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Quick Status — Croag
Born65-4100 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
DiedStill alive.
Lifeform TypePhyrexian

Written by member Evercursed

He brought unnamed fear and devastation to the northern post-apocalyptic ruins of Keld. Every night, some Keldon mothers describe his atrocious deeds to silence their crying children. Warriors of old still remember how Croag destroyed Keld’s war council and changed their nation forever.

Yawgmoth's Bargain, by Michael Sutfin Croag was among Yawgmoth’s most powerful servants, known as the Inner Circle. The members of the inner Circle are the highest in the Phyrexian social hierarchy, with the power of life and death over anybody of lower rank. Being second in power to the dark god of Phyrexia, the Inner Circle members are responsible for carrying out his twisted agendas to the ends of the multiverse. Some of the Inner Circle’s more infamous members included the praetor Gix and the overseer Abcal-Dro.

Very little is known about Croag’s past, except that he managed to prove himself to Yawgmoth through countless centuries of slaughter and brutality that even surpassed his fellow Phyrexians. Eventually, Croag was compleated as a Phyrexian Demon and was made as a member of the Inner Circle. For Croag, it was a dream come true. He had ascended above the ranks of the hierarchy to a position most could only dream about. He had become one of the most powerful beings in Phyrexia.

Croag was given the task of killing Yawgmoth’s archenemy, the four thousand year old planewalker, Urza. In order to accomplish this, he traveled the Phyrexian plane of Rath, which would serve as the base for his fetid operations. Being made of a new and constantly multiplying substance called flowstone, Rath would consistently expand and would eventually overlay onto the nearby plane of Dominaria in Yawgmoth’s upcoming invasion. For now, all that was required of Rath was for it to increase its production of flowstone and to harbor Croag and his henchmen.

His next task was to retrieve an ancient machine from the town of Coracia. Croag searched every part of the town until he concluded that the machine was hidden in a vault in the town’s temple. However, he was unable to access it. This changed when he saw a man walking out of the shadows towards him. The strange man called himself Davvol and claimed that he could help him open the vault. Croag saw the uses of the frail man and he sensed the malice inside his disease-wracked body. For now, he would suit his dark purposes.

After recovering the machine, Croag took Davvol to Phyrexia where he was fitted with various mechanical parts that would grant him eternal life. He personally ensured that Davvol was not fully compleated so that he would not overthrow him. In addition, the Phyrexians grafted a metal skullplate to Davvol’s head from which Croag could extract information from his lesser. He then brutally killed the Koralld, the previous Stewart of Rath so Davvol could take his place.

Soon, he noticed that Davvol was an efficient worker who enhanced the designs of the Phyrexian Negators. With the enhanced designs, the Negators almost managed to destroy the hated Urza. Davvol also conducted planeshifting experiments for Croag, shifting a variety of new lifeforms into Rath. Those experiments resulted in the Dauthi, Soltari and the Thalakos to be trapped in the shadow world.

"They would be gone, lost between worlds. It has happened before, Yes. During the First steward’s reign."

However, he was unable to stay on Rath as new duties presented themselves. He returned to Phyrexia where he was given a new task, leaving Davvol in charge of Rath. Phyrexian spies had reported that Gatha, a defector from Urza Planewalker’s Wizarding Academy on the island of Tolaria, had escaped to the northern Dominarian land of Keld, where he was drastically increasing the strength of the local barbarians. Measures had to be taken to prevent Gatha from continuing his research. Previous Phyrexian raids had proved to be unsuccessful and all of them returned to Phyrexia in defeat.

Several years later, Croag appeared at the head of the largest Phyrexian raid yet to be seen on Keld. Thousands of Phyrexians landed in Keld, slaughtering the local population. The soil was washed with Keldon’s blood and victory was in sight for the Phyrexians. However, he wasn’t interested in killing the pitiful locals. All he wished was to find and steal Gatha’s research.

When he approached Gatha’s laboratory, a muscular Keldon barbarian, larger than the rest, blocked his path. The barbarian called himself Kreig and challenged him to battle. The two took to battle and they fought. Kreig proved to be a worthy opponent but in the end, the Phyrexian demon managed to throw the barbarian aside like a rag doll. Croag then turned his attentions to the terrified Gatha. The Tolarian tried to put up a resistance but in the end, only brute strength and endurance mattered. Within moments, Croag hurled Gatha over a high precipice to his death.

As Croag turned to leave, he found himself once again attacked by Kreig, who fought with a renewed fury and bloodlust. Though the Phyrexian demon ultimately managed to end Kreig’s life, he was severely damaged by the barbarian’s attacks and was forced to return to Phyrexia for repairs.

He spent many years in Phyrexia while the Vat Priests repaired his broken and damaged parts and when he was finally left, he felt as good as ever. His first stop was the plane of Rath, where he was curious to learn what had happened during his absence. He did not expect what he saw and heard. Apparently, the treacherous Davvol had managed to self-appoint himself as the Evincar or Governor of Rath during his absence. He now had a personal force of Negators and was planning to use them to force the ancient Demon into a place of lower authority. That was when he decided something needed to be done.

After destroying one of Davvol’s personal Negators that tried to kill him, Croag bided his time for the perfect opportunity to present itself. The opportunity came one fateful day when Davvol was in the flowstone factory, punishing the inefficient workers. As Croag approached the factory, part of it collapsed, killing numerous workers and trapping Davvol under a pile of rubble. As Davvol took his dying breaths, Croag took the opportunity to extract all the information from his treacherous lesser via the means of the grafted skullcap and left the weakened mortal to die alone.

After punishing Davvol, we could only assume that Croag returned to Phyrexia. His current whereabouts are uncertain but everybody has their theories. Some say he was executed by Yawgmoth for his failure to kill Urza Planeswalker, while others claim that he took over the position of Evincar and died at the hands of the third Evincar. However, some of the faithful claim he survived the Dominarian Apocalypse and still stalks the ruins of Phyrexia in search of his defeated master. Nevertheless, the remnants of Keld still live in fear and they doubtlessly dread the day on which he may return and fulfil his vengeance for the humiliation he suffered at the hands of Kreig . . . .

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley