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Quick Status — Dakkon
BirthplaceDominaria, continent of Corondor
DiedStill alive.
Lifeform TypeHuman

Dakkon, who had come to be well known as both warrior and blacksmith, was born on the continent of Corondor. His skill in battle and at the forge drew the eye of many. In time, even a planeswalker took notice—Geyadrone Dihada.

The demoness went to Dakkon and told him what she wanted, a black blade like no other weapon created before. She taught Dakkon how it would be enchanted, so that when it struck, it would take both life and soul from its victim. Geyadrone Dihada left him once he had agreed to forge the Blackblade.

Dakkon put all his talent and effort into the forging, caring not how long it took. Then, when it was finished, he spun the sorcery that would make it a soul-stealer. With Blackblade in hand, Dakkon left the forge and entered into battle with it at once. He felt his strength and endurance increase with each strike, and grew hungry for more power. Dakkon of Corondor became known as Dakkon Blackblade once tales of the terrible weapon spread.

Geyadrone Dihada heard those stories, and knew it was time. The planeswalker approached Dakkon Blackblade, and asked to see the sword he had forged for her. Dakkon Blackblade was a proud warrior, and his pride was even greater for the work of art that he handed to Dihada. The demoness held up the sword to look at it, then stabbed it down into Dakkon's shadow.

Dakkon Blackblade, by Richard Kane Ferguson The demoness has sensed the planeswalker spark within Dakkon. That spark flared when she drove the sword into his shadow. His shadow was pulled into the sword, taking Dakkon's soul with it, but not his life.

When Dakkon awoke, Geyadrone Dihada was gone. The Blackblade was gone. And so was his shadow. Yet in their place he could feel the land itself feeding him power. He had become a planeswalker, but the Blackblade that he had forged had chained him to land itself. Without the ability to leave the plane, Dakkon began to wander Corondor in search of the demoness.

A young thief named Carth would be the one to summon Dakkon. A fellow prisoner had helped Carth escape, and told him where the amulet could be found, and the legendary warrior that would answer its calling. Dakkon was not so easily enslaved.

The amulet defended Carth when Dakkon tried to attack the youth. When that did not work, Carth explained his plan for revenge against the very same planeswalker that Dakkon sought—Geyadrone Dihada. Dakkon agreed to go with the youth, in hopes that they would find a way to break the amulet as well.

Dakkon Blackblade, by Edward P. Beard, Jr. They were led through a marsh, to the ruins of manor houses and estates. The marsh had once been a verdant forest, but Dihada had corrupted it and the nature spirit that had been its guardian—Sol'Kanar. Sol'Kanar attacked Carth and Dakkon. Dakkon pushed the youth out of the way, and in a battle of strength, won over the fallen force of nature.

Geyadrone appeared, laughing at the display of power. The demoness summoned two elder dragon children: a chromium and its mate, Piru. The dragons flew to attack the great warrior, but Carth had managed to sneak near Dihada and steal the Blackblade. The young thief threw the great sword to Dakkon.

Dakkon Blackblade slew Piru immediately. The chromium, enraged, suffered the same fate. Geyadrone only laughed, and as she laughed she began to grow into her true demonic form. The energy released from the death of two elder dragons had been absorbed by the demoness.

Dakkon tried to attack Geyadrone, but the demoness pulled up the wounded Carth and showed Dakkon the leash she had made for him. When Carth was hurt, Dakkon was hurt; and Carth was dying. Dihada 'walked away, leaving Carth on the ground, but promising to return for them when she needed them.

Dakkon healed the young thief, even while cursing him for ever using the amulet. Carth knew that it was the prisoner that had helped him escape that had been Dihada, and even he had been tricked. Carth saw one thing new, and pointed to the ground. Dakkon looked, and there on the ground was his shadow.

United by an amulet and their mutual hope that Dihada will one day be destroyed, Dakkon Blackblade and Carth roam Corondor in search of adventure and rest.

"My power is as vast as the plains, my strength is that of mountains. Each wave that crashes upon the shore thunders like blood in my veins." —Memoirs

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley