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Quick Status — Lim-Dûl
BirthplaceDominaria, continent of Terisiare, Kjeld
Borncirca 2700-2900 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
DiedStill alive.
Lifeform TypeHuman

Written by member Evercursed

"Even the bravest of warriors yet knows the dark clutch of fright upon his stalwart heart."

The Dominarian Ice Age lasted for well over two millennia and it was a period of history marked by both harsh trials and extreme danger. On the continent of Terisiare, the human populations struggled to survive the freezing climate and the dangers that lurked just right around the corner. Yet, the greatest threat during the turbulent times came just before the end of the Ice Age, in the form of Lim-Dûl, the Necromancer, whose dark and terrible campaign threatened to drive the inhabitants of the nation of Kjeldor into extinction.

"From the mouths of my servants, my voice shall emerge to shake the souls of my foes."

Dark Ritual, by Justin Hampton All great people must have humble beginnings and Lim-Dûlís origins could not have been humbler. As a lowly Kjeldoran soldier in the regiment of the legendary Márton Stromgald, Lim-Dûl was used to taking orders from his superiors. For years, he loyally served his nation against internal and external threats; however, the seed of darkness had already been planted in his heart.

During a routine exercise, Lim-Dûl was somehow separated from the rest of his battalion and he would have perished in the cold, had it not been for the ring that he found while searching for shelter. As Lim-Dûl put on the ring, he felt a massive surge of magical power flowing through his body, increasing his magical talent tenfold. The Ring, which had once belonged to an evil and extraordinarily powerful mage, named Mairsil the Pretender, still contained his evil essences and the evil of Mairsil combined with the soldierís dark thirst for power, resulting in a rare breed of evils.

Lim-Dûlís sudden affinity for magic was not unnoticed and it was not long before he attracted the attention of two of Dominiaís most evil and powerful beings—the Planeswalkers Tevesh Szat, and his mutual ally Leshrac. The two Planeswalkers had nothing but evil intentions for Dominaria and it was in their best interests that life on the plane be extinguished. Convincing Lim-Dûl to act as their puppet, the two Planeswalkers piled their blessings on the humble soldier. Within minutes, the three formed a sinister pact to destroy the civilizations of Dominaria. On that day, Lim-Dûl the soldier was no more and instead, he began his descent into the perverted career as Lim-Dûl, the Necromancer.

"I have seen the true path. I will not warm myself by the fire-I will become the flame."

After returning to brutally slay his commander, Mßrton Stromgald, Lim-Dûl raised the corpse as an undead creature and set up his base of operations in a monastery that formerly belonged to the Brotherhood of Gix, which he named Tresserhorn. There, the necromancer waged war against the three greatest Kjeldoran states of Terisiare—Krov, Soldev and Kjeld. However, the state that attracted most of his attention and hatred was Kjeld. Determined to wipe out the nations, Lim-Dûl planned a two-front war against Kjeldor. Each time a person from any one of the states perished, Lim-Dûl would use his potent magic to raise them as an undead slave and use them as another addition to his ever-growing army. Soon, his army would outnumber the living inhabitants of the continent and the time would be ripe for invasion.

"Join me in the place of power, you risen dead. Join me where the waters weep and the trees have no hearts."

For his second front, Lim-Dûl funded the Stromgald Cabal, an insidious organisation that promised to overthrow the weak reign of King Darien of Kjeldor and bring the nation back to its former glory. Using the dead Mßrton Stromgald as a puppet figurehead for the organisation, Lim-Dûl managed to convince hundreds of Kjeldorans to join his cause and plot against the King. Among the masses that joined his organisation, are several prominent figures in the Kingís court, including General Avram Garrison, whose opinion was highly valued by the king. The corrupting influence also reached out the distant School of the Unseen, where various groups fought for the control of the school.

"Virtue has its rewards, as does its opposite."

More followers started to appear in Tresserhorn, in response to Lim-Dûlís promises of power and the necromancer had no shortage of servants and followers- whether dead or alive. During the next few years, the influx of followers and cabalists became so great that Lim-Dûl appointed Chaeska, a man of great cunning and ambition, to be his loyal warden and keeper of Tresserhorn.

"Serve me, and live forever."

Years soon passed and Lim-Dûl grew increasingly frightful of his master, Leshrac. Tevesh Szat had not made an appearance for decades, which left the demented Leshrac in charge of the necromancer. Leshrac was a harsh master and often, he would grant Lim-Dûl mutations during his short visits. When Leshrac ordered Lim-Dûl research to research a rogue plane that was about to near Dominaria, Lim-Dûl was forced to maintain his silence and comply with Leshracís wishes. That acted as the last straw, which broke the donkeyís back and from that day onwards, Lim-Dûl started to plot against his foul master . . . .

Several years later, Lim-Dûl struck a deal with Gerda ńagesdotter, Archmage of the School of the Unseen, who brought him the drugged Jodah, Archmage Eternal of the School. Lim-Dûl recognized the famed wizard and the necromancer saw his great potential for helping him topple his estranged master and gaining a considerable tool in his conquest of Terisiare. First of all, he would need to convince Jodah that he was raised from the dead and Lim-Dûl knew that fear was the best tool for motivation.

Eventually, Jodah was awakened and Lim-Dûl arranged for the Archmage Eternal to be brought before him and with Jodahís mind still in its confused state, Lim-Dûl easily convinced him that he was nothing more than a shade raised from the dead. With that out the way, the necromancer informed Jodah of his tasks, which included research about a rogue plane, and methods to kill a Planeswalker.

"You honor me with your presence . . . . Welcome to Tresserhorn, Lord Jodah. I am its master, Lim-Dûl, called by some the Great Necromancer. Welcome back from the dead."

Just as all seemed well, Leshrac once again popped by for a visit, this time demanding that the necromancer find the rogue plane immediately. As much as he despised his servitude, Lim-Dûl could do little to such a powerful Planeswalker as Leshrac and he humbled himself in front of his master. Leshrac eventually left, but not before gracing Lim-Dûlís form with two horns that would soon grow into giant antlers.

Mere moments later, Lim-Dûl discovered the door to be ajar and behind it, he found Jodah, who had been listening in to the conversation between Lim-Dûl and his master. Furious, Lim-Dûl sent him back to work, convinced that he would have enough motives to work faster and harder.

"A mind in agony is a sparrow without wings."

Just as Lim-Dûl heard that Jodah was making excellent progress on his research, reports had surfaced that Jodah had fled with a young woman who had infiltrated his fortress. Enraged over Chaeskaís incompetence, Lim-Dûl called upon the blessings of Leshrac to stop the troublesome duo. Unfortunately, Leshrac, who was frustrated by Lim-Dûlís constant pleas for help, sent several of his minions instead of coming personally to quell the trouble.

"Leshrac, my liege, grant me the power I am due."

Yet, things no longer mattered for Lim-Dûl. Belenda, one of his Kjeldoran agents, reported the time was perfect for invasion. Already, much of the capital sympathized with the Stromgald Cabal and an invasion was just what they needed to spark the insurrection. Delighted at the news, Lim-Dûl offered Belenda a drink, which turned out to be poison. After Belenda died in agony, the cruel Lim-Dûl raised her corpse as a more controllable servant. Mere days later, the first great gathering of the Stromgald Cabal took place and the exact plans for rebellion were discussed. "Take their dead, and entomb them in the snow. Risen, they shall serve a new purpose."

Yet, another unexpected visit from Leshrac brought Lim-Dûlís battle plans to a skidding halt. Apparently, Leshrac had learnt of Lim-Dûlís traitorous intentions to topple him and he harshly reprimanded the necromancer for his treachery. While he was angry over the treachery, the evil Planeswalker still praised Lim-Dûl over his presence of mind and before he took to wandering the planes, he gave Lim-Dûl a broadened shoulder to further mutate him and support the weight of the antlers.

Within days, Lim-Dûlís armies were on the move. Spewing from the putrid bowels of Tresserhorn, they marched in a relentless armada, towards the Kjeldoran capital. At their head, was Lim-Dûl, accompanied by the trusty Chaeska, who wanted to see the life snuffed out of every last Kjeldoran and have their bodies raised on a massive scale. It seemed that Kjeld would not last the week. As they marched towards the capital of the Kjeldoran capital, Lim-Dûlís undead horde despoiled nearby villages, slaying the inhabitants and having Lim-Dûl raise them as more soldiers to destroy the much-hated state.

"They shall drink sorrow's dregs. They shall kill those whom once they loved."

Within a matter of days, Lim-Dûl arrived at the Kjeld, where they encountered heavy resistance from the locals. Surprised at their preparation, Lim-Dûl discovered that Jodah had escaped Leshracís wrath and he had rallied together the armies of Kjeld and the nearby barbarian nation of Balduvia against his undead army. Still, nothing mattered for Lim-Dûl, as he could raise the fallen soldiers as devoted warriors that fought for his cause.

"My foes serve me twice: in dying, and in death."

During the heat of battle, Jodah confronted Lim-Dûl and the two began a fierce duel that would eventually decide the fate of Kjeldor. That was when the spirit of Mairsil took over . . . .

Imprisoned inside the ring for over two thousand years, the specter of Mairsil had fused with that of Lim-Dûl and he finally saw the opportunity to battle his onetime nemesis, Jodah. With the backing of Mairsil, Lim-Dûl and Jodah both fought with magic and each time one mage had cast a spell, the other would counter it with their own brand of magic.

Eventually, both of their resources were depleted and Leshrac showed up in order to carry Lim-Dûl away to another plane. Lim-Dûl tried to plead with Leshrac in order to give him time to raise the fallen soldiers and win the war, but the Planeswalker was adamant about his decision. Severing his ring hand and Marisilís ties with the necromancer, Leshrac carried the powerless Lim-Dûl to the rogue plane of Shandalar along with the majority of the undead soldiers.

"What was yours is mine. Your land, your people, and now your life."

On the plane of Shandalar, Lim-Dûlís career finally came to an end. Lim-Dûl and Leshrac finally met with Tevesh Szat. However, soon after, they were confronted by Sahrmal, the Planeswalker guardian of the mana-rich plane. Leshrac and Tevesh Szat did battle with the powerful Planeswalker, but it was no good. Soon, Leshrac fled the plane and Tevesh Szat soon followed, leaving the weakened Lim-Dûl to fend for himself. Left abandoned and powerless after the loss of his ring, Lim-Dûl could only wander the plane in search of resources and food.

Years later, Lim-Dûl foolishly did battle with a student of Sahemal, by the name of Azaar and he harnessed the last of his magic to escape into the Azaarís body. There, Lim-Dûl and Azaarís spirits fought a war of will in order to win over control of the body. Eventually, over the course of a more than a hundred years, Lim-Dûlís soul prevailed and he rose again on an epic crusade to exterminate life on Shandalar. However, Lim-Dûl was not destined to prevail forever and with the help of the five magic guilds of Shandalar, he was overthrown. Lim-Dûl could do nothing as his soul was later removed and bound to an artifact, to stand the test of time . . . .

"The weak shall fall. The strong shall remain."

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley