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Quick Status — Davvol
Born3400-3800 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
Died3800-4179 AR
Lifeform TypeHuman

Written by member Chainer

Davvol's early life included him as one of the leaders of the town of Coracia. Later on, he became very sick and he was exiled. However, his life had taken a drastic turn when Croag, a member of the Phyrexian Inner Circle, came to town looking for an ancient machine in the town's temple. While Davvol's physical body had withered and deteriorated, his mind and mental abilities strengthed. When Davvol met Croag, he betrayed his former townsfolk and showed Croag how to access the vault in the temple.

Carnival of Souls, by Brian Snöddy Afterwards, Croag took Davvol to Rath, where Croag told him that he would be responsible for overseeing the construction of ther artificial plane, stop the revolting peasants such as the Kor, Vec, Dal, and the elves, and to kill Urza Planeswalker. To grant him eternal life, Davvol was partially compleated, but not all the way; this is a great source of anger for him, as he yearns to rid himself of his weak flesh. In an effort to kill Urza, Davvol begins evolving and improving Phyrexian Negators, adding new strengths and components. Even with their strengths, Urza always manages to defeat them, and Davvol continues to improve. He is also a master of efficiency, pushing the growth of Rath to unprecedented levels. Davvol also began conducting planeshifting experiments for Croag, this experiments involved transporting Rathi troops throughout the multiverse, as well as transporting parts of Dominaria to Rath. This planeshifting led to the Dauthi, Soltari, and Thalkalos races to be stuck between the two worlds. Davvol secretly yearned to become the ruler of Rath; however, Croag continued to make him subordinate to him.

Encroach, by rk post All this changes when Croag goes to Keld to fight the Keldons and steal Gatha's genetic research. Croag becomes badly injured in the assault by Kreig, and returns to Phyrexia to heal for several years. During this time, Davvol takes the opportunity to proclaim himself the first evincar, or governor, of Rath and continues his plans for killing Urza and expanding Rath.

Soul Feast, by Ray Lago Croag eventually returns, but is not still slowly healing. At this time, Davvol uses his personal negator to force Croag into a position of lower authority. This infuriates Croag, and he begins to plot Davvol's downfall and death. During an accident in the flowstone factory, Davvol's reign comes to an end. Davvol was punishing the inefficient workers, when part of the factory collapsed, crushing him. At this point, Croag comes up to him, and using the grafted metal skullplate, he steals all of the knowledge and information that Davvol knew about the stronghold. Afterwards, he leaves Davvol trapped under the rubble, weak, dying, and alone.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley