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These are the finest novels, encyclopedias, and card guides available to Phyrexia. You may buy them by clicking the book cover which will redirect you to

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Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa
Kamigawa Cycle • Book Three
May 2005 - By Scott McGough - $6.99

The concluding title in a series that peers into a mysterious new area of the Magic world. Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa concludes a series that explores a new and mysterious area of the Magic: The Gathering world that fans have never seen before. This novel previews the newest trading card game set to be released in June, giving fans a sneak peek at the new elements of the game. The third book in the Kamigawa cycle!

Updates & Stuff Coming to a Phyrexian Bookstore Near You...
Software: Magic Online (available now)
Champion's Trial (Scott McGough, third in Legends II Cycle, available now)
The Fifth Dawn (Cory Herndon) (available now)
Outlaw: Champions of Kamigawa (Scott McGough) (available now)
Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa (Scott McGough) (available now)
Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa (Scott McGough) (available now)
Monsters of Magic anthology (Edited by J. Robert King, available now)
The Complete Encyclopedia of Magic: The Gathering (available now)

For older books (Arena, Whispering Woods, Shattered Chains, Final Sacrifice, The Cursed Land, The Prodigal Sorcerer, Ashes of the Sun, Tapestries, Song of Time, And Peace Shall Sleep, Dark Legacy, and Distant Planes) please go to the continued bookstore. This helps decrease loading time, so you can better enjoy Phyrexia's bookstore.

Top Ten Bestsellers

1. MTG Interactive Encyclopedia ($40)
2. Official Encyclopedia's (~$16)
3. The Brothers War, by J. Grubb ($4)
4. Bloodlines, by L. Coleman ($5)
5. Planeswalker, by L. Abbey ($5)
6. Time Streams, by J.R. King ($5)
7. The Thran, by J.R. King ($7)
8. Planeshift, by J.R. King ($6)
8. Rath and Storm, ed. P. Archer ($5)
10. Invasion, by J.R. King ($6)

Novels: Artifacts Cycle
The Brothers' War Top 5 Bestselling
Planeswalker Top 5 Bestselling
Time Streams Top 10 Bestselling
Bloodlines Top 5 Bestselling
Novels: Masquerade Cycle
Rath and Storm Top 10 Bestselling
Mercadian Masques
Novels: Ice Age Cycle
The Gathering Dark
The Eternal Ice
The Shattered Alliance
Novels: Invasion Cycle
The Thran Top 10 Bestselling
Invasion Top 10 Bestselling
Planeshift Top 10 Bestselling
Novels: Odyssey Cycle
Chainer's Torment
Novels: Onslaught Cycle
Novels: Mirrodin Cycle
The Moons of Mirrodin
The Darksteel Eye
The Fifth Dawn
Novels: Kamigawa Cycle
Outlaw: Champions of Kamigawa
Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa
Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa (coming May!)
Novels: Legends Cycle
Novels: Legends II Cycle
Assassin's Blade
Emperor's Fist
Champion's Trial
Encyclopedias Top 5 Bestselling
Official Encyclopedia: Volume 1
Official Encyclopedia: Volume 2
Official Encyclopedia: Volume 3
Official Encyclopedia: Volume 4
Official Encyclopedia: Volume 5
Official Encyclopedia: Volume 6
Complete Encyclopedia of Magic
Magic Interactive Encyclopedia Top 5 Bestselling
Magic: The Gathering Online
The Colors of Magic Anthology
The Myths of Magic Anthology
The Dragons of Magic Anthology
The Secrets of Magic Anthology
The Monsters of Magic Anthology
Art of Magic: The Rath Cycle
Gerrard's Quest

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Artifacts Cycle
The Brothers' War
May 1998 - Jeff Grubb

Dominarian legends speak of a mighty conflict, obscured by the mists of history. Of a conflict between the brothers Urza and Mishra for supremacy on the continent of Terisiare. Of titanic engines that scarred and twisted the very planet. Of a final battle that sank continents and shook the skies. The saga of the Brothers' War.
September 1998 - Lynn Abbey

The Brothers' War is over, and Urza alone survives. Yet victory has come at the cost of his sanity. Shattered, he wanders the planes. Urza has also become the wielder of tremendous power. Now he seeks the forces that corrupted his brother. When he finds them, they will know the vengeance of a Planeswalker.
Time Streams
May 1999 - J. Robert King

Urza Planeswalker has enlisted the most brilliant minds from across Dominaria to study at his academy on Tolaria. Together they work to bring to life the greatest artifact weapon Urza has ever devised, hoping to use it to defend their home from an imminent Phyrexian invasion. But treachery and tragedy stalk the tiny island, as Urza and his followers seek to manipulate time itself.
August 1999 - Loren Coleman

Time is getting short as Tolaria races to find the one who will wield the power of the Legacy. Deep in the inner circle, the dark lord Yawgmoth sends out an edict: Kill Urza Planeswalker.
From the bloodlines of the Benalish plains, a hero is born.

Masquerade/Weatherlight Cycle
Rath and Storm
July 1998 - Phillip Athans, Hannovi Braddock, Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Liz Holliday, Miranda Horner, Kij Johnson, J. Robert King, Francis Lebaron, and Mike Ryan (edited by Peter Archer)

Gerrard's Legacy A collection of powerful magical artifacts is the only defense against the forces of evil that are arrayed against Dominaria. Gerrard, the heir to the Legacy, together with Sisay, captain of the flying ship Weatherlight has sought out many parts of the Legacy.
Gerrard's Quest Sisay has been kidnapped by Volrath, ruler of the plane of Rath. Gerrard stands at a crossroads. His companion is in danger, the Legacy may be lost forever. Only he—with the loyal crew of the Weatherlight—can rescue Sisay and recover the Legacy.
Mercadian Masques
September 1999 - Francis Lebaron

Treachery stalks the Weatherlight

Escaping from Rath, the crew of the flying ship Weatherlight finds itself adrift. Grieving for their lost comrades and in need of repairs, they make their painful way to Mercadia, a city where everything is for sale.
But not everything is as it seems. In the streets of Mercadia, the heroes of the Weatherlight find that more than merchandise can be bought and sold.
February 2000 - Paul B. Thompson

A new threat looms on the horizon.

The long awaited completion of Rath is approaching. The Dark Lord's plans to invade Dominaria will soon see fruition. Only the struggle for power in this artificial plane remains. Urza Planeswalker will not stop the Phyrexian empire.
Witness the creation of his nemesis.
July 2000 - Vance Moore

This novel takes readers to where the Keldons have landed. The Jamuraan League of City-States has put together a rag-tag defense and enlisted the help of the planeswalker, Teferi. But even a planeswalker cannot hold back the might of Keld by himself.

Ice Age Cycle
The Gathering Dark
June 1999 - Jeff Grubb

After the war comes the darkness.

Terisiare lies in ruins. Nations have fallen, goblins raid the land, and an oppressive faith throttles the city-states. Now deep within the walls of the Conclave of Mages, Jodah must decide if unlocking his own immense power is worth taking a step into the dark lands.
The epic of the Ice Age begins.
The Eternal Ice
May 2000 - Jeff Grubb

After the darkness comes the ice.

Thousands of years after the explosion at Argoth ended the Brothers' War, ice has covered the world of Dominaria. The strong have turned to barbarism. The weak have died. Now Lim-Dûl, a necromancer with a taste for power, seeks to awaken a deeper evil.
The Shattered Alliance
December 2000 - Jeff Grubb

After the ice comes peril.

The Ice Age has come to an abrupt end, but the world's troubles have not. Legions of undead still plague the living. The temporary peace in Kjeldor has come to an end, and an evil far more treacherous than Lim-Dûl has been unleashed upon the land.
The ice age is gone, but the evil remains.

Invasion Cycle
The Thran
December 1999 - J. Robert King

Before the Brothers' War.
Before the five colors of magic.

Before history itself, the plane of Dominaria was ruled by the Thran. They built machines and artifacts, the likes of which have never since been seen. But amid the civilization, a shadow took root, one that would stretch its arms across space and time.

The hideous evil of Phyrexia was born.
October 2000 - J. Robert King

The Phyrexian nightmare begins.

Dominaria faces its biggest threat—an invasion by its greatest enemy, an attack planned for eons by merciless foes. No one is exempt from their terror. No land is safe from their onslaught. In the shadow of the Phyrexian horde, Dominaria has but one hope—the Weatherlight and her crew. The time has come to defend hearth and home from invasion.
February 2001 - J. Robert King

The first wave is over, but the invasion rages on.

In the midst of all-out war, the ground shifts and moves. Millions upon millions of invaders appear out of nowhere as the aritifical plane of Rath overlays Dominaria, covering the natural landscape with the unnatural horrors of Phyrexia.
There is no rest for the wicked.
June 2001 - J. Robert King

The end is near!

Phyrexian plagues and shock troops have taken their toll. The final stage of the invasion has begun, and the dark lord Yawgmoth himself plans to cross over into Dominaria to claim his prize. With time running out, the battered heroes' last hope to save their home lies in an ancient, untested weapon—a collection of artifacts known as the Legacy.
Bear witness to the apocalypse.

Odyssey Cycle
September 2001 - Vance Moore

A world begins anew . . .
A hundred years has passed since the invasion. Dominaria is still in ruins.
Only the strongest manage to survive in this brutal post-apocalyptic world. Experience the glory and agony of champion pit fighters as they enter the arena to do combat for treasure.
Chainer's Torment
January 2002 - Scott McGough

Something horrible lurks in Cabal City.
In the pit-fighting arenas, a Cabal dementia caster enters a trance. Deep in the recesses of his mind stalk horrors and unimaginable nightmares, and no longer do those monstrosities wait until dark to come out.
May 2002 - Will McDermott

The time has come.
Every powerful wizard and fighter on the continent of Otaria wants one thing: power. One artifact can give them—undeniably—that which they seek, and nothing will stop them from possessing it.
But in the end, only one can have it, and his actions will determine the fate of the world.
The day of judgment has arrived.

Onslaught Cycle
September 2002 - J. Robert King

The Land Is In Upheaval.
The forest grows out of control. The mountains erupt. The seas boil. The swamps spew acid, and the plains turn to desert. Yet, admist the turmoil there is civilization, brutal and unforgiving. Pit fighters battle to the death before tremendous crowds, making some rich, while others lose everything in one stroke of a sword.
The games must continue. So must the struggle for survival.
January 2003 - J. Robert King

In Titanic Battle, The World Stands Divided.
On one side stand the followers of Phage, who cry out for new arena combats, new champions, new blood spilled in the sand. On the other are the supporters of Akroma, the angel, who preaches a terrifying religion hallowing her creator.
In the middle stands the lonely figure of Kamahl. Once a champion of the pits, he must now atone for the terrible wrongs he has wrought. Those wrons gave birth to Phage and Akroma. They gave birth to the suffering of the world.
Now Kamahl must sweep the land clean of this terrible blight. But his fury may destroy that which he most loves.
May 2003 - J. Robert King

The Battle Rages On!
Amid the titanic clash between Phage and Akroma, all Dominaria shuddered. Now, out of the destruction and chaos a new force arises, and Kamahl must face his greatest foe: Karona. Her arms spread to the very clouds, and her robes trail like rays of sunlight.
She is the destroyer.
She is the answer.

Mirrodin Cycle
The Moons of Mirrodin
September 2003 - Will McDermott

A World Beyond Imagination
Where forests of metal claw the sky.
Where razor-sharp metallic grasses stretch across the plains.
Where vast oceans of quicksilver conceal predators awaiting the unwary.
Across this harsh landscape, an orphaned elf must make her way, seeking the secrets of her past, daring the perils of her present. And she must tear aside the veil that hides the face of a hidden enemy whose power extends across all Mirrodin.
The Darksteel Eye
December 2003 - Jess Lebow

A Prize Beyond Understanding
A goblin tinkerer with a strangely heroic spirit.
An iron golem searching for his lost memories.
An elf who carries with her knowledge that could shake the world.
Together, they must flee across the harsh metal world of Mirrodin, running from an enemy who seems all-knowing and anticipates their every move. Amid savage battles and breathtaking escapes, they are ever aware of a power that stands at the very center of their world. For within the deepest reaches of Mirrodin, the Darksteel Eye watches. And waits.
The Fifth Dawn
May 2004 - Cory Herndon

An Enemy Beyond Evil
Whose eye sees into every corner of Mirrodin.
Whose ambition strides across the planes.
Whose foe is a lonely elf and her loyal goblin companion.
The fury of Memnarch is turned against Glissa and Slobad as they make their way across Mirrodin in search of new allies. From the city of the leonin to the dark fortress Panopticon, their travels range until they come face to face with the creator of Mirrodin himself. And from his lips they will hear the prophecy that can remake their world.

Kamigawa Cycle
Outlaw: Champions of Kamigawa
August 2004 - Scott McGough

Coming August 2004, a new world is revealed where the people have waged a war against their own gods. The first book in the Kamigawa cycle!
Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa
January 2005 - Scott McGough

Coming January 2005, continue the battle with Umezawa. The second book in the Kamigawa cycle!
Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa
May 2005 - Scott McGough

Coming May 2005, the finale to the Kamigawa cycle!

Legends Cycle
April 2001 - Clayton Emery

The battle for Bryce has begun.
The city of Bryce is being watched by unfriendly eyes.
A mysterious prophecy, a desperate wizard, and an extraordinary tiger man are somehow caught up in the city's destiny. One man must race against time to understand how—and why—or risk the enslavement of his people.
December 2001 - Clayton Emery

Lost in the pages of history.
In a time that made legends . . .
In a world separated from the cosmos by an ancient war . . .
A warrior—half man, half tiger—embarks on a perilous adventure that will decide the fate of a continent.
Even the desert sands cannot erase the story of Jedit Ojanen, one of the characters from the Magic Legends card set.
August 2002 - Clayton Emery

Who dares speak of the prophecy?
The denizensof the desert live in the shadow of the sacred, where battles are won or lost at the whims of the gods. Now the outcome of one desert war could change the history of Dominaria forever.
The prophecy of None, One, and Two will finally be fulfilled.

Legends II Cycle
Assassin's Blade
December 2002 - Scott McGough

Assassination Has Its Price!
Scheming, intelligent, and power-hungry, the emperor's assassin moves always in shadow. He kills whom his master wishes and plans his own rise to power. Against him, one man stands on his honor, determined to end the cycle of death dealt from dark corners.
Amid a dark landscape ravaged by war, the two at last confort one another. At stake is the future of the empire.
Emperor's Fist
March 2003 - Scott McGough

Honor Tested By War
Though his assassins have failed, the godlike Madaran emperor has other ways of crushing rebellion. He sends the brutal imperial army to rein in a defiant island chain, and the empire is once more plunged into violence.
The emperor's champion accompanies the army, but his loyalty will be tested by the horrors of the war. Can the champion achieve honorable victory, or will he and the rebels alike be crushed by the Emperor's Fist?
Champion's Trial
November 2003 - Scott McGough

Evil Triumphant
A dragon sits on the throne of Madara, and his regent rules with knives in the dark. The islands bleed, the mainland shakes, and even the champion has forsaken his office. Does no honor remain in the empire?
Ask Ayesha, who has turned her hands from breaking artifacts to making forests. Ask Wasitora, whose cat-dragon kits fight the armies of evil. Most of all, ask Tetsuo, who must regain his honor by destroying the emperor he once served.

Official Encyclopedia: Volume 1
November 1996 - Richard Garfield, Beth Moursund, Mark Rosewater, and Kathryn Haynes

A global games phenomenon, Magic: The Gathering is to the 1990s what Dungeons and Dragons was to the 1980s, but with the added dimension of collectibility. Here is the official reference to the biggest new teen/young adult fantasy game of the decade, complete with full-color reproductions of every existing Magic card. Foreword is by Richard Garfield, creator of the game. 2600 color illustrations.
Official Encyclopedia: Volume 2
September 1997 - Richard Garfield and Beth Moursund

This new encyclopedia and game guide helps Magic enthusiasts catalog their collections and develop game strategy. Compiled by the editors of The Duelist, the official Magic: The Gathering magazine, this book includes reproductions of every new card released since October 1996, with information crucial for collectors. Color illustrations.
Official Encyclopedia: Volume 3
September 1998 - Richard Garfield and Beth Moursund

Beautiful full-color reproductions of over 1,000 new Magic cards fill the pages of this comprehensive reference guide to the decade's hottest fantasy game.
Official Encyclopedia: Volume 4
October 1999 - Richard Garfield, Beth Moursund, Scott Tinley, & Mike Plant

In association with Wizards of the Coast, the creators of Magic: The Gathering, and the Magic experts at The Duelist (Wizards' official trading-card game magazine), Thunder's Mouth Press presents the next book in this reference series: Magic: The Gathering - The Official Encyclopedia Volume 4. With full-color reproductions of over 1700 new Magic cards, it includes the full Urza's Saga and its two expansions. The new basic set, Classic (Sixth) Edition, and Wizards of the Coast's "broken" expansion, Unglued, are also featured.
Official Encyclopedia: Volume 5
October 2000 - Cory Herndon

In association with Wizards of the Coast, the creators of Magic: The Gathering, and the Magic experts at The Duelist (Wizards' official trading-card game magazine), Thunder's Mouth Press presents the next book in this reference series: Magic: The Gathering - The Official Encyclopedia Volume 5. With full-color reproductions of over 600 new Magic cards, it includes the full Mercadian Masques and its two expansions. The new basic set, Starter 2000, and the 1999 World Championship decks are also featured.
Official Encyclopedia: Volume 6
November 2001 - Brian Tinsman, Cory Herndon

In association with Wizards of the Coast, and the creators of Magic: The Gathering, Thunder's Mouth Press presents the next book in this reference series: Magic: The Gathering - The Official Encyclopedia Volume 6. With full-color reproductions of over 1000 new Magic cards, it includes the full Invasion expansion and its two expansions. The new basic set, 7th Edition, and the 2000 World Championship decks are also featured.
Complete Encyclopedia of Magic
(Volumes 1-6)

October 2002 - Beth Moursund, Cory Henderson, Brian Tinsman, Jeff Jordan, Joseph DeVincentis Jr., Mark Rosewater

From Alpha Limited to Apocalypse, and everything in-between. Featuring over 7200 cards, fully illustrated in color. It's like owning the first six volumes, in one, for a super-low price.

Magic: The Gathering Interactive Encyclopedia
October 1999 - Inc Salt Mine Creative

All cards electronically reproduced from Alpha Limited to Mercadian Masques, with original artwork, Classic-revised Oracle wording, R&D notes on many cards, and more! You can organize your collection, build your decks, and play against others with this long-awaited software! Free expansion updates for the first year by Wizards of the Coast! Definitely, the ultimate resource for Magic players.
Magic: The Gathering Online
June 2002 - Wizards of the Coast

Fully integrated, enforceable rules with all cards from 7th Edition and Invasion sets onward, with art and flavor text.
Popular formats like Rochester and Booster Draft, Standard and Block Constructed. Several Multiplayer variants, including Two-Headed Giant and Emperor.
Secure online trading and easy collection management. Chat function, ratings tracker, and game replay option.

Anthologies & Misc.
Colors of Magic Anthology
February 1999 - Richard Byers, Loren Coleman, Jeff Grubb, J. Robert King, Francis Lebaron, Thomas Leupold, Vance Moore, Don Perrin, Kevin Stein, Paul Thompson, and Jonathan Tweet (edited by Jess Lebow)

The collection of the origins of the five colors of mana: black of death and decay, red of fire and chaos, blue for control and trickery, green for nature and regrowth, and white for purity and grace.
Myths of Magic Anthology
August 2000 - Paul B. Thompson, Vance Moore, Philip Athans, J. Robert King, Jonathan Tweet, Scott McGough, Will and Daneen McDermott, Michael G. Ryan, Richard Lee Byers, and Francis Lebaron (edited by Jess Lebow)

The lore of Dominaria comes to life.

Welcome to a world of rich folklore where angels watch over the righteous, where sea monsters sink ships, where dark figures lurk under every child's bed, and where the mysteries of Dominaria are explained in story and myth.

Dragons of Magic Anthology
August 2001 - Vance Moore, A. L. Lassieur, Jess Lebow, Edward Bolme, Steven E. Schend, Denise R. Graham, Paul B. Thompson, Tim Ryan, Tom Dupree, Edo van Belkom, Brian M. Thomsen, Scott McGough (edited by J. Robert King)

What beasts rule our dreams?
Ancient Primevals enslaved our ancestors, and modern dragon engines enslave us. Plains dragons defend humans, and undead dragons destroy them. And all dragons hold mysteries deep within.
Uncover the secrets of the dragons of Dominaria.
Secrets of Magic Anthology
March 2002 - Paul B. Thompson, Philip Athans, Nate Levin, Jim Bishop, Chris Pramas, Cory J. Herndon, J. Robert King, Will McDermott, Vance Moore, Scott McGough (edited by Jess Lebow)

The world is a mystery.
Ancient troves of artifacts await discovery. The origins of potent spells rest lost between the pages of archaic tomes. The evolution of monstrous beasts lies outside of a researcher's grasp—until now. At last, long-forgotten and expertly hidden secrets will be revealed.
Monsters of Magic Anthology
August 2003 - Scott McGough, Will McDermott, Tim Ryan, Brian M. Thomsen, A. L. Lassieur, Denise R. Graham, Vance Moore, Steven E. Schend, Jess Lebow, Tom Dupree, Stephen D. Sullivan, and Paul B. Thompson (edited by J. Robert King)

On Tolaria, a mage devises a spell that will exceed Urza's greatest creation, unless a phantom monster undoes it all. In Aphetto, a young fighter and his magic-eating atog launch a quest for vengeance against a deadly enemy. In Jamuraa, a cat-dragon discovers a whole nation like her and sets out to teach them who is queen.
Dragons, lhurgoyfs, delraichs, and other fearsome creatures from the world of Dominaria stalk the pages of these all-new tales.
Art of Magic: The Gathering®: The Rath Cycle
August 1997 - Mark Rosewater

A wonderful book that goes behind the scenes of the Rath Cycle with never-before-seen sketches that bring the plane of Rath to life.
Magic: Gerrard's Quest
June 1999 - Mike Grell, Pop Mhan, & Norman Lee

The adventures of the Weatherlight unfold as they journey from Dominaria to Rath. Find out what happens with the collective Dark Horse comics "Initiation", "Legacy", "Crucible", and "Destiny"!

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