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Quick Status — Hurkyl
BirthplaceDominaria, continent of Terisiare
Born-50 to 20 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
862-932 PF (Penregon Founding)
Died44-64 AR
Lifeform TypeHuman

Written by member Eidtelnvil

Hurkyl will forever be remembered as a guiding light in trouble times. Co-founder of the College of Lat-Nam along with her husband Drafna, Hurkyl was a paragon of peaceful learning in a time that was dominated by the chaos of the Brothers’ War. While any of these accomplishments would guarantee Hurkyl a place in any history book, her contribution to the reemergence of magic in Dominaria is certainly her greatest achievement.

Hurkyl's Recall, by NéNé Thomas Hurkyl and her husband were summoned to take part in the council of Terisia City during the later half of the Brothers’ War. Hurkyl and Drafna, alongside such renowned thinkers as the Argivian artificer Loran and the archaeologist Feldon, took part in the unanimous decision to remain independent from both parties in the escalating war. This “third path” would begin Dominaria’s long trek away from over-dependence on mechanized artifacts to the more commonly used arcane arts. Magic had not been steady part of Dominaria’s lifestyle since before the days of the Thran Empire, but due to the contributions of Hurkyl and the sages of the Ivory Towers, that would soon change. However, it is here that Hurkyl’s tale must sadly end.

Ashnod, chief lieutenant of the qadir of the Fallaji, took an avid interest in the goings-on of the scholars of Terisia City and soon set her sights on conquering the noble city-state. Through the efforts of Hurkyl, many of the scholars were able to escape with their lives. Sadly, Hurkyl was slain during a battle with Mishra’s dragon engines.

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