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Card Sets - Vanguard II

Webmaster's Note: Instead of "Type, Casting Cost, Artist, Rarity" format, the Vanguard series changes it to "Type, Starting and Max. Hand Size, Starting Life, Artist."

Barrin (Character, +0, +6, Christopher Rush)

You may sacrifice a permanent to return any creature to its owner's hand. Play this ability as an instant.
An old and powerful wizard living on the mysterious isle of Tolaria, Barrin is the teacher who trained the young Ertai. He is also Hanna's father, but for reasons known only to the two of them neither acknowledges the other—or their strained relationship.

Crovax (Character, +2, +0, Ron Spencer)

Whenever any of your creatures damages any creature or player, gain 1 life.
How does one escape a curse? For Crovax, a wealthy noble, the answer may lie in joining the crew of the Weatherlight as they seek to rescue their abducted captain Sisay. Secretly, he hopes in his journeys to find Selenia, the angelic being who abandoned him and his family years ago.

Greven il-Vec (Character, -1, +2, Mark Tedin)

Whenever any creature damages any creature, destroy the damaged creature. That creature cannot regenerate.
As a ruthless leader for Volrath, Greven il-Vec serves his lord by commanding the flying ship Predator. Greven has attained his powerful rank through a series of underhanded schemes and assassinations, the majority of which were blessed by Volrath himself.

Hanna (Character, +1, -5, Liz Danforth)

Your spells cost less to play.
Educated in Argive and highly knowledgeable in the field of artifacts, this expert navigator of the Weatherlight believes that scholarship does not necessarily lead to understanding. Her diligence in pursuing both is her greatest asset.

Orim (Character, +0, +12, Rebecca Guay)

Your creatures can block as though they had flying.
Trained in the Samite arts, Orim serves as the healer aboard the Weatherlight. She is quick with languages and was educated in the same Argivian university as Hanna. A student by nature, Orim keeps a diary of all her new discoveries—both physical and spiritual—during her travels.

Selenia (Character, +1, +7, Quinton Hoover)

Attacking doesn't cause your creatures to tap.
Once a guardian of Crovax's estate, Selenia was freed from her magical bindings by the wealthy noble. Instead of remaining at his side, the angel chose to venture out into the world. For reasons unknown to Crovax, Selenia now serves the evil Volrath in his home realm of Rath.

Starke (Character, +0, -2, Donato Giancola)

During your draw phase, you may draw an additional card and then put any card in your hand on the bottom of your library.
Starke believes in situational ethics—the situation determines the ethics. He's switched sides so often that he has become everyone's ally yet no one's friend. This former merchant of Rath accompanies the Weatherlight crew on their journey to his home world.

Volrath (Character, +2, -3, Anson Maddocks)

Whenever any of your creatures is put into your graveyard from play, you may put that creature on top of your library.
The son of Gerrard's surrogate father, Sidar Kondo, Volrath stole Gerrard's Legacy and rose to power by selling it off piece by piece. Now, he is an evincar, or agent, of the Lord of the Wastes. Armed with exceptional magical powers, he plots to conquer the entire multiverse.

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