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Card Sets - Vanguard I

Webmaster's Note: Instead of "Type, Casting Cost, Artist, Rarity" format, the Vanguard series changes it to "Type, Starting and Max. Hand Size, Starting Life, Artist."

Ertai (Character, -1, +4, Randy Gallegos)

Your creatures can't be be the target of your opponents' spells or abilities.
After serving his apprenticeship under Barrin of Tolaria, Ertai graced the Weatherlight crew with his presence as the ship's "resident" wizard. He realizes that few recognize his greatness—but then how could they, when they lack his insight and wisdom?

Gerrard (Character, -4, +0, Douglas Shuler)

During your draw phase, draw an additional card.
Soldier. Adventurer. Heir to the Legacy. Gerrard has, over the years, traveled much of Dominaria in search of fortune and glory. Now, after serving nobly in the Benalish army, he has returned to the Weatherlight to serve as captain in Sisay's absence and to take up the battle against the Lord of the Wastes.

Karn (Character, +1, +6, Anthony S. Waters)

Each of your noncreature artifacts is also an artifact creature with power and toughness each equal to its total casting cost.
Both part of the Legacy and an individual in his own right, the silver golem Karn is haunted by a single, terrible incident: while serving to protect the young Gerrard, Karn accidentally took the life of another. Wakened from years spent as a statue, the golem has vowed to never kill again as he rejoins Gerrard.

Maraxus (Character, +1, +2, Matthew Wilson)

Your creatures get +1/+0.
Too chaotic for even the other warlords of Keld, Maraxus has devoted himself to serving as a hired killer for the sinister Volrath. A man fond of his work, he's more than willing to put in those extra hours needed to perfect his craft.

Mirri (Character, +0, +5, Richard Kane Ferguson)

Each of your basic lands may be tapped to produce any color of mana instead of its normal type.
Mirri and Gerrard have been the best of friends since they trained together under the maro-sorcerer Multan. A fierce and gentle wawrrior, she rejoined Gerrard aboard the Weatherlight as his unofficial first mate shortly after he assumed command of the flying ship.

Sisay (Character, -2, -3, Kaja Foglio)

Whenever you tap a land for mana, it produces one additional mana of the same type.
While captain of the Weatherlight, Sisay undertook a quest for the Legacy, a collection of artifacts needed to defeat the Lord of the Wastes. She continued this quest even when Gerrard, heir to the Legacy, chose to abandon it. Sisay is devoted to the cause of good at whatever price.

Squee (Character, +3, -4, Daniel Gelon)

Your opponents play with their hands face up.
The smartest—and only—goblin cabin boy aboard the Weatherlight, Squee has learned that intelligence and common sense are very different things. This matters little, however, since he has neither. Fortunately, he doesn't know what he's missing.

Tahngarth (Character, -1, +7, Pete Venters)

Your creatures are unaffected by summoning sickness.
Tahngarth, first mate of the Weatherlight under Sisay, knows that there are really only two forms of life: the ugly ones and the minotaurs. A narcissist, he considers the condition of his hide as important as the accuracy of his blade.

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