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Battering RamArtifact CreatureJeff A. Menges1 Included
Clockwork BeastArtifact CreatureDrew Tucker1 Included
Glasses of UrzaArtifactDouglas Shuler1 Included
Jayemdae TomeArtifactMark Tedin1 Included
Rod of RuinArtifactChristopher Rush1 Included
Bog ImpSummon ImpRon Spencer2 Included
Bog WraithSummon WraithJeff A. Menges1 Included
Cursed LandEnchant LandJesper Myrfors1 Included
Dark RitualMana SourceSandra Everingham1 Included
Lost SoulSummon Lost SoulRandy Asplund-Faith1 Included
Murk DwellersSummon Murk DwellersDrew Tucker2 Included
Raise DeadSorceryJeff A. Menges1 Included
Scathe ZombiesSummon ZombiesJesper Myrfors2 Included
Sorceress QueenSummon SorceressKaja Foglio1 Included
TerrorInstantRon Spencer3 Included
Vampire BatsSummon BatsAnson Maddocks2 Included
Wall of BoneSummon WallAnson Maddocks1 Included
Warp ArtifactEnchant ArtifactAmy Weber1 Included
WeaknessEnchant CreatureDouglas Shuler1 Included
Energy FluxEnchantmentKaja Foglio1 Included
FeedbackEnchant EnchantmentQuinton Hoover1 Included
Merfolk of the Pearl TridentSummon MerfolkJeff A. Menges1 Included
Power SinkInterruptRichard Thomas1 Included
TwiddleInstantRob Alexander1 Included
UnsummonInstantDouglas Shuler2 Included
Zephyr FalconSummon FalconHeather Hudson2 Included
Durkwood BoarsSummon BoarsMike Kimble1 Included
Elven RidersSummon RidersMelissa Benson1 Included
Elvish ArchersSummon ElvesAnson Maddocks1 Included
Grizzly BearsSummon BearsJeff A. Menges1 Included
Scryb SpritesSummon FaeriesAmy Weber2 Included
Untamed WildsSorceryNéNé Thomas1 Included
War MammothSummon MammothJeff A. Menges1 Included
Whirling DervishSummon DervishSusan Van Camp1 Included
Winter BlastSorceryKaja Foglio1 Included
DetonateSorceryRandy Asplund-Faith1 Included
DisintegrateSorceryAnson Maddocks2 Included
FireballSorceryMark Tedin1 Included
Hill GiantSummon GiantDan Frazier1 Included
Ironclaw OrcsSummon OrcsAnson Maddocks1 Included
Mons's Goblin RaidersSummon GoblinsJeff A. Menges1 Included
Orcish ArtillerySummon OrcsAnson Maddocks1 Included
Orcish OriflammeEnchantmentDan Frazier1 Included
PyrotechnicsSorceryAnson Maddocks1 Included
Alabaster PotionInstantHarold McNeill2 Included
Circle of Protection: BlackEnchantmentJesper Myrfors1 Included
Circle of Protection: RedEnchantmentMark Tedin1 Included
Healing SalveInstantDan Frazier2 Included
Mesa PegasusSummon PegasusMelissa Benson1 Included
Pearled UnicornSummon UnicornCornelius Brudi2 Included
Reverse DamageInstantDameon Willich1 Included
ForestLandChristopher Rush8 Included
IslandLandMark Poole8 Included
MoutaninLandDouglas Shuler8 Included
PlainsLandJesper Myrfors8 Included
SwampLandDan Frazier16 Included

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