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November 1994 - William R. Forstchen

As the fighter-mages of the four great Houses prepare for their annual battle, a powerful stranger arrives and he is interested in the fifth House, destroyed a generation ago—but why is the Grand Master afraid of him?
Whispering Woods
March 1995 - Clayton Emery

Gull shouldn't have taken the job. This wizard is worse than any he's heard about before. Between tavern brawls, magical battles, and a strange artifact turning up, Gull is kept very busy. And now that his half-wit sister is beginning to gather her wits, Gull really has his hands full.
Shattered Chains
March 1995 - Clayton Emery

Applying her newly discovered powers to overthrowing the evil wizards in her land, Greensleeves is discouraged by bad luck and the ineffective support of her companions, until the Hero of Benalia arrives.
Final Sacrifice
May 1995 - Clayton Emery

From mountains to oceans, battlefields to crypts, the Archdruid Greensleeves travels with her ragged troops searching for spells to defeat an army of wizards and end their reign of terror. Greensleeves, Gull and their outnumbered army realize that only one last desperate spell can save them. But to unleash it, Greensleeves must be willing to make the final sacrifice.
The Cursed Land
September 1995 - Teri McLaren & Teri Williams

Set in a magical and compelling world called Dominia, this story is based on the hot trading card game, Magic: The Gathering. Fans of the game—which has sold over one billion cards—are turning to this inventive new book series to explore breathtaking new adventures featuring the characters of the game.
The Prodigal Sorcerer
November 1995 - Mark Sumner & Mark Summer

A sixth story based on the popular card-collecting and role-playing game brings fans into the imaginative world of Dominia, where the most unlikely fantasies become true.
Ashes of the Sun
March 1996 - Hanovi Braddock

Three centuries after the wizard Nohr destroys the Clan Tree of Cridhe, Aylith, a gifted but untried mage, is kidnapped by the cruel wizard for her powers, which must be given freely if her clan is to be healed.
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May 1996 - David Drake, Morgan Llywelyn, and S. M. Stirling

Each of the dazzling stories readers find in these pages opens a door into a place called Dominia. Authors include David Drake, Morgan Llywelyn, S.M. Stirling, and 14 others.
Song of Time
June 1996 - Teri McLaren

The pieces to a vast, mysterious, and ancient puzzle come together to form the secret society known as the "Circle," but when Cheyne, a young archaeologist, becomes determined to solve the ancient riddle and find the Armageddon clock before the Beast of the Hours awakes.
And Peace Shall Sleep
July 1996 - Sonia Orin Lyris

Hired by the elf community to stir up trouble along the Icatian-Goblin border, Reod Dai knows that dragon eggs are the ideal weapons in the situation, but when the elves cancel their contract with Dai, he must find another use for the dragon eggs—before they hatch.
Dark Legacy
December 1996 - Robert E. Vardeman

In the wake of a bloody war between the Minotaurs and the Elves of Dominia, human orphan Yunnie brings two formidable weapons to the battle but discovers that a third enemy is coordinating the war from beneath the ground.
Distant Planes
April 1997 - Robert Vardeman, Amy Thompson, and Michael A. Stackpole

A collection of stories based on the popular role-playing game brings readers to the planes of Dominia and includes contributions by such authors as Robert Vardeman, Amy Thompson, and Michael A. Stackpole.
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