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Quick Status — Cho-Manno
BirthplaceMercadia, Rushwood forest
DiedStill alive.
Lifeform TypeHuman

Written by member Eidtelnvil

Cho-Manno was born in the Rushwood forest on the plane of Mercadia. His ancestors were driven from their ancient homeland by the human race of the Mercadians. It was in this forest that Cho-Manno grew up in the traditional faith of the Cho-Arrim. Their principle religion revolved around the worship of Ramos. In their mythology, Ramos and Orhop used celestial bodies to battle the other. Ramos defeated the evil Orhop, destroying much of his world. Gathering tribes from the forests, plains, and mountains, Ramos delivered his charges to the new world of Mercadia. Planeshifting to Mercadia had a devastating effect on Ramos, however. His body fell into three huge pieces: soul, mind, and body. The Cho-Arrim, who rode atop Ramos's soul, fell to the forest of Rushwood. The Saprazzan merfolk, riding atop Ramos's mind, fell into the Saprazzan ocean. Some landed on the coastline, becoming the Rishadans. Those unfortunate enough to be gathered atop Ramos's body, however, died and were brought to an undead existence as zombie guardians of the Bones of Ramos. According to Cho-Arrim belief, a soul that completed its journey in the mortal world would drift away on the Great River of Rushwood, ending up in an afterlife outside of the plane of Mercadia. One day in the future, the Uniter would come to join all the wayward children of Ramos together and defeat the Mercadians that had laid waste to their lands.

Cho-Manno's seemingly peaceful life in Rushwood would not last. Cho-Manno and a few others noticed a remarkable fire in the sky, flying near the mountain of the Mercadians. Cho-Manno took a band of warriors and mages to investigate, only to find a huge, flying ship crash-landed in the middle of a desert farmland. The Cho-Arrim instantly knew that this was the soul of the Uniter, which would save their world and resurrect Ramos. Using water magic, the Cho-Arrim were able to float the huge flying ship away, taking a few hostages for further information. One of these hostages was the Samite healer Orim. The ship that they had claimed was Weatherlight. From this point on, Weatherlight would fulfill the prophecies of the Cho-Arrim as it had fulfilled the prophecies of the Dal. Cho-Manno, Revolutionary, by Greg & Tim Hildebrandt Orim and Klaars, the only other living hostage, were treated fairly well at first. This could not last, however, as Klaars made an escape attempt. This only served to more quickly end Klaars's life, and put Orim in the position of an execution charge as well. Just as Ta-Spon, the Cho-Arrim executioner, was about to deliver Orim's killing blow, Is-Shada, a young Cho-Arrim woman that Orim had befriended, saved Orim's life. Orim immediately became a member of the Cho-Arrim, learning their ways, faith, and magical arts.

Orim made a startling discovery while witnessing the Peliam, the origin story of the folk of Ramos. Ramos and Orhop, assisted by Hassno the Unrighteous demon, clashed in the play, ending their conflict upon a forested island. Orim, having read The Antiquity Wars while studying at the Argivian University, noticed the many similarities between the Peliam and the Brothers' War. She also learned that the Cho-Arrim considered Weatherlight to be their holy Uniter.

Not soon after, Orim suffered prophetic nightmares of a coming army of monsters intent on destroying the Cho-Arrim and reclaiming Weatherlight. Cho-Manno had also bore witness to these visions, and quickly devised defenses for the forest, summoning the ancient feral protectors of Rushwood.

After a brief skirmish, Orim assisted in the difficult childbirth of Is-Meisha, wife of Ta-Spon. Cho-Manno, fascinated by the Samite healer, led Orim to the most sacred place of the Cho-Arrim, the Navel of the World located in the center of the Fountain of Cho. It was here that Cho-Manno told Orim of his deep feelings for her, and the two expressed their love.

Warpath, by Paolo Parente Cho-Manno's newfound bliss was short lived, however, as the monstrous army returned, bringing with it an equal army of Mercadians. Rushwood's feral defenders pounced on the invaders and put up a mighty resistance, but the Mercadians fought with a frenzy the Cho-Arrim had never before seen in the weakling race. Cho-Manno, seeing his people dying all around him, had no choice but the fake his own death and flee, leaving Orim in the grip of the Mercadians and monsters.

Righteous Aura, by Pete Venters Cho-Manno fled across the Navel of the World into the deep wastelands of Mercadia. The Cho-Arrim refugees fought a huge battle with the inhabitants of the Inner Waste, losing Is-Shada, Ta-Karnst, and many more. The desperate Cho-Arrim fled to the Outer Sea, near the port of Rishada. It was there that they encountered a man of the Ramosans, Mercadian resistance fighters who opposed the sinister rulers of Mercadia City. Cho-Manno learned that the Mercadian magistrate was nothing more than a figurehead for the race of intelligent Kyren goblins. What's worse, it appeared that the Kyren were under the command of a far more evil force. Cho-Manno also learned that Orim and two other women were seeking the mind of the Uniter in distant Saprazzo.

Honor the Fallen, by Terese Nielsen Cho-Manno and the Ramosan immediately left for the island kingdom of Saprazzo, ruled by a race of powerful merfolk. Cho-Manno found Orim locked inside a Saprazzan prison, awaiting execution for an assassination that she had not committed. Cho-Manno, Orim, and the Ramosan met with the Saprazzan vizier, who renounced Orim's sentence. Cho-Manno, the vizier, and Weatherlight's crew of Orim, Hanna, and Sisay made plans for reclaiming the Cho-Arrim Uniter.

Ramosian Commander, by Scott Hampton Upon arriving in Mercadia City, the Cho-Arrim mages caused a mighty storm to weaken the surveillance of the mountain kingdom. Orim and Cho-Manno met with Squee, the goblin cabin boy of Weatherlight who was currently serving as the crew's spy upon the Kyren. From there, the trio rescued Gerrard, commander of Weatherlight, Tahngarth, Weatherlight's Talruum first mate, and Karn, the silver golem engineer of the flying ship. The group split soon thereafter. Cho-Manno, Orim, and Lahaime, the Ramosan leader, would rendezvous with the main Ramosan force and formulate an attack plan upon Mercadia City. Gerrard, Sisay, and Tahngarth were to venture to Deepwood to locate the missing Bones of Ramos. Hanna, Squee, and Karn would remain in Mercadia City, secretly searching for Weatherlight.

Uphill Battle, by Pete Venters The assembled Cho-Arrim, Saprazzan, Rishadan, and Ramosan forces could no longer afford to bide their time. The assault on Mercadia City could no longer wait on Gerrard Capashen to find the ancient Bones of Ramos. Using Cho-Arrim water magic, the assembled armies once again made their attack under the cover of a deadly storm. The forces met with minor resistance from the people of Mercadia, but were soon overwhelmed by their superior numbers. Eventually the assembled resistance managed to gain a foothold in Mercadia City, but the gathering began a battle frenzy that not even Cho-Manno could abate. Mercadians were being slain without remorse, regardless of the fact that they were all but defeated.

"Mercadia's masks can no longer hide the truth. Our day has come at last."

It was then that the newly-reinvented Weatherlight erupted from the mountain, followed closely by the menacing visage of another huge flying ship, Recreant. Orim explained that Recreant was controlled by Volrath, evincar of a plane known as Rath, who was the governor of the Kyren. The Cho-Arrim soldiers knew nothing of this, however, and believed that Ramos and been resurrected and was being attacked by his evil brother Orhop. Weatherlight evaded Recreant's attacks, barely holding back the eventual destruction of the Uniter of the Cho-Arrim. In a bold display, Weatherlight rammed Recreant, splitting the huge ship in two. The Mercadian/Phyrexian rule of the plane had ended.

Then Ramos appeared. Not a symbol of the faith of the Cho-Arrim, nor a flying ship that was a Uniter to all people of Dominia, but the genuine god that the Cho-Arrim could not help but worship. The Cho-Arrim believed that Ramos and Orhop had fused into one being, the great dragon engine that approached them. Orim attempted to explain that Ramos was not a god, but a dragon engine that had been programmed by the planeswalker Urza over four thousand years ago to assist Weatherlight in her trials. The Cho-Arrim would listen to none of this, however, and set about seeking the wisdom of their god.

The time had come for Weatherlight to depart the plane of Mercadia. Cho-Manno offered Orim a place in his home, but Orim had many trials ahead of her in her own plane of Dominaria. The Phyrexian rule of Mercadia had been ended, but soon that plane would seek to stretch its hand to Orim's home world. Weatherlight departed, leaving Cho-Manno to serve as a major diplomatic leader in the plane's new government. Cho-Manno would insure that future generations need not even fear an evil brought about by the Kyren and their Phyrexian masters. After the immense war in Dominaria had ended with the natives of the plane emerging victorious, Orim returned to Mercadia and lived with Cho-Manno until the end of her days.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley