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Quick Status — Ashnod
BirthplaceDominaria, continent unknown
Born0-15 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
912-927 PF (Penregon Founding)
Died64 AR
Lifeform TypeHuman

Ashnod the Uncaring was Mishra's greatest lieutenant. Her early past is still a mystery. She greatly helped Mishra in his early battles against his older brother Urza in the Brothers' War. She was feared by her troops as much as the enemy. Her fiery red hair was a bad omen by her army, the desert nomads known as the Fallaji.

Ashnod, by Ron Spencer When Mishra attempted to steal Urza's mightstone, part of a powerstone they found at Koilos, a drunken Ashnod told Urza's apprentice, Tawnos, Mishra's plan. Mishra failed to get the mighstone and kicked Ashnod out of his ranks.

Despite Ashnod's victories by the siege of Zegon to the destruction of the College of Lat-Nam as well as her deadly creations on the living, Mishra damned her to the barren desert. She disappeared for quite some time. She occasionally met with Tawnos and did so the final day of the war.

Ashnod's Battle Gear, by Mark Poole The two brothers' forces were ready for a showdown. No reinforcements, no chance of retreat. However, the Phyrexian Inner Circle member Gix took control of the two brothers' artifact creature armies and made them go berserk. Ashnod and Tawnos saw the praetor approaching and Ashnod sacrificed her life to give Tawnos the time to save himself from the onslaught . . . and so died Ashnod.

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