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Quick Status — Dralnu
BirthplaceDominaria, Urborg
Died4205 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
Lifeform TypeNecromancer

Written by member Richard Brown

Lich Lord Dralnu joined the Coalition during the second phase of the Phyrexian Invasion. From his recounting to the Metathran commander Agnate, he was once a common commander, leading his troops into and back from damnation. At an unnamed battle he and his contingent laid down their lives against a mysterious foe. From his recollections, Dralnu awoke in an alcove, being inspected by a female lich. Dralnu himself knew not her name, but came to recognize her as one who kept her undead as trophies, not giving the soldiers the tasks their wandering souls required to keep them sane. When he had learned enough of the necromantic arts from her, Dralnu promptly slew her, took her place, releasing the undead as his troops, his friends, and his subjects in a massive underground city known to the undead as Vhelnish.

Sinister Strength, by Terese Nielsen In the midst of the Phyrexian invasion, Dralnu encamped his minions beneath a massive vortex of sand. In this place his undead minions found something alive struggling, but ultimately sinking like lead. True, many had sunk beneath the waves of grit and returned as another soldier for the lich lord, but these seven foot tall, blue skinned, silver haired men were far different. The Metathran, in Dralnu's eyes, were an asset to gain more territory, and gain favor in the eyes of the living as allies. But one complication arose. To secure loyalty, Dralnu showed no sign of hostility. If the sole commander of the Metathran died, it would mean more power for Dralnu's army. Dralnu welcomed Agnate into Velnish as a friend and ally. Under the guise of a warrior's ritual, he performed a necromantic rite upon the genetically engineered commander, washing his legs in a black watery substance. It would take it's plague-like effects far later, eating away at Agnate's skin, and eventually crippling the valiant ally. But by this time Dralnu had already marched his forces well into the isle of Urborg, to slay the Phyrexian invaders, recently planeshifted into Dominaria by way of Rath.

Planeshift, by Stawicki "I confer with death itself, what can you possibly do to injure me?" —Lord Dralnu

Exotic Disease, by Kev Walker Things went well for the coalition when Gerrard Capashen and the members of the skyship Weatherlight carried reinforcements in the form of Talruum minotaurs in her hold. To represent this force, Gerrard enstated Grizzlegom, a burly minotaur with a fist stronger than stone, as commander. With Agnate, Dralnu, and Grizzlegom commanding the remaining members of the coalition, Urborg seemed to be a bright beachfront to be conquered, swept free of the Phyrexians forever.

"The very sight of our undead allies sickens me. What unholy bargain have you struck?" —Grizzlegom, to Agnate

Lord of the Undead, by Brom When the necromantic rite caught up with the good Metathran commander, Agnate confided in Grizzlegom that he feared Dralnu meant to raise him as an undead creature. With both legs amputated after the lich's plague began to spread, Dralnu told Grizzlegom that the twice dead could not rise again. If he was to be freed from Dralnu's control, he must be slain twice, once for lie and once for unlife. With great hesitation, the minotaur had Agnate sign his command over to himself, lest Dralnu gain control of the Metathran for his own fiendish purposes. Soon Agnate was dead, and in the tent of Grizzlegom stormed the infuriated necromancer. Dralnu accused an axe-bearing member of Grizzlegom's elite of murdering Agnate, hacking twice at the man's face. So to settle it the minotaur way, Grizzlegom had both his own head, and Dralnu's wrapped in burlap bags. If the Metathran lieutenants suspected Grizzlegom, they would strike and kill him. If they suspected Dralnu, he would bear their fury. Alas for the necromancer, the Metathran struck Dralnu, shattering his head and smashing each and every jewel that spilled from his gut, in an attempt to keep him from reanimating his corpse. For without those precious phylacteries . . . .

"The twice dead cannot rise again." —Lord Dralnu

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley