Kyren. These are goblins who have evolved in a period of 9000 years into the masters of the Mercadian people. They had full control over the magistrate and the nobles. But they themselves were servants to the Phyrexians and the evincar of Rath, Volrath.

Cateran Overlord, by Edward P. Beard, Jr. Another interesting group is the Cateran Guild. These brigands are cutthroat mercenaries that do the magistrate's dirty work . . . for a price. Some speculate they were founded by the Cabal dementia master, Cateran. This Dominarian is thought to have escaped into his own plane where he made his horrors come alive. The Caterans might be the Cabalist's nightmares come to life.

In Deepwood lurk the ghouls of those who perished during Ramos' fall from the sky. In the city of Ouramos, a shrine to Ramos, dwell the dryads. These forestfolk can communticate with others by simply willing it. And in the center of it all lies Ramos. The great dragon engine rested there until Weatherlight's crew came.

Plains, by Edward P. Beard, Jr. The other people of this world are varied. The barren plains are home to farmers and native peoples whose heritage is not well known. There are also men with heads of boars and women with heads of eagles.

When the flying ship Weatherlight arrived, the leader Cho-Manno fell in love with the ship's healer, Orim. With the help of the rest of the crew, they managed to unite the children of Ramos and the people of the plane to overthrow the Kyren rule. When Orim left, it was forseen that she would return to the world of the lemon-clored sky. After the Dominarian Apocalypse, this came true with the help of Karn Planeswalker.

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