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[an error occurred while processing this directive] Belbe of Phyrexia

Quick Status — Belbe
BirthplaceSkyshroud, Rath
Phyrexia, Fourth Sphere
Borncirca 4175-4205 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
Died4205 AR
Lifeform TypeElf (circa 4175-4205 AR)
Phyrexian Altered Elf (2405 AR)

Belbe was created on the Fourth Sphere of Phyrexia to serve one purpose—to choose the next evincar of Rath. Her from was copied from the dead body of Avila, the daughter of the Rathi elf rebel leader Eladamri.

Murderous Betrayal, by Randy Gallegos Belbe (pronounced bell-be) means "the lens" in the ancient language of the Thran. An artifact was placed inside Belbe called the Eye of Yawgmoth. It allowed the Inner Circle member Abcal-dro to keep watch on Rath while never leaving Phyrexia.

Once Belbe had gone to Rath, she was given a few items by the Phyrexians to help as well as upgrade parts of the stronghold. One of these devices made more flowstone. The reason why the Phyrexians kept increasing flowstone production was because it added mass to Rath. This decreased the time in which Rath and Dominaria would overlap the same planar coordinates. When overlap is complete, Phyrexia planned to invade and conquer Dominaria once and for all.

Eye of Yawgmoth, by DiTerlizzi After weeks on Rath, Belbe developed a plan. With hope that the lens inside her had been magically blinded by the apprentice wizard Ertai, Belbe began decreasing flowstone production below the Phyrexians desired figures. However, the machine corrected itself within a matter of a few days.

Belbe decided upon three candidates for the position of evincar: the Predator's Commander Greven il-Vec, the Phyrexian-altered Crovax of Urborg, and the captured apprentice wizard Ertai of Dominaria. Greven chose to remain as second in command. Because Crovax had been augmented by Phyrexian upgrades, he quickly mastered flowstone. Belbe wished for Ertai to rule because Crovax was evil and bloodthirsty. At last, as Belbe was about to announce Crovax as evincar, the previous evincar Volrath showed up declaring the throne his.

Belbe declared Volrath and Crovax must battle. The victor would be declared the ruler of Rath. Ertai sensed Crovax would eventually prevail and so he magically helped him win. Ertai was allowed to live, but was altered by the Phyrexians.

Belbe's Portal, by Mark Tedin Belbe opened a portal to get out of Rath. The rebel leader Eladamri, who had been captured recently, killed Belbe with the same poison an assassin had used on his daughter, Avila. The last thing Belbe saw was Takara and Eladamri escaping through the portal to Dominaria.

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