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Card Sets - Portal: Three Kingdoms

Ambition's CostSorceryJunko TaguchiRare
Cao Cao, Lord of WeiCreature — LegendGao JianzhangRare
Cao Ren, Wei CommanderCreature — LegendJunko TaguchiRare
CoercionSorceryKang YuUncommon
Corrupt Court OfficialCreature — AdvisorLi YousongUncommon
Cunning AdvisorCreature — AdvisorGao JianzhangUncommon
DeceptionSorceryWang FengCommon
Desperate ChargeSorceryChen WeidongUncommon
FamineSorcerySun NanUncommon
Ghostly VisitSorceryKang YuCommon
Imperial EdictSorceryXu XiaomingCommon
Imperial SealSorceryLi TieRare
Overwhelming ForcesSorceryGao YanRare
Poison ArrowSorceryLi TieUncommon
Return to BattleSorceryDing SongjianCommon
Sima Yi, Wei Field MarshalCreature — LegendGao YanRare
Stolen GrainSorceryLHQUncommon
Stone CatapultCreature — SoldiersShang HuitongRare
Wei Ambush ForceCreature — SoldiersKu XuemingCommon
Wei AssassinsCreature — SoldiersXu TanUncommon
Wei Elite CompanionsCreature — SoldiersLi YouliangUncommon
Wei InfantryCreature — SoldiersLHQCommon
Wei Night RaidersCreature — SoldiersWang FengUncommon
Wei ScoutCreature — SoldierJiang ZhuqingCommon
Wei Strike ForceCreature — SoldiersTang XiaoguCommon
Xiahou Dun, the One-EyedCreature — LegendJunko TaguchiRare
Xun Yu, Wei AdvisorCreature — LegendJack WeiRare
Young Wei RecruitCreature — SoldiersLi YouliangCommon
Zhang He, Wei GeneralCreature — LegendJack WeiRare
Zhang Liao, Hero of HefeiCreature — LegendLi YouliangRare
Zodiac PigCreature — PigQi BaochengUncommon
Zodiac RatCreature — RatQi BaochengCommon
Zodiac SnakeCreature — SnakeQi BaochengCommon
Balance of PowerSorceryQuan XuejunRare
Borrowing 100,000 ArrowsSorcerySong ShikaiUncommon
Brilliant PlanSorcerySong ShikaiUncommon
Broken DamSorceryJiang ZhuqingCommon
Capture of JingzhouSorceryJack WeiRare
Champion's VictorySorceryHong YanUncommon
Council of AdvisorsCreature — AdvisorsLiu ShangyingUncommon
CounterintelligenceSorceryWang FengUncommon
ExhaustionSorceryQu XinRare
ExtinguishSorceryDing SongjianCommon
Forced RetreatSorceryHuang QishiCommon
Lady SunCreature — LegendMiao AiliRare
Lu Meng, Wu GeneralCreature — LegendGao YanRare
Lu Su, Wu AdvisorCreature — LegendZhao TanRare
Lu Xun, Scholar GeneralCreature — LegendXu XiaomingRare
Mystic DenialSorceryKang YuUncommon
Preemptive StrikeSorceryJiamingCommon
Red Cliffs ArmadaCreature — ShipsZhang JiazhenUncommon
Sage's KnowledgeSorceryDing SongjianCommon
Strategic PlanningSorceryZhang JiazhenUncommon
Straw SoldiersCreature — SoldiersCai TingtingCommon
Sun Ce, Young ConquerorCreature — LegendYang GuangmaiRare
Sun Quan, Lord of WuCreature — LegendXu XiaomingRare
Wu AdmiralCreature — SoldierZhang JiazhenUncommon
Wu Elite CavalryCreature — SoldiersLi WangCommon
Wu InfantryCreature — SoldiersXu XiaomingCommon
Wu Light CavalryCreature — SoldiersHuang QishiCommon
Wu LongbowmanCreature — SoldierXu TanUncommon
Wu ScoutCreature — SoldierJiamingCommon
Wu SpyCreature — SoldierZhao TanUncommon
Wu WarshipCreature — ShipJiang ZhuqingCommon
Zhou Yu, Chief CommanderCreature — LegendXu XiaomingRare
Zhuge Jin, Wu StrategistCreature — LegendSong ShikaiRare
Borrowing the East WindSorceryGao YanRare
False MourningSorceryKojiUncommon
Forest BearCreature — BearWang YuqunCommon
Heavy FogSorceryLiu ShangyingUncommon
Hua Tuo, Honored PhysicianCreature — LegendGao JianzhangRare
Hunting CheetahCreature — CheetahFang YueUncommon
Lady Zhurong, Warrior QueenCreature — LegendMiao AiliRare
Lone WolfCreature — WolfYang Jun KwonUncommon
Marshaling the TroopsSorceryLiu ShangyingRare
Meng Huo, Barbarian KingCreature — LegendYang GuangmaiRare
Meng Huo's HordeCreature — SoldiersLi TieCommon
Riding the Dilu HorseSorceryHong YanRare
Slashing TigerCreature — TigerYang Jun KwonRare
Southern ElephantCreature — ElephantWang YuqunCommon
Spoils of VictorySorcerySun NanUncommon
Spring of Eternal PeaceSorceryWang YuqunCommon
Stalking TigerCreature — TigerKang YuCommon
Taoist HermitCreature — MysticWang YuqunUncommon
Taoist MysticCreature — MysticQu XinRare
Taunting ChallengeSorceryGao YanRare
Three VisitsSorceryQu XinCommon
Trained CheetahCreature — CheetahFang YueUncommon
Trained JackalCreature — JackalYang Jun KwonCommon
Trip WireSorceryHong YanUncommon
Wielding the Green DragonSorceryQuan XuejunCommon
Wolf PackCreature — WolvesYang Jun KwonRare
Zodiac HorseCreature — HorseAi DeshengUncommon
Zodiac MonkeyCreature — MonkeyAi DeshengCommon
Zodiac OxCreature — OxAi DeshengUncommon
Zodiac RabbitCreature — RabbitAi DeshengCommon
Zodiac RoosterCreature — RoosterAi DeshengCommon
Zodiac TigerCreature — TigerAi DeshengUncommon
Zuo Chi, the Mocking SageCreature — LegendWang YuqunRare
Barbarian GeneralCreature — SoldierKuang ShengUncommon
Barbarian HordeCreature — SoldiersKuang ShengCommon
BlazeSorceryQu XinUncommon
Burning FieldsSorceryYang HongCommon
Burning of XinyeSorceryYang HongRare
Control of the CourtSorceryLi YousongUncommon
Corrupt EunuchsCreature — AdvisorLi YousongUncommon
Desert SandstormSorceryXu TanCommon
Diaochan, Artful BeautyCreature — LegendMiao AiliRare
Dong Zhou, the TyrantCreature — LegendJunichi InoueRare
Eunuchs' IntriguesSorceryLi YousongUncommon
Fire AmbushSorceryTang XiaoguCommon
Fire BowmanCreature — SoldierCai TingtingUncommon
Imperial RecruiterCreature — AdvisorMitsuaki SagiriUncommon
Independent TroopsCreature — SoldiersKuang ShengCommon
Lu Bu, Master-at-ArmsCreature — LegendGao JianzhangRare
Ma Chao, Western WarriorCreature — LegendKojiRare
Mountain BanditCreature — SoldierXu XiaomingCommon
Ravaging HordeCreature — SoldiersLiu JianjianUncommon
Relentless AssaultSorceryHe JianchengRare
Renegade TroopsCreature — SoldiersLiu JianjianUncommon
Rockslide AmbushSorceryInoue JunichiUncommon
Rolling EarthquakeSorceryYang HongRare
Stone RainSorceryMitsuaki SagiriCommon
Warrior's OathSorceryMitsuaki SagiriRare
Yellow Scarves CavalryCreature — SoldiersChen WeidongCommon
Yellow Scarves GeneralCreature — SoldierChen WeidongRare
Yellow Scarves TroopsCreature — SoldiersChen WeidongCommon
Yuan Shao, the IndecisiveCreature — LegendInoue JunichiRare
Yuan Shao's InfantryCreature — SoldiersLin YanUncommon
Zodiac DogCreature — DogQi BaochengCommon
Zodiac DragonCreature — DragonQi BaochengRare
Zodiac GoatCreature — GoatQi BaochengCommon
Alert Shu InfantryCreature — SoldiersSolomon Au YeungUncommon
Eightfold MazeSorceryShang HuitongRare
Empty City RuseSorceryQu XinUncommon
False DefeatSorceryLi WangCommon
Flanking TroopsCreature — SoldiersLi WangUncommon
Guan Yu, Sainted WarriorCreature — LegendZhao DafuRare
Guan Yu's 1,000-Li MarchSorceryYang GuangmaiRare
Huang Zhong, Shu GeneralCreature — LegendQuan XuejunRare
Kongming, "Sleeping Dragon"Creature — LegendGao YanRare
Kongming's ContraptionsCreature — SoldiersJiamingRare
Liu Bei, Lord of ShuCreature — LegendZhao DafuRare
Loyal RetainersCreature — AdvisorsSolomon Au YeungUncommon
Misfortune's GainSorceryJiamingCommon
Pang Tong, "Young Phoenix"Creature — LegendLi TieRare
Peach Garden OathSorceryZhao DafuUncommon
Rally the TroopsSorceryShang HuitongUncommon
Ravages of WarSorceryFang YueRare
Riding Red HareSorceryQui BaochengCommon
Shu CavalryCreature — SoldiersLi XiaohuaCommon
Shu DefenderCreature — SoldierSun NanCommon
Shu Elite CompanionsCreature — SoldiersZhao DafuUncommon
Shu Elite InfantryCreature — SoldiersSong ShikaiCommon
Shu FarmerCreature — FarmerLi XiaohuaCommon
Shu Foot SoldiersCreature — SoldiersXu TanCommon
Shu GeneralCreature — SoldierLi XiaohuaUncommon
Shu Grain CaravanCreature — SoldiersLi WangCommon
Shu Soldier-FarmersCreature — SoldiersLi XiaohuaUncommon
VengeanceSorcerySolomon Au YeungUncommon
Virtuous ChargeSorceryQu XinCommon
Volunteer MilitiaCreature — SoldiersLin YanCommon
Warrior's StandSorceryZhao DafuUncommon
Zhang Fei, Fierce WarriorCreature — LegendZhao DafuRare
Zhao Zilong, Tiger GeneralCreature — LegendQuan XuejunRare
ForestLandJi YongCommon (3)
IslandLandKu XuemingCommon (3)
MountainLandQin JunCommon (3)
PlainsLandHe JianchengCommon (3)
SwampLandWang ChuxiongCommon (3)

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