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Quick Status — Akroma
BirthplaceContinent of Otaria
Born4306 AR (Argivian Reckoning)
Died4306 AR
Lifeform TypeAngel

Written by member Evercursed

When some people think of angels, they think of holy manifestations of light and purity, made in Serra’s Realm during its creation. Others think of them as benevolent guardians who were made to serve and protect. However, of all the angels in the long history of the multiverse, few have been as feared and revered as the tyrant Akroma.

Pacifism, by Matthew D. Wilson Akroma was dreamed into existence by Ixidor, the master illusionist, that was exiled from Aphetto after the death of his love Nivea. Driven mad from her death and his banishment into the desert, Ixidor unlocked his hidden powers a being of immense power.

The angel Akroma was made from Ixidor’s arm, becoming in essence a loyal part of her creator. She was his protector and would carry out his agendas to the ends of Dominaria. One of her first tasks was to avenge her creator by eradicating the source of his sorrows, the one woman who took away his love and was an instrumental part in his exile from Aphetto. That woman was Phage.

"Until the world unites in vengeful fury and Phage is destroyed, I will not stay my hand."

Almost immediately, Akroma made her way to the area south of Aphetto, where celebrations were taking place due to the recent completion of the Grand Coliseum. In the arena itself, the pit fights were taking place with a spectacular match between Phage and her brother, the barbarian Kamahl. As the fight raged on, Akroma knew that her hopes of Phage dying in combat were coming to an end. Apparently, Kamahl would neither hurt nor kill his fallen sister in the hopes that she would see the error of her ways and convert back to her old self. That meant Akroma must kill Phage with her own hands.

As Akroma landed in the arena, the noise died down. Phage and Kamahl stopped fighting and turned to face the newcomer. To Akroma, it seemed that the fight lasted hours on end. She fought valiantly and with all her skill but the combined forces of Kamahl and Phage proved too much. She managed escaped but not before both of her legs were torn off her body.

In great pain, Akroma flew to Ixidor, the only person who could have helped her. Upon her arrival in Locus, Ixidor revealed that he would use a grafting process inspired by the ancient Phyrexians to replace her legs. The new legs would increase her strength greatly. However, to begin the process, Akroma needed to find a supplicant for the legs. To do this, Ixidor had the perfect answer. Using his great powers, Ixidor dreamed a jaguar into existence and then killed it. Taking its legs, Ixidor imagined Akroma to be whole and healthy. When he opened his eyes, Akroma's legs were replaced by those of the jaguar, making her in effect a centaur-angel. Akroma was as good as new and filled with a new vigor.

After Akroma told her creator about the events of her last encounter with Phage, he informed her that an attack on Topos was inevitable. Already, the forces of Krosa and the Cabal had started to form an alliance and they would attack in a matter of weeks. Immediately, Ixidor started the building of an army to defend his land. He created hundreds and thousands of strange creatures. To provide reconnaissance, he created thousands of small beings that could allow him access to the thoughts of anyone they entered. To further strengthen his borders, he created creatures of light, which would make the fears of whomever they entered into a reality. If his plans should go to ruin, Ixidor made several shadows of himself, which he called unmen, which would allow him instant escape, should his armies fail. With these preparations Ixidor felt Topos was well prepared for the assault.

"It is from Phage that this evil springs, and to her it shall return."

The attack came sooner than expected and Akroma was surprised to see that while the armies of Krosa and the Cabal were marching towards Topos, they were accompanied by the rich spectators from the Grand Coliseum. Clearly, the Cabal had decided that the battle was going to be a spectacle rather a fight for vengeance. That kind of decadence would not be allowed in Topos. The combined armies of Krosa and the Cabal converged on the border of Ixidor’s land and almost instantaneously, an image of Ixidor appeared, ordering them to turn back. However, it was too late. The ruse had already worked. During that time, the small creatures had already infested the armies, broadcasting the thoughts of the men and beasts to Ixidor. As Ixidor discerned the thoughts of his enemies, he sent wave two to battle the enemy. As the creatures charged into battle, they instantly took the forms of whatever they touched, causing confusion in the ranks of the enemy. While the soldiers fought the stra! nge copies of themselves, they struggled to advance through the pile of bodies and the remains of the destroyed copies.

As the battered remnants of the Krosan and Cabal forces advanced, they found themselves barred by walls made of lapses in time and temporal energy. That was when Ixidor released his last and most devastating wave of the "light" creatures. As Akroma flew towards Phage to engage her enemy in combat, she saw one of the light creatures enter her. The result was instantaneous. Within moments, the ground around Phage exploded as each person she had ever killed were reincarnated as hundreds of massive deathwurms that spread death and destruction around the battlefield. Akroma watched helplessly as a deathwurm swallowed her creator Ixidor and escaped before she could slay it. The combined forces of Krosa and Cabal fled. The Patriarch’s gamble had lost them the day. Soon afterwards, the deathwurms disappeared back to Phage's body, leaving Akroma alone in the! midst of a ruined Topos. Phage and Kamahl had fled the battlefield and Ixidor was assumed dead. Akroma was devastated. Her "god" had been defeated and her armies were ruined. However, she was determined to avenge Ixidor and keep his dreams.

Akroma, Angel of Wrath, by Ron Spears Within a month, Akroma had the Southern Order bowing to her. Using her angelic and heavenly appearance, she turned the natives of the surrounding lands to her cause. Thousands joined her side through her promises of hope and honour. One of them was Braids, the Cabal Patriarch's chief servant. Akroma had found the Cabal minion cowering in the undergrowth of Krosa after the battle in Topos, now dubbed the Nightmare War. Seeing Braids as a potential weapon to use against the Cabal Patriarch, Akroma healed all of Braid’s wounds and transformed her into a happy devotee of Ixidor.

Though she was pleased with the developments in Locus, Akroma still bore her rage on the Unmen that Ixidor had created. They had abandoned their mast! er in his time of need and two of the Unmen had fled in order to escape her vengeance and find bodies of their own. She had hoped to gain revenge on Ixidor's behalf and granted another Unman intelligence. She dubbed the creature "Umbra" and gave him the task of finding the other two traitors. For now, she was content to wait while her ever-growing army continued to expand.

"I’ll devise a fitting fate for those theocides."

In the Stubble Fields of Topos, Akroma found that her soldiers had filled some of the holes that had formed during the deathwurms' escape. She had a suspicion that maybe the deathwurm that had swallowed Ixidor was hiding inside one of the holes. As she flew into the hole, she smelled the essence of the wurm but found nothing else. In disappointment she left the fields and commanded her soldiers to fill up the holes.

Weeks later, she received a very interesting message. Apparently, some of the survivors of the Nightmare War had found a city and had begun to inhabit it, naming it "Sanctum". Lead by Zagorka, once second to Phage, the Sanctum had been receiving numerous visitors over the past months. One of these visitors was her hated nemesis Phage, who had apparently denounced the Cabal. However, Akroma was not fooled. As she had learned from Braids earlier, The Patriarch had intended to use Phage as a vessel to conceive his god Kuberr in human form. Armed with the ! knowledge, she flew to the Sanctum in order to confront Phage. Upon her arrival, things were not as she expected. As her rival came onto the battlements, Akroma was somewhat amazed that Phage claimed that this would not be a war of swords but a war of words. Before she departed, Akroma spoke two words: Virot Maglan, the true name of the Cabal Patriarch.

On her return to Locus, she discovered an assassination attempt by Stonebrow, one of Zagorka’s centaur generals. However, before he could strike Akroma, one of Ixidor’s creatures converted him to her cause. Not deluded by Stonebrow’s attempts, she invited some distant nobles to dine with her in order to obtain help in her holy war against Phage.

Stonebrow was made as a humble carrying mule for the occasion and the guests appeared to be having a good time. Just as everything seemed to be going to plan, her chief advisor Aioue rushed in, telling her that her guest’s shoes had disappeared. As she went to investigate, she noticed a portal where the shoes used to be. It seemed that the portal lead to the deathwurm. Without giving a second thought, she jumped into the box to confront her master.

"The deathwurm is down there, so is our lord Ixidor."

A swirl of colours greeted her eyes as she traveled into the portal and the next thing she knew was that she was face to face with the deathwurm, which ate her master. With blood rising in her veins, Akroma attacked the deathwurm in an attempt to wound or kill the creature. But all her efforts were in vain as the wurm’s thick hide absorbed most of the damage. In the end, it was only size that mattered and the deathwurm swallowed her in one gulp. The inside of the deathwurm was a terrible place to behold. The pulsing walls of purplish flesh and the hot air that constantly vented from the great lungs of the creature made it difficult to navigate. In addition, the acidic body fluids of the great Wurm attacked her feet and caused great pain.

After a long and tiresome search, Akroma finally found the crouched form of Ixidor with the glimmering form of a woman that looked like herself. She tried to converse with Ixidor but it was no use. He wallowed in grief and wished to remain with the spirit of Nivea. Akroma obliged to his wishes and she departed.

"I will return for you."

Akroma finally emerged the shoebox portal after a month. The acidic fluids from the Wurm managed to dissolve her feet, leaving her helpless and greatly weakened. Just as she was going to pass out from the pain, she heard the voice of her enemy. Phage had arrived at Locus. However, as Phage closed in for the kill and Akroma noticed that her belly was greatly swollen. However, before Phage came into contact with Akroma, the converted Stonebrow aimed a blow at Phage. Instead of killing the minion, the blow was deflected by a hard object that seemed to originate from Phage’s belly. Soon afterwards, Stonebrow and Phage both fled Locus, leaving Akroma to begin her healing process.

Months soon passed and Akroma’s spies had reported that strange events were happening in the Sanctum. With her healing processes complete and blades replacing her feet, Akroma began the move into the Sanctum with her army, which consisted of the Southern Order and various other nations that joined her cause. If attacked, the Sanctum was not going to last the week.

On her way to the Sanctum, she was greeted by the three shadowy forms of the Unmen. During their travels, the Unmen had searched for ways to obtain bodies. They had tried almost everything and now requested bodies from her to be given to them out of her mercy. Akroma used her potent magic to grant bodies to the two traitors who had abandoned Ixidor at the conclusion of the Nightmare War. She had plans of her own. Once the unmen had physical forms, they could be killed. Before she could put her plan into operation, Umbra, the third Unman realized something was wrong and sacrificed himself so that his two companions could escape. Akroma’s lance swished through empty air, her plans thwarted by the sacrifice of the Unman. Nevertheless, there was no time to look for the two so she continued on her way to the Sanctum.

Within days, she arrived and she was surprised that the glyphs and statues seemed become sentient and welcomed her arrival. Upon closer inspection, the glyphs directed her to a dome in the middle of the city. Eventually, she made it onto the top of the dome and there, her rival, Phage, confronted her. The two enemies spent little time conversing and before long, a fight broke out, with the two women trading blows with each other.

"I can do anything I want to you. I am good and you are evil. Is it wrong to torture Torment? Is it wrong to kill Death?

As the fight intensified, Akroma saw the hulking form of Kamahl wielding the Soul Reaper, the axe identical to the one Stonebrow had used on Phage. Just as Kamahl swung his axe at them, Akroma noticed the form of Zagorka jumping from one of the surrounding towers into the dome.

The Soul Reaper sliced through all three women, killing them almost instantaneously. As the explosion that was triggered by the impact engulfed her body in a blinding light, Akroma finally died in peace, knowing that Ixidor had been avenged at last.

Copyright © 1998 - 2014 and Matthew Manley