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Quick Status — Dragons
FoundMost planes of Dominia
Average LifespanHundreds to thousands of years

Written by member Tyler

Physical Description
The Dragons are large, saurian creatures, ranging from a small stature to a size just under a leviathan’s. Their thick hides can be any color, but are predominately red, black or white. Red dragons are most common, and they tend to be immune, and attracted to fire and heat.

Catacomb Dragon, by Donato Giancola The drake subspecies is mainly blue and purple in hide coloration. Dragon blood is very powerful, able to give those that ingest it great strength. The Viashinos are known to use dragon blood.

Exalted Dragon, by Matthew D. Wilson Young dragons are called whelps, and are born in nests called roosts. When they reach adolescence, they are called fledglings.

The True Dragon is the most feared beast on Dominaria, with large size, majestic wings, and ferocious temperament. They will not kill their prey until they have played with it, showing their cruelty and disdain towards lesser species. Highly intelligent, they rule over the land of Shiv, and are known to inhabit Keld, Corondor, Nalathni, Jamuraa, Otaria, and the planes of Rath and Mercadia. The most famous and feared dragons, are those of Shiv are divided into two races, true Shivan dragons and the smaller, and forest dwelling, Viashivan dragons. Both races are hardy and violent, especially towards their cousins, the Viashino. Keldan and Corondori Dragons are known for selfishness and isolationism, while those of Jamuraa exist in every color of mana, though this is not limited to the Jamuraan landscape.

Two-Headed Dragon, by Sam Wood Some rare True Dragons are two-headed, with each head having its own intellect and fire-producing organ. Canopy dragons, an arboreal and eight limbed dragon type, is wingless and dwells in the Mwonvuli Jungle of Jamuraa. It is able to leap great distances. Another Jamuraan mutant is the Nalathni, a pygmy species of dragon. The Nalathni dragons are small, and are prone to work in groups, and should actually be considered drakes. The Dragons are the offspring of the Elder Dragons, who won the primordial war against their children.

Argothian Wurm, by Kev Walker The Wurms are giant, limbless, flightless, and nearly endless dragons, with great open maws. They are able to cause tremors, and crash through the earth. The Wurms are jungle dwellers, and leave large swaths of damage in their paths. A group of Wurms is called a Crush, for the sound they make as they rampage and consume entire forests to fuel their immense growth. They are non-sentient, and are descendent from the ancient Elder Landwurms who lost their war against the Elder Dragons, cursed forever to crawl the land and eat the dust, giving them a bitter, fierce temperament. The Wurms of Otaria look like actual worms or grubs, with four large, crushing mandibles. Other wurm species, like the Craw, Argothian and the Jamuraan, have lizard like heads.

Cerulean Wyvern, by Gerry Grace The Drakes are small, water and air dwelling dragons, occupying the coast. Drakes tend to look like dragons, but are shy, smaller and weaker (in draconian terms) than True Dragons, and tend to inhabit the waterways and the upper atmosphere, were True Dragons do not go. Though most drakes are blue mana oriented, occasional breeds red drakes exist, such as those that also populate the Burning Isles, in particular the fire drakes of Bogardan. Wyverns are small dragons, related to drakes, with only back legs and wings, and dwell mostly in hot, volcanic regions.

Crimson Hellkite, by Gerry Grace The greatest of the dragons are the mighty, brilliant, and terrible hellkites. Hellkites have ornate coloration, ridged scales, and a mastery of flame. They are known to dwell in Shiv and Jamuraa, guarding vast swaths of wasted lands, killing entire armies out of mere sadism. The crimson hellkites were chief among the dragon invaders of Jamuraa during Kaervek’s invasion, and the greatest beasts under the control of Hivis of the Scale and Zirilan of the Claw.

Clockwork Dragon, by Arnie Swekel Artificial Dragons, such the dragon engines of Mishra, their mak fawa forbearers, Teeka’s Dragon, and Draco are rare, but greatly prized by artificers.

Behavior & Personality
The dragons are able to dominate by the sheer force of their titanic wills, and are known to level lands with their power. Most high dragons are sentient, and wildly malicious, torturing and maiming their prey. They are vastly intelligent, and long lived, known to keep vast treasures for millennia.

While the dragons are in and of themselves feral, they have great master-gods called the Primevals. These five great dragons are part of the ideal dragon, the Ur-Dragon.

Dragon War
The dragons are famous and feared as the masters of their realms and beyond. They come in a great many shapes and forms, with strange intelligences and magics, and inhabit every known region of Dominia. They are spoken of in great legends and cautious whispers. But one thing is not known to many Dominarians—dragons are all spawned from a great race called the Elder Dragons, a race of planeswalking behemoths that ruled the endless planes. They were worshipped as gods, creating and destroying races out of mere jest, and forming continents and boiling away oceans out of boredom.

Nicol Bolas, by Edward P. Beard, Jr. But with absolute power, comes absolute corruption. And with beings as absolute as the Elder Dragons, War is always the outcome. The War was one between brothers and sisters. And, like the Brothers' War of Urza and Mishra, this conflict would change the order and hierarchy of the universe. But in the Brothers’ War, the greatest casualty was Argoth—in the dragons’ war, the pillars of worlds were shaken, and the universe was painted with the color of dying universes.

During the midst of combat, Sivitri Scarzam led her army of lower dragons against Corondor. The dragons were her children, and she herself was sired by the great dragon Scarzam. They rampaged across the land, killing many and leaving disaster in their wake, as Scarzam was trying to kill her arch-nemesis, Sol’Kanar the Swamp King. These Scarzam dragons were nearly wiped out by a magical, poisonous flower grown to destroy Sivitri’s power.

Palladia-Mors, by Edward P. Beard, Jr. After epochs passed, they finally halted—eaving most of the dragon-kin dead or stripped of power, and the perpetrators of the conflict were cursed into the form of the Elder Land Wurm. The Five Survivors, called Primaries, or the Elder Dragon Legends, continued to grow in power, siring many dragon races, fighting each other in proxy battles, and becoming the progenitors for innumerable races. They were the four siblings Arcades Sabboth, Nicol Bolas, Palladia Mors, Chromium, and their cousin Vaevictis Asmadi. Nicol Bolas, the eldest surviving Elder Dragon, is believed by many historians of Dominarian lore to be slain by the warrior Tetsuo Umezawa, who lured him into a pocket meditation plane. His reign over his kingdom of Madara was one of terror and domination, claiming the lives of many in the great Wyrm's thirst for power.

The direct descendants of the Elders are the Dragon Primevals, great rulers and leaders, who, though lesser than their parents, still were the material of legends, and, though they lie dead, they periodically return to Dominaria to reclaim their former throne. These great wyrms are known as Crosis, the Purger, Rith, the Awakener, Dromar, the Banisher, Treva, the Renewer, and Darigaaz, the Igniter.

The firstborn children of the Primeval Dragons were called the Lower Dragons, or “sub-Elders.” These included Pira, Chromium Rhuell, and Scarzam. The Lower Dragons would go on to sire the many races of dragons we know today on Dominaria. Their sons are the pearl, ebon, and alabaster, and dragons today are extremely diverse. There are the True Dragons, the wurms, and the drakes, all with their own sub races and sub-sub races.

Four of Elder Dragons, Arcades Sabboth, Palladia Mors, Chromium, and Vaevictis Asmadi, and their decendants Pira, Chromium Rhuell, and Scarzam are reported dead, though only Rhuell, who died on the summit of the Null Moon, is confirmed. But in any case, their power over Dominia has waned . . . .

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley