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Card Sets - Vanguard IV

Webmaster's Note: Instead of "Type, Casting Cost, Artist, Rarity" format, the Vanguard series changes it to "Type, Starting and Max. Hand Size, Starting Life, Artist."

Ashnod (Character, +1, -8, Ron Spencer)

Whenever a creature successfully damages you, destroy it.
Ashnod served as Mishra's confidante while he led Fallaji weapons development before the Brothers' War. Whereas Mishra works in metals and stone, however, Ashnod works in living flesh. She sees all living things as prototype machines; her "improvements" to them make her as fears by allies as by the enemies.

Gix (Character, -2, +18, Pete Venters)

: Return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.
Through ruthlessness and raw ambition, Gix rose through the Phyrexian regime to the exalted rank of praetor. Even while overseeing many of Phyrexia's most important undertakings, Gix continues his own quest for supremacy...for in Phyrexia, the weak become fodder for the strong.

Mishra (Character, +0, -3, Anson Maddocks)

Double all damage dealt by creatures you control.
Both complement and antithesis to his brother Urza, Mishra also mastered the intricacies of artifice. It was Mishra's strengththat first gave rise to the massive Phyrexian war engines on Dominaria, and it was his weakness that pushed him, Urza, and Dominaria itself to the point of annihilation.

Serra (Character, +1, +1, Matthew Wilson)

All creatures you control get +0/+2.
Named for a benevolent goddess at birth, Serra fulfilled the prophecy of that goddess's coming. As a planeswalker, she embodies white mana and helps whole civilizations develop while both directly and indirectly inspiring countless individuals to be steadfast and strong in the service of light.

Tawnos (Character, +3, -4, Donato Giancola)

You may play artifact, creature, and enchantment spells any time you could play an instant.
Tawnos being a childlike wonder and an inherent skill to Urza's studio and bridges the wizardry of the workshop with the grandeur of the royal court. His speed and flexibility quickly earned him promotion from apprentice to master artificer.

Titania (Character, +2, -5, Rebecca Guay)

You may play an additional land each of your turns.
Voice of the Argoth forest, defender of its creatures, and enforcer of its laws, Titania is literally an aspect of the forest itself. Her power and her very existence are linked to the land when the forest is healthy, Titania is ascendant. When Argoth suffers, Titania also bleeds.

Urza (Character, -1, +10, Mark Tedin)

: Urza deals 1 damage to target creature or player.
An artificer of unparalleled renown, Urza was a powerful cipher even before he was able to planeswalk. Seeing the world as a large, integrated machine is his greatest strength and weakness, enabling him to solve almost any problem but blinding him to his solutions' effects on others.

Xantcha (Character, +1, +3, Heather Hudson)

Sacrifice a permanent: Regenerate target creature.
A Phyrexian "sleeper agent" Xantcha has developed an inviolate sense of self. This aberration earned her a death sentence, but she was rescued by Urza and joined his crusade. Her Phyrexian credo of "Waste not, want not" has helped Urza more than even he comprehends.

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