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[an error occurred while processing this directive] Gherridarigaaz of Shiv

Quick Status — Gherridarigaaz
BirthplaceDominaria, continent of Shiv
Borncirca 2400-3360 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
Diedcirca 3346-3360 AR
Lifeform TypeDragon

Written by member Direxion

Gherridarigaaz was a fire drake of the land of Shiv. She lived in a great caldera, surrounded by a ten-mile radius of goblin territory. The nest was encircled by a boiling sea of lava, and the aerie itself was in the center of the caldera perched on a jagged pinnacle of stone. The nest was made by tree boughs and fired clay.

Shivan Hellkite, by Bob Eggleton Gherridarigaaz herself was a gigantic drake of red feathers, fur, scales and skin. She could breathe fire and had giant claws. She had a pair of massive wings along her flanks and a long, scaly tail.

Gherridarigaaz's son, Rhammidarigaaz, had joined the Viashino and was their champion. Because of this, Gherridarigaaz was very angry and had attacked the Viashino for a long time. Urza is sent to halt these attacks, but leaves the nest only with a threat against Gherridarigaaz.

Shiv's Embrace, by Bob Eggleton Urza never came through with this threat, but many years later went back to Gherridarigaaz's caldera. He comes in peace, and says Gherridarigaaz will regain her son if she helps him and others in their fight to save Tolaria from Phyrexians. She accepts, and planeswalks to Tolaria with Urza. There she unleashes great flames of attacks on the Phyrexians. Throughout these attacks, Rhammidarigaaz is reunited with his mother, and they attack side by side against the Phyrexians. With their help, Tolaria is saved and the Phyrexians are destroyed.

This was not the only time Gherridarigaaz was needed. She helped provide an ariel defense for the ship Weatherlight when they went to save refugees from Serra's Realm and to defeat the Phyrexians there. Gherridarigaaz also carried Urza and attacked with him in the realm. Urza made a few spells to protect themselves, one covering Gherridarigaaz and one covering himself. They acted as shields against white mana spells and attacks. Gherridarigaaz and Urza flew about, attacking all the angels around them. Gherridarigaaz used her fire breath while Urza used various sorceries. Even when the angels got through the enchantment and hurt the drake, Urza would heal it. As they were flying towards the Weatherlight, they met another army. This one was led by Radiant. Unexpected by Urza, Radiant summoned a spell, a great force of energy that was too fast to stop and too great to escape. It headed right towards Urza.&nbs! p; Gherridarigaaz acted quickly and rose in front of Urza, shielding him with her body and wings. The force hit her head on, sadly destroying her but saving Urza, who later saved the Weatherlight, crew, and the refugees. Gherridarigaaz gave her life for Urza in Serra's Realm, fighting beside him, her son, and others with the goal of destroying Phyrexia.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley