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Quick Status — Hanna
BirthplaceDominaria, isle of Tolaria
Born4180 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
Died4205 AR
Lifeform TypeHuman

Hanna is the daughter of the master wizard Barrin, and his wife Rayne, a chancellor of the Tolarian Academy. Unlike the Tolarian Academy students, Hanna preferred artifacts instead of spells. Through arguments with Barrin, Hanna left the isle of Tolaria to learn artifice at the Argivian University.

Hanna's Custody, by DiTerlizzi At Argive, Hanna mastered knowledge of how to use the most complicated artifacts. She met the healer Orim and they became friends.

Hanna and Orim met Sisay, captain of the flying ship Weatherlight, and joined her crew. Through Hanna's vast artifice knowledge, she became navigator of the ship.

Energy Flux, by Qiao Dafu Hanna met a young man named Gerrard. Gerrard worked on the ship with his friends Mirri and Rofellos. When Rofellos was killed in Urborg, Gerrard and Mirri left.

When Sisay was abducted to the plane of Rath, Gerrard came back but Hanna found their relationship uneasy.

Hanna had fought Rathi slivers and Mercadian Kyren. She has personally added the skyshaper, power matrix, and bones of Ramos to the Weatherlight, increasing its power greatly. She has become a vital part of the crew and is rushed to the defense of her homeworld, Dominaria.

Invasion, by Kev Walker Back on Dominaria, Gerrard ordered the ship to go to his home in Benalia. Hanna tried to get there but kept getting pushed off by distortions from Phyrexian portals. The invasion had begun, and each crewmember realized their world would never be the same. The ship managed to disable enough portals, but the Phyrexians had damaged their ship enough that they made a landing in Benalia City. There, Hanna's former love, Gerrard, was accused of deserting the Benalian army and the command crew was placed in a Benalish brig. Meanwhile, Phyrexian ships poured forth over the skies of Benalia. Phyrexian ships landed and the armies ran amok. The group got out of the brig only to find Benalia a smoking ruin.

Invasion, by Kev Walker The Phyrexians were merciless with their plague ships and Hanna became infected. Days and days went by and Hanna quickly deteriorated. Orim could do nothing to this plague.

Hanna, Ship's Navigator, by Dave Dorman During a later battle, the crew entered Rath via Phyrexian teleporters and dropped their own plague bombs on the troops. Then the crew noticed that the Phyrexians were unaffeced. Sisay gave Gerrard the idea to drag anchor to find the immunity of the Phyrexians, thus saving Hanna's life. Gerrard said he'd do anything for Hanna and caught four Phyrexians on the anchor. Orim was able to find what stopped the Phyrexians but it didn't heal, only stop it. Orim tested it on an animal and then by cutting herself and testing it. This was Hanna's best hope and it was soom adminished to her. Hanna was too weak to survive and weakened beyond repair.

Reviving Vapors, by Kev Walker The fully-immune crew came the Llanowar forest and found a possible cure—the Dreaming Caves, a place where thoughts could become rea. Gerrard tried his best to image a health, happy Hanna but to no avail. Hanna tried to make herself useful in her final days after the bitter dissappointment of still no cure.

Recover, by Nelson DeCastro The planeswalker Urza, disguised as a blind seer, told Gerrard to go say goodbye, while she was still awake. Gerrard loved Hanna and told her so. He would avenge her inevitable death.

Obliterate, by Kev Walker Two weeks later, Mage Master of Tolaria, Barrin, was informed by Urza after the loss of Urborg to the Phyrexians of Hanna's passing. Outraged of letting Hanna go with Urza's plan for so many centuries, Barrin left for Tolaria—now in ruins after the Phyrexian's came and buried her in a protective case near her recently death mother, Rayne. He then cast a very powerful spell which killed him and created a huge explosion which destroyed the Phyrexian forces, only leaving the remnants of the secret isle, and his buried wife and daughter.

In dedication to one of Weatherlight's most memorable crewmembers,
Hanna of Tolaria (4180 - 4205).

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley